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Skinny Coconut Oil? Is it possible?

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Skinny Coconut Oil is a family-owned business headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with direct distribution from their own factory in Vietnam. The family has been committed to lead a healthy lifestyle for years, and focusing on purity is the number one driver behind the production of their products. Many people wonder why they go to such lengths to create their products, even though it is more time consuming and expensive. The answer lies in their own experience. Like many of us, they became more committed to a healthier lifestyle due to illness impacting their family.

Matt Geddie, now the President of Skinny & Co., was a healthy kid until moving with his mother and 2 of his 3 siblings to a new home. Without warning, he went from being an active, energetic teen to suffering from renal failure. After extensive testing and no answers, his mother sought out a naturopathic doctor who immediately diagnosed him with mold poisoning. His recovery was as swift as his decline and the family credits much of it to their focus on removing toxins from his environment and giving his body the healthiest food available.

Their commitment to purity and supporting a healthy lifestyle only gets stronger as rates of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease skyrocket. In order to ensure the highest-quality product available, they have made a lot of decisions along the way, including developing a completely new oil extraction technology, which allows them to offer the only raw, alkaline coconut oil on the market. The traditional method of coconut oil production introduces heat, chemicals, and/or fillers to produce a final product. Skinny’s patent-pending process, the Nutralock System™, uses no heat so it retains all of the original nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes. This process also eliminates the need for those added fillers, solvents, or chemicals, ensuring the only the thing in your jar is 100% pure coconut oil. In fact, their top -selling 16oz jar contains the oil from 12 coconuts and nothing else.

With the popularity of their product growing, they began looking at expanding their line to further help customers get the toxins out of their daily routine. Used for centuries by people in Asia and the Pacific Rim as a topical treatment for everything from skin dryness to sunburn, they began to focus on the external uses for coconut oil. The science around the harmful effects of sun damage, pollution, and free radicals on skin is clear, but could coconut oil be the chemical-free answer to better skincare and staving off or even reversing the signs of aging?

What they discovered would open up an entirely new focus for the company. Coconut oil’s unique properties make it an effective alternative to less natural skincare products.

Addressing factors that cause premature aging and common skin conditions like acne, coconut oil:

•    Contains ferulic and p-coumaric acid, both of which fight free radicals

•    Promotes production of collagen, improving skin elasticity

•   Contains the highest level of lauric acid, just after breast milk, protecting the skin against acne and subsequent discoloration

•    Increases Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) ratios in the cells to counteract aging

Knowing all of this, they set about crafting their signature beauty line. Their product line currently includes facial oil infused with lavender and roman chamomile, a body butter containing lavender, roman chamomile, and sweet basil, and a coconut oil/beeswax blended lip balm with peppermint. Skinny can also exclusively announce the launch of their latest product, a coconut sugar body scrub just in time for the coming dryer weather and holiday season. Like all of their products, the beauty line focuses on purity first, so you won’t find any additives or preservatives. In fact, all of their products are edible!

With more and more research coming out about the beneficial effects of coconut oil, you can be sure that Skinny will be leading the way in offering the highest quality products on the market.

5 reasons why your body loves coconut oil

1. Coconut oil helps your body reach optimal pH levels. pH level leads to healthier skin, increased mental acuity, more energy and greater nutrient absorption of food.

2. Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips especially because it's semisolid at room temperature.

3. Oil pulling improves gum health.  Inflammation of the gums happens when the immune system starts attacking the bacteria in the plaque on teeth. If you reduce plaque and the amounts of bacteria, you will naturally reduce the immune response, leading to healthier, happier gums. Oil pulling works because coconut oil is naturally anti-microbial due to the high levels of lauric acid. The lauric acid binds to the microbial cells and then you spit them out.

4. Hydrate dry hair by using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. Apply a small amount to wet strands to seal in moisture.

5. Due to its high concentration of MCFAs coconut oil speeds up metabolism. Because they are digested so easily, MCFAs are quickly converted to energy, helping maintain a healthy weight.

Photo courtesy od Skinny &Co. 

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