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Do you want to create your own, freshly baked energy bar by choosing from all natural and organic ingredients so you can enjoy your bar your way? Elementbars.com is a very unique website where you can customize your own healthy and delicious bar. How cool is that.

Have you heard the one about the guy who created a bar company?

In the spring of 2008, Element Bars Founder and CEO, Jonathan Miller, was living and working in Chicago.  Each day for breakfast, Miller would eat an energy bar.  The problem was Miller could not find a bar that tasted good and didn’t cause his energy level to crash mid-morning.  A self-described “tinkerer” and “foodie”, Miller went to the kitchen to make his own bars out of real food.  He wrapped his freshly baked bars in tinfoil (earning them the name “Space Cakes”) and before too long had friends and coworkers asking him to bake bars for them.  He noticed that very seldom did people request the same bar.

Miller, a passionate entrepreneur, thought he might be able to start a company to build custom bars. That’s exactly what he did.

Element Bars philosophy is “element-ary: different people have different tastes and different nutritional needs. They aim to meet them by providing a place to create your very own custom whole food bar.”

 “Custom whole food bars, what does that even mean?” Here’s what it means:

1.    You choose your ingredients on Elementbars.com Build-a-Bar page

2.    You name your bars

3.    We craft them by hand, bake them and box them

4.    We mail freshly baked bars to your doorstep 

We love our own Wellness Bar - The perfect fiber



ElementBars.com lets users design their own custom wholefood bar by selecting organic and conventional ingredients and then personalize the label. Each energy bar is hand made, packaged, and then labeled with its custom bar name and nutritional information. Element Bars is committed to using unprocessed or minimally processed elements in each bar to retain the most nutritional value. 

You want to know what you are putting into your body. Here at Element Bars you will always know what ingredients make up your bar. The ingredients in your bar are always all-natural and sourced locally whenever possible. These are ingredients you can find in your pantry. All ingredients are carefully hand- picked for quality and kept as nature intended - delicious in taste and naturally nutritious. How cool is that!


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