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The Big Secret to healthy and beautiful skin

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Getting older is simply something that happens to us all but nobody wants to look his or her age. Especially in today’s culture, women and man want to look at least ten years younger. The skin is the first line of defense against outside stresses like sun, wind, and environmental pollution, among many other factors.

Every woman dreams of having beautiful skin. A vibrant complexion makes us feel young and healthy. To reveal the secrets of a pretty glow, we talked to the owner of Renewalize® company Mr.Jack Young about the latest skin-care secrets.

“When my oldest daughter, who is approaching her teen years, started to have problems with acne, my wife and I researched online for a natural acne remedy that did not contain unhealthy chemicals. One natural treatment that we found, that worked for many people, was the use of natural oil called jojoba, extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It is actually not oil but a liquid wax ester that is very similar to sebum, the natural oil produced by our skin. When applied to the face, it does not clog pores and it helps to “trick” the skin into producing less oil, thereby balancing oil production. This was what I like to call “fighting oil with oil”. We were very impressed with the results, to say the least. I loved the fact that the bottle we purchased was organic, but it was not certified. Therefore, I set out to source the highest quality jojoba oil that I could find, that was certified organic by the USDA, so that others may feel secure in the knowledge that the oil they purchased is truly organic,” says Young.

“Some of the things that I look for in quality oil is the method of extraction. Cold pressed oils are extracted at lower temperatures, thereby allowing the oils to retain more nutrients and vitamins. Even though the cold press method yields less oil, I believe the extra benefit to the user is worth it. Having the oils unrefined (virgin) also helps to retain much of the vitamins and other beneficial ingredients as possible. Another thing I check for is the purity of the oil, for example, jojoba oil freezes at 10° F or less, if it does not, it most likely has been mixed with other types of oils. Having the highest quality oils is extremely important to me because it is something that my own family uses every day in our own lives,” –emphasizes Jack.

Besides helping to clear up acne, jojoba oil has many other benefits as well. It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair that is absorbed by the skin quickly, without feeling greasy. It penetrates the skin’s deepest layers and balances moisture levels for dry, mature, sun-damaged skin. Just like jojoba, argan oil is also great for hair too. Locking in moisture it gives dry, brittle and frizzy hair luster and shine, while minimizing damage caused by coloring, heat and over-use of styling products. Another product that I particularly like is the apricot oil. It is light oil that works well for massages, while helping to nourish and moisturize the skin.

The big secret 

Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy, soft skin. Exfoliate your face one to tree times a week. For the parts of your body that tend to have more dead skin cells, exfoliate more. Always remember to moisturize following exfoliation. Use jojoba, argan or apricot oil to do the tricks. Natural oil hydrate dry, flaky skin with deep penetrating fatty acids and nourishing vitamins that helps to keep skin feeling soft and smooth. Not only do the fatty acids in natural oil treat dry skin, it also helps to repair the collagen matrix that is important in keeping your face supple and firm. This will over time help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

About company 

Today, Renewalize® carries over 7 different types of carrier oils, all 100% natural and USDA certified organic. Packaged in a 4 oz. dark amber glass bottle, to help prevent spoilage from light, each comes with a convenient glass eye dropper. Renewalize® is sold exclusively online through the company’s website, www.renewalize.com.


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