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Five ways to get back on track

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Motivation is key to success and success is hard to attain without goals. Set them and motivate yourself to achieve your goals on a daily basis. These can be simple things like walking 30 minutes every day before going to sleep, learning new low-fat cooking recipes or tightening those calve muscles. Whatever it is taking charge and succeed!  “Something is better than nothing. Too many people take an “all or nothing” approach to movement and think that anything less than 30 minutes of physical activity is a waste time. Not true! If you don’t have a 30-minute “chunk” of time to move, three 10-minute bouts or six 5-minute bouts offer similar benefits.” – said Carol Krucoff, certify personal trainer and a registered yoga teacher, co-author of “Healing Moves – How to Cure, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments with Exercise” Walk the stairs instead of riding the elevator, park in the farthest space, get off the subway a stop early, or toss the ball with your kids. Every step you take adds to better health. And remember! If you are beginning to exercise for weight loss, the scale is your enemy. Some bodies lose body fat more quickly than other bodies. If yours builds muscle more quickly than it burns fat, your scale might actually show a weight increase. In the situation like this, all you need is our ‘Five ways to get back on track’.

1. Get back into the Gym 
Slowly but surely, don’t de-motivate yourself by attempting intense training from the start. We all know that summer makes us a bit lazy even though we spend days being active, and that’s OK, but know when its time to get back to it. We all need a bit of quality self-time. No matter what our days look like whether intense and strenuous or leisure and creative, everyone should have his or her minimum 30-minute ‘Gym time.’ Take this time to start your exercise routine.

2. Exercise most days
It’s time to get back on track. The sooner you start the less overwhelmed you will be. Exercise for weight loss on most days, at least until you reach a maintenance mode. Some days will be more intense than others will. Some weeks will be crazier than others will. Allow yourself room to get off track when family and work get in the way, but do exercise every day that you can. You will be stronger and healthier because of it! Do something New – start yoga, go to a pottery class, pick up dance, whatever it may be let it be something totally new! This will be a great self-motivating tactic for your everyday. Be original and take control of your life, don’t wait for the New Year on this one!

3. Find extra energy source
If you’re looking for an extra energy source and a way to lose weight, while getting into shape and maintaining a healthy fitness level, supplementing your diet with Energy Crush is a great idea. Everyone needs an energy boost every now and then. But the main idea is to make sure you are getting it from a safe source. HERdiet takes to this very seriously as can be seen by the powerful line up of ingredients that make up Energy Crush. The combination of Phenylethylamine and Theobromine Anhydrous create a powerhouse for blood circulation that will provide you with both energy and fat burning. 


Now more than ever before tendencies of everyday life are pushing us to do more and give more. We strive to live a healthy lifestyle but as we all know it's not so easy and coffee is not always the best solution for that extra kick. Luckily supplementation has provided us with different solutions that can help us give more from ourselves while up keeping a stable energy level and even burning fat! What we are referring to is Energy Crush with Appetite Suppressant from HerDiet Supplements, along with their PM Night Time Diet Sleep Aid For Women with Appetite Suppressant.  
Now here is a thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could go to sleep and wake up skinnier? This sounds like a good idea for a Hollywood production. But in reality, this is more attainable than most may think. But if you looking for a simple method pick up Night Time Diet Sleep Aid from HerDiet supplements. This product will help you burn fat as you sleep. With a powerful combination of key ingredients like green tea extract, magnolia bark, and raspberry ketones definitive effects are sure to follow. 

About the Company 

For decades, women have grown more self-conscious about their figure and health.  Finding products that were designed and formulated with women in mind has been a struggle we all have endured. HERdiet was founded on these principles hoping to satisfy the needs of women everywhere with a solution to dieting and health benefits through dietary supplements.  Almost 2 years ago, HERdiet began the journey of formulating supplements that would help women lose weight and feel better about themselves.  HERdiet started out with the pink capsules that everyone just adored. The concept was simple, eat less and burn more calories.  The formula, created in the laboratory, was designed to help us in these 2 areas. Adding products 1 by 1, lead to a 13 product line ranging from weight loss to hair and nail, from better sex and larger breasts, to relaxation. HERdiet now serves thousands of customers a day and is looking at what other supplement needs can be addressed in the future. 

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