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Affordable Anti-Aging? Count me in!

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As a resource magazine we love providing information that promotes total wellness for our readers. And sometimes we get really excited about what we find, which is the case with our latest discovery.

Christina Moss Naturals has an organic line of hair and skin care products that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, and they make an anti-aging moisturizer that’s like no other.  The products are made by a home-based company that has grown exponentially in the past year.  In fact, they’ve grown so fast they can barely keep up with demand.  But that isn’t what got our attention.  It was the rave customer reviews that made us take notice of this unique moisturizing cream.  So our editorial department decided it was time for us to take a closer look at this organic product and see what all the fuss is about.  We contacted Christina Moss herself and here’s what we found out.


Christina Moss is a teacher, a novelist and a developer of organic products. It all started fifteen years ago after she spent a Saturday scrubbing grease off a garage (soon to be her classroom) floor. 

“I had to wear gloves and cover my face to use this chemical detergent on the floor. Later I saw the main toxic ingredient was also the first ingredient listed on my shampoo bottle.  That’s when I realized my family was washing with toxic chemicals.  So I figured out a way to make a shampoo that didn’t contain petrochemicals or anything harmful. It was for my family, but then friends and relatives liked it and encouraged me to start selling it.

“ After that I read the ingredients in everything and learned that chemicals are used in most everything we put on our hair and skin.  It can absorb directly into the blood stream, even faster and more directly than eating it.  I learned that even ‘organic' products contain weird preservatives that can cause neurological issues, hair loss and kidney problems.

“Today our Flagship product and the one I’ve put the most development into is my moisturizer. I love it, my customers love it and after fifteen years, no one else is making anything like it. So I’m carrying it forward so people who care about this sort of thing, can have it. I literally keep a big folder from customers who ask that I never stop making it because they can’t use anything else. I make it for them.”



Our editorial department prides itself on being fair and seeing all sides which brings us to what we call UPSIDE/DOWNSIDE:


This is why we think it’s special. Christina’s moisturizer doesn’t contain chemical preservatives or harmful petro chemicals. Each ingredient is from a fruit, nut, seed or vegetable source.  The idea is that the chemicals in products make skin age prematurely, and you can combat and even reverse damage by using organic products made with quality ingredients. Also at $21.99 a jar, the price is reasonable.


It contains Anise Seed Oil, which gives it a slight black licorice scent. The scent doesn’t linger and most people seem to like it, but not everyone does. Also, because she makes it in small batches, sometimes it just isn’t available for a week or so after a sales spike because they run out.


If you like their moisturizer -- and we’re pretty sure you will -- you will also want to try their Rosemary Facial Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Soap. All of them are made using certified organic ingredients, and they are all free of any harmful toxic petro-chemicals.


Readers can check out this product and the rest of Christina’s line at www.ChristinaMossNaturals.com.

Image courtesy of Christina Moss Naturals 





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