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How to jumpstart a waning libido

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As we are growing more mature, sex becomes less casual and the essential relationship is appreciated. At this time, we wrestle with our identity all over again to discover that work, money, and status are not as important as love and passion  - for anything or anyone! Romantic love becomes a perk in our lives.

So, if you find yourself less interested in your sexual nature, here are some potent aphrodisiacs to turn on your inner light again:

Enjoy your wrinkles when they come. Become more sexually gratified by understanding Bernard Shaw’s message “Youth is wasted on the young”. Enjoy your youth at any age. Many of us mistakenly assume that when wrinkles appear, libido begins to disappear. Shaw knew better; mature lovemaking leads to greater pleasure! When we reach the prime in our lives, sexuality is tantamount to our creativities life force and life experience, thus generating both good health and happiness. We can still be ignited with possibilities.

Sex on the brain – the control center. Spark your fancy and use your five senses to set the stage –first for you and then for the two of you. 


Use aromatherapy  - remember that fragrance is highly personal as we all have different personal associations with aromas. Discover which aroma is good for you. Here are the results of scientific studies on odors and their significance:
•    Male underarm sweat contains powerful pheromones for women
•    The aroma of cucumbers works for women
•    The aroma of lavender and pumpkin pie work for men

Eat a healthy balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables to reduce cholesterol levels, which impends blood flow throughout the body. Feeding your lover strawberries, grapes, and blood oranges make his or her heart smart, physically and emotionally. Consider DHEA supplementation as offered by Climaxify which specializes in sexual wellness. DHEA is a popular supplement used by both men and women to boost the bodily systems responsible for:

•    Cholesterol Balance
•    Hormone Balance
•    Vascular Support
•    Sex Drive
•    Erectile Support


What is DHEA?
DHEA is the acronym for Dehydroepiandrosterone. It is produced naturally by the adrenal gland. Thanks to modern science, we can easily supplement with DHEA. There have been no serious adverse DHEA events “reported in the world literature”(thousands of subjects exposed) or in the monitoring of adverse events by the FDA (millions of subjects exposed), thus indicating....the excellent safety profile of DHEA" [1]. In addition, research shows that DHEA supplementation restored DHEA levels for both sexes to young adult levels [2].


Manage your stress levels. When you are relaxed, you can enjoy and receive love. Learn to leave problems and tensions at the office. Change your mood with massage therapy, upbeat music or a natural walk. Activate your sense of humor and laugh uninhibitedly. Laughter is seductive. Consider taking Horny Goat Weed (HGW), which will help in taking care of your hormone balance.  Horny Goat Weed (HGW) is a popular supplement used by both men and women to boost the bodily systems responsible for: Sex Drive, Erectile Support, Hormone Balance.

So What is Horny Goat Weed?

With a name like Horny Goat Weed (HGW), it’s not difficult to see why it’s one of the most popular libido supplements. Formally known as Epimedium, it contains an active substance known as Icariin [3]. Icariin is widely used and is recognized as safe and natural [4]. Legend has it that herders noticed their goats became extra ‘horny’ when feeding on HGW. Want to put it to the test? We thought you would appreciate a convenient capsule form but by all means, in the unlikely case, it's found out in your garden, go ahead and chew some. 


Proper sleep is critical for sexual wellness. After not sleeping well, it’s understandable to want nothing else but to sleep and restore the body. This is especially true after a hard day’s work and all the accompanying mental drain. Even if someone is kind of in the mood for sex, they may be mentally or physically unable. Avoid eating too much before bed - Too much food in the stomach is sure to limit sleep full restorative effects. Consider taking a sleep supplement to help promote a more restful sleep. 


Consider taking supplements to improve your sex drive  
Tribulus is a popular sexual wellness supplement used by both men and women. The Latin term 'Tribulus' originally meant the caltrop "a spiky" weapon, whose spiked seed case could injure feet and puncture tires. Research shows Tribulus is a “natural, non-toxic herb”[5]. Tribulus has been used to boost and support the respective bodily systems responsible for: Sex Drive, Erectile Support, and Hormone Balance.


You can also try Saw Palmetto (also known as Serenoa Repens), which is a fan Palm with edible berries, and which is a popular supplement used by both men and women. It is recognized as safe [6]. It has been used to boost the bodily systems responsible for; Reproductive and Prostate Support, Hair Condition, Erectile Support.

About company

At Climaxify, we know intimacy is essential to a healthy human experience. It's unfortunate that many struggle in this way and it's actually more common than you may realize. Research Suggests that 31% of men and 43% of women report some degree of difficulty in this regard (WebMD). For this reason, Climaxify was formed and sexual wellness has become the niche for which we know best.

We are not interested in simply only selling you a product and we are not aware of any perfect, painless quick fixes. For the greatest results in on the pursuit of sexual wellness, we advocate a holistic approach. To be truly holistic, all aspects of good health need to be considered and adopted as best a possible. This means focusing on major goals like drinking plenty of water, getting restful sleep, and exercising regularly thinking positive and consuming proper nutrition. It sounds so basic but these habits are often overlooked or misguided. Many don’t even realize to the extent they relate to sexual wellness. For example, did you know that toxic chemicals have been shown to make it more difficult for a man to ejaculate? Did that get your attention? Climaxify provides helpful articles and information about these topics and more.

Climaxify is also proud to offer supplements that are used to support sexual wellness goals and each has compelling research on the ingredients. Such ingredients have stood the test of time. This means the ingredients have been safely used for many many years; some for centuries. In addition, our supplements are made in the United States in compliance with the FDA’s mandate for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

We truly hope that those who are struggling or simply want the edge will find solutions and Climaxify is here to help out in any way that we can.

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