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Keeping it Simple for a Healthier you!

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The New Year chimes in and one of the first things that we look to make resolutions for is leading a healthier lifestyle; gym memberships and nutritional supplements always see a massive increase at this time! The only issue is… that by around February comes along all that effort to promote a positive lifestyle change has taken a step backward; even though the good intention to transform your diet of eating and fitness regimen is still with you. Many people lose faith when they don’t hit their goals and give up… then before you know it… it’s another New Year! 

The key to making lasting changes for health and an improved way of living is very simple… just keep it simple! Make the decision that you will not be another statistic of loss resolutions and good intentions that never came to pass. Simple, small, yet powerful steps forward always amass bigger changes in the long run… so don’t give up! Adjust what you are aiming for and gradually build up to a healthier way of being; success lies in those baby steps that move you closer! Here we look at a few ways you can keep things simple yet create vital changes for 2017 and beyond!

The Power of Positivity!

Everything exists in polarity, so in order to be positive, you inevitably need the negative! When things go wrong… or a bit awry with your plans for a better you… just adapt to the situation at hand and dissolve the negativity through a positive mindset. Things only go wrong to show you how to go right…! Little setbacks are good because you can learn from them; all you need to do is change your perspective to see things more positively and as something that can help you rather than hinder you. Embrace a positive mental attitude… and stay focused on what you aim for!
Remember you are a Whole Being!

We are physical, mental, and emotional beings so it’s important to embrace all sums that make the whole! Your body is a smart system of connection… if you don’t focus on a particular area it will then, in turn, affect something else. When you make physical changes like improving your diet and fitness it serves to boost your mental and emotional state too. When you look at things from this perspective it should only add more value to powerful changes you can make to be happier and healthier both inside and outside! 

Start small!

Rather than making a long list of New Year’s resolutions that possibly won’t see the light of day, really take the time to think about at least 1-2 things you could do on a daily or weekly basis that can create long term results. This may be just to finish work earlier or start earlier at least once a week so you can get to the gym; or getting up 15 minutes before your usual wake up time to make sure you have a good, nutritious breakfast instead of just grabbing something on the run! It may even be just to stay better hydrated by always making sure you keep a liter bottle of water with you so you sip on it throughout the day… these are all little things that sum up to big healthy changes… success lies in simplicity!

Remedy, not resolution!

There is a remedy for most things when you pay attention to find the cause and then take action! The main reason why we look to make resolutions is because we have spent so long denying ourselves of what we actually need on a more frequent basis; better food, more exercise, or time to ‘unplug’ and just appreciate some down time! Finding a remedy when you start feeling out of sorts is a more efficient way of really taking care of yourself so you perform to your best as much as possible. Don’t wait for a new year to make changes!

One of the key thing that tends to suffer after the holiday season is our digestive system… it takes a bit of a beating with the excess of rich food, bigger desserts, and maybe an increase in alcohol intake as you celebrate in seasonal style! At present, it is thought that 25% of the US population lives with digestive issues and one of the most overlooked areas in our body is the gut, yet it plays a huge role in our lives and in keeping us healthy!  

Your gut performs the last step in the digestion of food.  It metabolizes your food into the energy, vitamins, and minerals that are allowed to pass through the wall of the intestine and into the bloodstream.  If the gut is out of balance it affects what and how many nutrients and vitamins are absorbed into your blood stream; that’s why it can affect the immune system, skin, digestive health and even produce inflammation.

Modern diets are full of processed foods with refined sugars that are good at feeding the “bad” bacteria (we have both good and bad in our gut!) which thrive on, refined sugar, processed foods, refined processed flours, artificial sweeteners, and pop or soda.  Initially this imbalance may cause gas, bloating, constipation and even loose stools, but in the long run, it also causes inflammation. When the gut gets inflamed it can also become more permeable and provide less protection, letting more go into the body. Symptoms may start showing up such as skin problems (eczema or psoriasis), inflammation, fatigue; IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), yeast imbalance overgrowth, pain/ cramps and constipation or diarrhea may be experienced.

A product that may assist in easing digestive issues is ActivechangeTM Probiotics. It is made of a versatile natural resilient probiotic strain called Bacillus Coagulans in a concentrated dose of potency. What is so different about Bacillus Coagulans is that it is a naturally spore-forming probiotic. This unique strain forms a protective shell when exposed to harsh environments. Once it gets to the right warm place and temperature, like the gut, it opens up and starts to reproduce and thrive. Probiotics need fiber to multiply and reproduce effectively in order to win the battle against bad bacteria and to get faster results. Because modern diets do not always incorporate the needed fiber for probiotics to feed, grow and colonize, prebiotic fiber is also part of the ActivechangeTM Probiotics formulation. 

Some more information! 

•    ActivechangeTM is science and results based.  The product is made here in the US under strict GMP guidelines in a facility that is FDA approved.
•    They offer a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee. 
•    In addition, Activechange™ Probiotics do not contain gluten, lactose, nuts, soy, GMOs or added Animal Ingredients.  
•    It is convenient for travel because it does not require refrigeration.  

ActivechangeTM is a social enterprise seeking to improve the health of its consumers through nutritional products while providing worldwide hunger relief. Through a strategic alliance with Stop Hunger Now, every time a purchase is made it helps to feed four in need….! If you would like to find out more about their probiotics and about this social enterprise please pay ActivechangeTM a visit! 

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