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Element - your new guilt free snack

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A healthy snack doesn’t mean that it’s less tasty or boring. One of the toughest parts about selecting a perfect healthy snack is finding one that has achieved the perfect balance of taste and health. This year taking care of your snacks addiction will be simple, because we just found the perfect solution.

Who knew that rice cake could be so delicious?

Element Rice and Corn Cake is a modern twist on a classic snack: rice or corn cakes coated in chocolate or fruit. Element Rice Cakes are really tasty! With a layer of yummy chocolate or yogurt frosting, made with pure Italian chocolate and yogurt, ELEMENT rice and corn cakes are made under strict EU regulations, ensuring the product is all natural and providing an amazing sensory experience with every bite.

ELEMENT rice and corn cakes achieve the perfect balance of taste and health.

Staying clear from GMO, gluten, cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, yeast, and preservatives, health-conscious individuals can satisfy their sweet tooth and avoid feeling guilty. While finding “your element,” individuals can indulge in the sinless gourmet taste and ingredients of ELEMENT rice and corn cakes. Your favorite new, low sugar ( only 5 grams of sugar) snack is available in four delicious tastes: dark chocolate (our favorite), milk chocolate, strawberry yogurt ( it really taste like summer ) , and vanilla orange.

You could even use these to make your own Perfect Valentine’s Day desserts.


Make a sandwich with two of Element Dark chocolate Rice Cakes with some fresh yogurt or ice cream in between! Add a chocolate, few raspberries and a touch of LOVE.

About company

ELEMENT was born out of necessity, as I am gluten free, I try to avoid most dairy and had the privilege of living in France where everything has wheat and cream. The ‘outsider’ at most dinner tables and parties, I had to think up an alternative for myself. – said Nadia Leonelli owner Element company.

I believe there is a huge untapped demand for a better and lighter snack experience -- because healthy doesn't mean boring and we try to prove that everyday. Healthy eating is all about combining fun and moderation; it’s about feeling great, about having more energy and simplifying our eating habits.  

My husband and I grew up in Europe (I am Italian and he is Swedish), in cultures with high regard for food. We didn’t have fast food and didn’t have to worry about hormones or antibiotics in our milk. We want our kids not to worry as well. We stand for GMO labeling, for eliminating antibiotics from the food supply and for food that is both environmentally and humanly safe.

ELEMENT wants to fit in this philosophy, gives a boost of energy, fills that mid-afternoon snack temptation without all the guilt. With 80 calories and 5 grams of sugar, we keep the balance between healthy and gourmet. We have no GMO, no gluten, no preservatives or artificial ingredients, no cholesterol, and the dark chocolate is vegan

ELEMENT is simple yet innovative: a thin European-style rice cake with a rich coating of either smooth Dark Chocolate or velvety Strawberry’n’Cream. We are less than ½ the thickness of a standard American rice cake; we got rid of the bulk and cardboard-feel and kept the crispiness. My focus in the kitchen is simplicity, which is at the core of all good Italian food.

The ingredients are very simple: the Dark Chocolate is mostly Chocolate, rice and a bit of vanilla. The Strawberry has a layer of yogurt and tastes like summer. It owes its pink hue to a radish concentrate. We love to make our rice cake pretty and colorful leveraging what nature gives us.

We make them in Italy, with local top of the line local ingredients, different from anything currently on the market and at the same time familiar to most.

Element Snacks has been on the market for one year and our snacks are now available in about 900 stores across the country. We hope to be in every state and every major city soon but we are still very much a ‘work-in-progress’. We are just starting to be distributed in schools cafeteria as parents and educators become more aware and more concerned about what their kids eat. We have a teenage daughter and we would never sell a product that we couldn’t feed her (in fact we love making ELEMENT ice cream sandwiches for her in the summer).

We are ready to instill some fun to the rice cake category! – said Nadia.


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