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Healthy Is More Than Just A Trend in Santa Barbara

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It’s time to raise the bar on snack, energy, and nutrition bars. Many of the supposedly “healthy” bars on the market today contain as much sugar as a candy bar, or even more, according to Huffington Post’s recent ‘Unreal Eats’ report. Others boast high levels of protein, but contain highly processed soy ingredients or other unpronounceable ingredients. Plus, the bars that seem to be truly healthy usually leave much to be desired when it comes to taste. With the launch of the new Santa Barbara Bar, there is now an option that includes great taste as well as healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Santa Barbara Bar, or SB Bar, is a certified gluten-free nutrition bar packed with flavorful, nutrient-rich superfoods such as chia, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, cranberries, coconut, and dark chocolate. This is what makes Santa Barbara Bar nurtrient dense and gives consumers an energy boost and the feeling of a full, nutritious meal. The Coconut Almond and Peanut Chocolate Cherry Santa Barbara Bars are soy free, and the Cranberry White Chocolate bars have no soy protein added. And with no refined sugar or sugar alcohols added, Santa Barbara Bar provides a naturally sweet low-glycemic choice without the sugar crash associated with highly-sweetened snacks.

Even without added sugar, Santa Barbara Bar tastes more like an indulgent delicacy than nutrition bar. The reason why is because it was originally developed to be a healthy dessert. Founder Peter Gaum, owner of the Santa Barbara Essential Foods (which makes popular baked goods for Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and represents Debbie’s Delights, Santa Barbara Baking Company, and Santa Barbara Bar), was attempting to create a nutrition-rich dessert for Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital when by a deliciously divine accident he created the first Santa Barbara Bar instead. Since he opened his bakery in 1991, Gaum has focused exclusively on using natural, nutritious ingredients, but taste has always been king. So, one by one, each ingredient was selected for both flavor as well as functional health properties until he developed a bar that excelled in both areas.

The result is a bar that tastes so good it easily becomes a daily addition to any lifestyle. The ingredients in Santa Barbara Bar also provide key nutrients such as omega 3 essential fats, 8g protein and 4g fiber – all which help one feel full and have sustained energy. With only 8 to 9 grams of sugar, Santa Barbara Bar can be enjoyed as a meal replacement, pre- or post-workout boost, or anytime snack – without the guilt! Plus, all this is available at an affordable price, just around $2.

“Some bars focus on packing in protein or fiber, but there are not many bars that try to create a healthy balance and a good nutritional profile across the board,” says Gaum. “It was my goal to create this balance with Santa Barbara Bar, while also maintaining a low glycemic index and ensuring that the taste profile was truly enjoyable. People tell me all the time that this is the best tasting bar they have ever had. Their kids ask for them instead of their usual treats.”

And unlike bars that are made to cater to one population such as women, dieters, rockclimbers or weightlifters – Santa Barbara Bar was created for anyone looking to live a healthy, vibrant life. “This bar captures the essence of the ‘good life’ that Santa Barbara represents to people across America – sunshine, active lifestyles and healthy, great food,” says Gaum. “Now you can take a little of Santa Barbara with you everywhere you go.”

Consumers can find Santa Barbara Bar in natural stores like select Wholefoods, in grocery stores, at colleges, hospitals, hotels, coffee houses like Nordstrom e-bars and in numerous convenient stores, gas stations, and golf and fitness outlets. You can also find Santa Barbara Bar in Vitamin Shoppe nationwide, Amazon, and on website at www.sbbar.co.

About Santa Barbara Bar

Santa Barbara Bar’s founder and CEO, Peter Gaum, brings over 20 years of experience in the premium baked goods industry as the owner of a wholesale bakery, and continues to produce superior quality products with the finest natural ingredients.  Santa Barbara Bar is gluten-free and kosher with no refined sugars, or soy protein added, and non-GMO. Available in three delicious flavors, each bar retails at the suggested retail price of $1.79-$2.50 per 1.58oz bar. Santa Barbara Bar is superfood-rich and a good source of fiber and protein that comes in three flavors: Coconut Almond, Peanut Chocolate, and Cranberry White Chocolate. For online ordering and further information about Santa Barbara Bar visit www.sbbar.co.

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