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Just sleep on it

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Frequently, we tell ourselves or someone tells us, “Just sleep on it,” when facing a decision.  This choice proves useful, getting us rest, time, and the ability to reconnect with our feelings.  We can learn from the wisdom of our dreams.  We know many of you have the experience of awakening with an emotional shift, new insight, or creative idea.

This writing presents basic tools for dream recall and interpretation, using them as a guide for exploring and enjoying your dreamtime.  For those who have been exploring your dreams for some time, we imagine reading this may also inspire you.  Before you begin exploring your dreams, these are a few prerequisites:

¨     Trust yourself – you are the only one having this experience (you are the only dreamer in your dreams).

¨     Enjoy the process.  Be easy and playfully patient; information will unfold in good time.

¨     Use your friends, groups, books, and other useful resources from time to time.  We suggest refraining from jumping into the pool.  Allow yourself to become comfortable in establishing routines and tools that fit easily into your lifestyle.

Dream recall is just setting the stage for remembering information from your dreams.  As mattress commercials continually remind us, we spend at least one-third of our life sleeping.  The environment is important; make it peaceful and sacred.  Here are several steps to help remember your dreams and find some hidden tidbits of information that open some doors to the intrigue of your dreams.

Take Environmental Steps Clean and “De-clutter.”  Make a comfortable and conducive space for yourself. Create peace and beauty. This could simply involve using elements of light, sound, color, and nature that provide a peaceful space for you.  Objects that bring happy memories are important to incorporate. For example, if you love water you can bring in pictures, fountains, shells, and stones.

Prepare with Time Comfort routines are for grown-ups as well.  Go beyond a five-minute shower and flossing your teeth.  Take care of yourself as you prepare for sleep.  For example, rub your feet, listen to relaxing music, or remember the happiest moments of your day.

Consider Dream Suggestions. When preparing and falling asleep, aid in your ability to recall your dreams:  create and repeat a simple statement to yourself regarding your dreams.  Some suggestions might be, “I easily remember my dreams,” “I enjoy my dreams,” “I recall what I need to,” and “my dreams bring healing.”

Awaken and Be Still. When first awake take a moment and keep your eyes closed and your body still. Doing so allows you to remain open to an image sensation, emotion, or movement. You can spend more time in the self-hypnotic state between sleep and alertness. If you have the ability to recall, that’s great. If not, that’s fine; information can come during your day because it is now part of you.

Take Notes. Many individuals enjoy keeping a journal or using a mini-recorder to facilitate recall. If it sounds like fun, try it. Your ability to remember will increase naturally over time.

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Interpret with Your Own Meaning

For purposes of this article, interpretation is any thought, feeling, or action taken from dream recall that brings personal insight and meaning.  Your meaning or “ah hah” moments, as Oprah would put it, can arrive spontaneously in the midst of your most mundane daily activities.

1) Recall your emotional state when you awake.  For example, when waking with a feeling of peace or happiness, it can give information about your final dream cycle.  A feeling of happiness may indicate that your unconscious mind experienced something positive or that it is feeling optimistic.  If you can gently hold on to this feeling, it can influence your day.  If you awake to feel angry, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be angry all day.  However, it may indicate your emotions and unconscious mind are helping you cope with a situation that you may be experiencing anger.  All feelings are productive; it’s about what we do with them that have the greatest influence on producing effective outcomes.

2) Accept whatever you recall without judgment. To learn from our dreams, it’s important not to judge or censor our raw material.  Being open to doing this, allows us to bring forward more information.

3) Give an appropriate title to your personal home movie. Your dream memory will now have a point of reference and a topic to focus on.  For example, if you dream about flying, and you like to fly, an appropriate title may be “Freedom to Fly.”

4) Ask Open-ended Questions. Using open leading questions is as if you were encouraging a close friend to speak openly with you.  Ask questions like, “Where was I?  What was I doing?  Did any of the scenes appear new, humorous, or special to me?  Did I dream in color or black and white?”  For example, if you remember dreaming in color, this alone may be significant to you.  Perhaps colors may represent the mood you were in. If you had a dream surrounded in pink and that is your favorite color, the context of your dream may be a positive one for you.

