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Hair gives you a problem

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Stress has such a wide-ranging effect that it is hard to define which problems or illnesses are stress related and which are not. According to Deb Shapiro author of “Your body speaks your mind” book - most conservative estimates suggest that 70% of illnesses are caused by stress; others suggest up to 90%. Perhaps it is simpler to say that stress affects every part of your mind and body, including a hormonal imbalance the most common cause of hair grows.

The most common cause:

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – PCOS condition indicates an imbalance of female sex hormones. Symptoms of PCOS can begin when a girl starts having menstrual cycles. Other indications include irregular periods, excessive face and body hair, thinning of hair on the head, obesity and infertility.

  • Male Hormones – Abnormally high levels of androgens or male hormones in the blood can cause hair to grow, thicker and courser.

  • Weight loss, low iron levels, poor diet and stress, along with thyroid and hormonal imbalances, can all cause hair to fall.

If you are experiencing excessive hair growth or loss, be sure to see your physician for a medical diagnosis.

Too much

Are you ready to dump your razor, tweezers and wax stripes or skip your appointment for laser hair removal? The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that in 2014, over 822,480 hair removals nonsurgical procedures were done. The number has been rising consistently since the late 1990s.

When too much hair grows where you’d rather it didn’t, it can make you feel unsure and hesitant. However, you can choose from a few different hair removal methods: depilatories, electrolysis, waxing, laser treatment, shaving or hair inhibitors as Adroit Hair Growth Inhibitor by Omiera. This lightweight cream noticeably minimizes and slows hair re-growth while healing any bumps and breakouts that occur after hair removal.

How Adroit Works:

The natural ingredients used in Adroit, including plant alkaloids and terpenoids, work synergistically at the follicle root to effectively interrupt and slow growth. Hair regrows to be lighter and finer. Breakouts and infected follicles that often appear after hair removal are healed, so skin is left soft and smooth without the angry bumps.

Too little

Everyone loses hair. On average, we lose fifty to a one hundred hairs a day. That’s just hair going through its cycle, and there will be a new one to replace it.  However unexpected, excessive hair loss can be warring. You’re too young for that. The good news is, there’s often a way we can fix it.

You can get your hair back with Exalt, the potent hair regrowth solution that lets you focus more on your life and less on your hair. Exalt for men gets to the root of the problem to put a stop to hair loss and promote regrowth. Exalt uses powerful natural ingredients proven effective in regrowing hair in less than two months of daily use. Exalt is effective with both men and women who are experiencing thinning hair.

How Exalt Works:

Saw Palmetto and Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), ingredients proven to be effective, give Exalt the power to halt hair loss and stimulate new growth. This natural hair regrowth solution blocks the production of DHT, an androgen that shrinks hair follicles and gets in the way of hair’s survival.




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