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Everyone knows the value of protecting your skin's outer layer. That’s why you wear sunscreen outside under the sun, that’s why you use soap to clear off bacteria and why you eat healthy. It’s important to take care of your body for a number of reasons. Some factors are out of your control - but it all starts with your skin. If you seriously want great skin, the very first thing you should do is wear a hat and put on a good quality sunscreen when out in the sunshine and then you need to follow a few more steps…


Good health is reflected in an attractive, youthful appearance. Your efforts to keep a toned, healthy skin, have long-lasting effects and heavy implications on long-term health. A balanced skin care routine can correct many adverse skin conditions often inherited through your genes including acne, eczema, facial lines, wrinkles and even deeper conditions.  While we can’t alter our genes, we can improve our skin by making the necessary adjustments in the areas we can influence. Read on to discover the basic components of a healthy outer nutritional plan for your skin.


According to Rise ‘N Shine Online company, producer of natural skin care products, there are 3 very basic steps to continually maintain and repair your skin. Everything you do to care for your skin – slathering a moisturizer, scrubbing with soap, applying a facial mark – you do it to a layer of dead cells. Your morning shower involves washing away old skin cells and revealing the living, vibrant cells underneath which still aren’t tough enough to face the outside environment.

Following these 3 basic steps prepares your skin for prime upkeep:

1)    Basic Cleaning. Take this to heart. First and foremost taking a regular bath is vital. Even dead skin cells need a regular bath! If you leave dead skin undisturbed, it will mix with sweat and dirt to form a perfect mixture for bacteria to live on. Run of the mill grocery store soaps strip away the natural oils in your skin. This is why we recommend using soap with only raw, all natural ingredients like Raw African Black Soap. This goes to work by stripping away all the bad oils and bacteria off your skin. Stripping away these layers reveals bright lively cells, bringing us to step 2.  


2)    Exfoliation.  Exfoliation is a very important step of any skincare routine. Although some people swear by using special scrubs and brushes for removing dead skin cells, many exfoliating products in the store often contain harsh ingredients. These include plastics, irritating fragrances, glycerin, and other questionable substances.   To make a powerful and natural exfoliating scrub, simply mix pure Sodium Bentonite Clay with a little apple cider vinegar to make a thick paste. Rub the paste in a circular motion over your skin and rinse with lukewarm water. While exfoliation may improve the feel of your skin and temporarily enhance its appearance, an overdose is likely leaving you with dry, inflamed skin. So limit your exfoliating sessions to twice a week and moisturize your skin to replace the natural oils you’ve just stripped away.  

3)    Moisturize. The dry skin left behind loses its natural protection, letting bacteria slip in through cracks and fissures in your skin. So, to keep your defenses up, rub an all-natural moisturizer on your skin to create a barrier. Pure African Shea Butter does the trick. Apply after every bath and/or exfoliating sessions. Made with only one ingredient, this butter is full of anti-oxidants and fatty acids built to defer environmental free radicals.  

Fortunately, Rise ‘N Shine Online is a leading provider of these ingredients on Amazon.  

But what about anti-aging?

While continually maintaining, rejuvenating and moisturizing your skin cells is important for achieving a younger looking complexion you cannot forget the importance of reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  If you've shopped the skincare aisle lately, you know that there is no shortage of anti-aging ingredients on the market. Despite the marketing hype often assigned to a single ingredient, research is clear that using a range of beneficial ingredients is always best for keeping skin at its healthiest. There are some exceptions-standout ingredients that, whether included among a mix of beneficial ingredients or in a concentrated treatment, are among a select few that can treat multiple skincare concerns. Vitamin C is one such example!  

Why should you use Vitamin C Serum on your skin?

Look forward to a bright future-daily. Formulated with a Vitamin C complex to support natural collagen production, brighten, and minimize fine lines, this must-have serum defends from environmental aggressors and free radical damage, leaving skin healthy and protected. It is enriched with sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin C to nurture and nourish. This lightweight formula quickly absorbs into the skin while the iconic uplifting citrus scent pampers your skin and your senses.  

About the company Rise ‘N Shine Online was founded with one basic concept: “To use only premium and natural ingredients for improving your overall health through the skin”. As a business located in one of the hottest climates of the United States (Clearwater, FL) we pride ourselves on bringing skincare back to its roots using only pure ingredients that rejuvenate and repair the skin naturally. They’re always looking out for the latest, purest and healthiest ingredients that combat the negative effects the environment has on the skin.  Rise ‘N Shine Online team believes that being committed to creating high-quality products is the right way for their customers. A full ingredient list is listed on each product. Having complete transparency is in our best interest, creating trust and mutual interest in improving everyday conditions that our customers face. Every purchase also comes with an eBook informing each and every customer about his or her new product.  

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