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When we talk about healthy snacks, most people naturally think of whole grain, no trans fat or cholesterol, low sodium, and not too much sugar, and increasingly people also think about certified gluten free, and about all natural or organic and non-GMO (i.e. no genetically modified organisms). In all of those ways, HomeFree cookies certainly are healthy snacks. In fact, HomeFree’s double chocolate chip mini cookies are such a healthy snack option that they are recommended by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation as a “smart snack” for schools. HomeFree cookies are so loaded with whole grain that 7 mini cookies (one serving) provide more than ½ serving of whole grain, from cookies! And kids, as well as adults, can’t even tell.

These are simply delicious cookies that everyone is happy to enjoy.

That “everyone” brings us to the crux of what makes HomeFree exceptional, and a perfect cupboard staple, even beyond the great taste and the above healthful attributes. HomeFree is about including everyone, and doing so safely. HomeFree was started by a clinical psychologist, Jill Robbins, whose son had multiple food allergies. Jill learned that about 1 in 13 children as well as many adults in the US have food allergies, plus many more have food sensitivities or celiac disease. Jill wanted people with allergies and other special dietary needs to be able to be part of the group when snacks were served, yet most baked treats were made with common food allergens. Jill therefore created HomeFree, now a leader in the industry with regard to allergen safety, so that everyone can enjoy snacks together.

HomeFree bakes, using carefully sourced and allergen ELISA-tested ingredients, in their own dedicated facility free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy and wheat, as well as gluten, and the only soy is lecithin (in one flavor, and fine for most people with soy allergies). Why is a dedicated facility needed? Research shows 6.5% clinically significant cross-contamination in products made in facilities that contain peanuts, meaning that a product made in the same facility as peanuts can sometimes contain enough traces of peanut dust to cause an allergic reaction, which can be life threatening. With HomeFree’s high safety standards, HomeFree cookies are healthy even for people with food allergies.

For the mom of a child with food allergies, it makes sense that safety was pretty central to Jill’s goals of creating delicious healthy snacks. But this mom was also a clinical psychologist. Her motivation to leave her career and start a baking company was driven largely by her understanding of emotional health! Jill explains, “Children gain a positive sense of themselves in many ways, including by people making clear that they are important. When children go to school, parties, or other events where everyone is talking and laughing while eating treats, those children feel like they matter when the host(ess) makes the effort to provide a snack they can eat too. And their parents feel great too, watching their children happily being part of the group.”

She adds, “The cookies also are helpful for the people serving the food. Most people want to share food that their guests safely and comfortably can enjoy.”

With HomeFree cookies, it is easy. Whether hosting a party, giving a gift, or serving the snack at soccer practice, the person providing the snack easily can include people with allergies or sensitivities, as well as people who need vegetarian/vegan, kosher pareve, and even low glycemic. So if you and your friends love cookies, you all can partake while feeling “home free.” With these “Treats You Can Trust,” great care has been taken so that everyone can indulge and feel good about it.

Finally, you can purchase HomeFree cookies proudly, knowing that you are supporting a company that supports the health of our country. HomeFree is a New Hampshire based company that is a Certified B Corporation. That is a fairly new kind of certification that is about being a good corporate citizen. It means that HomeFree has extremely high standards for social and environmental responsibility.

HomeFree’s popular mini cookies are available in 5 ounce boxes (SRP $4.99) and in single serve bags (SRP $1.39) for on-the-go. You can find them in the natural products sections of some supermarkets, at independent health food stores and coops, and increasingly at schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. If there is somewhere you would like to see the cookies, request them! Buyers value customer recommendations. For more information, visit HomeFree at www.homefreetreats.com.

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