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More reasons to smile about coffee!

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Coffee has a long and lovely history dating back to the 10th century where it is thought to have originated from Ethiopia. The name ‘coffee’ being borrowed from the Turkish word of ‘kahve’ and there in turn from the Arabic ‘qahwah’ or ‘kawah’ which was originally a name for wine and then transitioned to coffee. In Arabian culture, coffee was served with dates and nuts from a small cup with no handle called a ‘fenjan’… and ‘fenjani’ is also the Greek word for small cup… there is a beautiful connection in all languages! Spices like cloves and cinnamon were often added for an even more distinct flavor and during the 16th-century coffee gained popularity throughout the Middle East and began to make its way to Europe and America. Here we look at our relationship with coffee and how it shapes and influences our day and activities!

For the love of coffee! 

Coffee has become a staple drink for many that we use as a source of fuel, a ‘pick me up’, it has its own unique identity for bringing people together in coffee shops, homes, and offices, and is one of the top agricultural exports in present times. Coffee is a natural antioxidant and ‘energizer’; it is versatile and symbolic of 21st-century life… on the go and a signature of who you are can be found in the way you like to drink your coffee! We look forward to holidays time when we get the bonus of different ‘Christmassy’ syrup flavors to try out…and this adds more weight to coffee’s popularity and preciousness in our lives! Coffee is our morning wake up call, our fitness buddy when we need an extra push, and our shared faithful friend… it has become something that we can rely on, and is actually good for us in many ways, coffee hugs!

Friends with benefits!

Coffee is natural and that is its beauty; its aroma is full of depth and it has an unmistakable strength from the beloved caffeinated coffee bean! Here are a few of its benefits that you may, or may not be aware of! 

•    It is loaded with antioxidants such as polyphenols which can help to reduce the risk of many degenerative diseases and hydrocinnamic acids that are effective in neutralizing free radicals and can help to prevent oxidative stress. 
•    Some studies have shown coffee to be one of the single biggest antioxidant sources…But please do not rely on it solely… you need lots of different antioxidants that you can only get from eating a wide variety of natural and nutritious foods!
•    Coffee can increase your mental alertness which is probably why it’s one of the first things we reach for when we need a ‘caffeine kick’ to sharpen us up! According to studies, caffeine has been shown to change the neurotransmitters in the brain which basically means that it blocks the feelings of tiredness or fatigue, giving you a ‘mental boost’ to keep you going or get you to work a little harder!
•    Coffee can aid in improving your endurance for cardiovascular activities and reduce the level of perceived exertion on your workouts... it’s the neurotransmitter thing! Many sports people and frequent exercisers use caffeine as an ergogenic aid and energizer. 
•    Caffeine has also been known for its fat burning potential due to its effects on our metabolism and its ability to mobilize the fats from fat tissue, breaking them down! 

Quality beats Quantity!

Typically around 3-5 cups of coffee per day is considered ‘normal’ or an acceptable amount, but this really does all depend on the quality of your coffee! Coffee can sometimes be seen as a bad addiction because of the caffeine stigma rather than a great beverage; it is better to space out your cups of it throughout the day instead of going all out with three shots in one sitting… and we are all individuals so some people can be more sensitive to the stimulant effect of coffee; use your own judgment on what you feel is right for you. In terms of quality, it can make all the difference to how you enjoy your coffee, fuller flavored coffees have more ‘character’… and can taste so much better than the freeze dried instant in the cupboard! 

The Fair Trade Aspect

Amazing fact time…! Around 25 million smallholder farmers produce around 80% of the world's coffee… this is really an astounding figure to contemplate; coffee is also the 2nd largest commodity on the global exchange. Within such a large world market the price for coffee can be volatile which leaves many farmers uncertain of their income and ability to budget for their farming needs; many may not even know the final price of what is paid for their coffee. Buying fair trade means that those who work hard are paid justly and fairly. Fair trade first began in the 1980’s during the collapse of coffee prices in order to serve as some protection for those that cultivate coffee for our consumption... our contribution to support the farmers is worthwhile in many ways; it not only helps them but it also means you get a better end product when resources to produce are improved through these fair trade deals.

Barrie House Coffee is a leading fair trade coffee roasting company that pride themselves on their track record of superior quality and consistency. They work with their customers individually and share an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Their experience enables them to provide excellent branded or private brand programs and a comprehensive array of around the cup solutions to enhance your day with beverages of your choosing according to your unique taste and individuality.

Is it time you switched to a higher quality and fair trade cup of coffee? If so, please check out the great choices at Barrie House Coffee here!

We will leave you with a few fun facts about coffee! Here we go…

•    The extremely popular ‘espresso’ is derived from Italian for ‘when something is forced out’ and this is in reference to how the boiling water is pressed through the coffee grounds.
•    Coffee was the first food to be freeze dried! 
•    Brazil produces a mind blowing 40% of the world's coffee!
•    Our beloved coffee bean begins its life as a red berry! 
•    Caffeine gets to work quickly and it can provide a mental boost after around 10 minutes of your first few sips! 

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net, Barrie House Coffee 

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