5) Ask Specific Questions. Each part of your dream relates to you, the dreamer.  The meaning that you make is likely to be unique to you.  The topics that people dream about are universal, but the meaning we give to them are unique to each one of us.  It’s possible that dreaming in black and white is representative of the past.  Ask yourself three questions about every dream:

1.  What did my dream look like? This allows you to describe whatever you remember in your own words. It’s like putting together a puzzle.

2.  How do I feel about this? As you describe the pieces, this is about your emotional state with the dream material. 

3.  Does this puzzle piece have any immediate meaning to me? Most of the time, your mind may not recognize its significance. You may get a yes or no, or “I think so,” or “Not that I can tell at this time.”  Be patient, over time significant patterns will form.

In summary, the sequence for awakening your dreams does involve a natural, yet disciplined series of “mindful” activities.  Enjoy creating a peaceful space preparing for sleep, giving yourself permission and the tools for playing and working with the unique fabric of your own dreams.  The rewards are significant and ongoing.  In the process, you may reduce stress, increase your sense of humor, gain insight, and solve problems in your daily life.  So, dream on with meaning; ah, the rewards of being able to just “sleep on it….”

About company

Nutraceutical Therapies was co-founded by Lewis Spangler, MD, and Alex Kucewicz, DO in 2015. They are both residency-trained, board certified, practicing Emergency Physicians with over 30 years of combined experience in Primary- and Critical-Care Medicine. They are both active-duty veterans— Lewis of the U.S. Navy and Alex of the U.S. Army. Dr. Lewis also founded and directs Neogenics Wellness & Longevity, an age-management and wellness clinic located in Ft. Myers, FL, where he became interested in natural and herbal therapies. Dr. Alex is a published expert and former lecturer on Wilderness Medicine who also has an interest in natural and herbal therapies, with a special interest in the medical evaluation and treatment of heat illness, snake envenomation’s, shark attacks, aquatic envenomation’s, and other aquatic emergencies.

With the growing awareness of the effectiveness and safety of natural therapies when compared to traditional pharmaceutical drugs, their goal at Nutraceutical Therapies is to provide nutraceutical alternatives to prescription medications for common indications. A nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical-grade, natural (herb, mineral, vitamin, etc.) compound that is used to promote and improve health.

Nutraceutical Therapies motto truly is: “Integrity, Quality, and Efficacy—1) all of our products are researched and formulated exclusively by us, 2) we source only quality ingredients and our products are produced at an FDA cGMP manufacturer and tested for content and contaminants prior to release, and 3) we use only clinically-studied ingredients that have been shown effective in our products and we use these ingredients at clinically studied doses. Not only do we stand behind our products, we use them ourselves.”

“We think the above is what really sets us apart from other products and makes us unique. Each of our products is formulated only after researching the medical literature and actually using and evaluating the ingredients ourselves prior to final formulation and production.  Additionally, many companies private-label, i.e. buy an existing product and then sell it under their label (this is very common). We also do not use “proprietary blends” in our labeling (which, in our opinion, is an attempt to hide the exact concentrations of ingredients from consumers). We want people to be able to see exactly what they are getting. Many companies also advertise that they use clinically-studied ingredients, but they use these ingredients at a fraction of the studied dose—this minimizes cost and maximizes profit—but does little for effectiveness. Our goal is not the bottom line. Our goal is to produce truly effective nutraceutical alternatives to prescription medications. Our products are all natural, safe, and non-addictive, contain no GMO’s and do not come with the unwanted side-effects and addictive potential associated with many pharmaceutical drugs.” –said, Dr. Spangler

"Of note, we think it very important that consumers understand the nature of nutraceuticals. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, most nutraceuticals take the time to work and have to be used over several weeks or even months to have an effect. Consistent, daily use is the key." –said Dr. Kucewicz.

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