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Lift Your Holiday Spirit

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It’s amazing to believe that we are now at the tail end of 2016 with a new year and a blank page before us as 2017 shines its light over the horizon. It is always good to review and reflect on what has come to a close in order to make changes for what is ahead; there are always things that we can just be better at! Our physique tends to undergo frequent changes in accordance to how we live our lives; sometimes when we are busy with life’s demands our beauty regime and care for our body can take a back seat. The best way to head into a new year is with a positive mindset and an optimistic approach; it is a time to begin again and rejuvenate and renew. Here are a few ways to help you toward the body beautiful over the holiday season and into 2017!

Taking care of your body,  your vehicle is actually a full-time job and requires some attention to keep you at your best as much as possible. The end of 2016 shouldn’t be a time to let all your hard work in 2016 slip through your fingers. Here are a few ways to stay on top of things over the holidays and keep good habits as you move into 2017!

•    Stay active daily even if you can’t get to the gym or to a fitness class. Walking is a great way to keep fit and also helps to clear the ‘mind clutter’ of any holiday stress that may be rattling around. Exercise keeps your energy levels up; you will feel more vibrant and energized by sticking with some exercise!

•    Avoid over indulging and try to choose healthy food options; everything is about balance and moderation. Try to maintain this equilibrium so you continue to feel your best. Over indulging can cause you to feel more sluggish as your digestive system works to clear the stodgy food from your stomach. Try to top up on your vegetables at the  dinner table or party and avoid eating anything that you may not recognize the content of (it does happen!). Try to prepare or choose desserts that are fruit based rather than sugar based and look out for leaner cuts of meat that provide all the nutrition but not as much of the fat.

•    Don’t allow other people to influence you or goad you into bad habits over the holidays (or 2017!). In group settings, you may want to blend in and do as everyone else does. Stay confident in your approach to your body and what you put into it. Holiday season is a time for gatherings but always do what you feel is right for you. So if you want to go for a run on Christmas morning… go for it!

•      Set your intentions for 2017 you want to realize before you; when you set goals down in black and white you begin the seed of their growth! Remember that goals always need action and perseverance behind them, nothing moves until you do! Maintaining good habits over the holidays will keep you strong in your resolve to live a happier, healthier and more productive way of life, being the best you.

•    Stay motivated for fitness and well being by doing things that you enjoy and keep you active, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new for 2017. We grow when we are outside of out comfort zones!

In saying all this, it is always good to have some measures to hand if you feel that you will lapse a bit over the holiday season or need some assistance through 2017; it’s smart to be prepared! Her Diet is specifically for women and they have developed an appetite suppressant which uses special ingredients that are designed to give you an energy boost. It also comes with a host of other goodness that can make losing weight and get into shape worth it. Here's a quick look at the benefits it can offer you:


•    Boost your energy levels so that you can sustain yourself through workouts and life.
•    Super convenient – no changes in your routine. Just keep up with your diet and workout regimen!
•    Assists with weight loss and can help you to reach your goals faster

So What's Inside?
•    Phenylethylamine: A tricky word, but all you need to know is that it's the same thing that's created when you consume chocolate. Your body synthesizes phenylethylamine naturally in small doses; it causes your neurotransmitters to enhance alertness. This product includes a concentrated version of this chemical which increases its weight loss capabilities.
•    Theobromine Anhydrous: This is also extracted from nature but this time from the cacao plant. This has been on the tongues of many health enthusiasts lately, cacao is a miraculous plant that is known for stimulating energy (think caffeine times 10!). In this case, it aids in weight loss by getting your heart pumping so that your blood vessels can widen. This improves your circulation which is needed to maintain energy and fat burning potential.

A little more about HerDiet:

“For decades, women have grown more self-conscious about their figure and health.  Finding products that were designed and formulated with women in mind has been a struggle we all have endured.  HERdiet was founded on these principles hoping to satisfy the needs of women everywhere with a solution to dieting and health benefits through dietary supplements. HERdiet now serves thousands of customers a day and is looking at what other supplement needs can be addressed in the future.  Our company was founded for women by women and by putting women first in our model we know they will return to us often with the same satisfying results month after month and year after year.”
If that has whetted your taste buds and you’d like to find out more about HerDiet 
and their just for women range… Please visit here

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