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5 natural hair rules for summer

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During the summer time when you expose your hair for the sun more often, it’s very important that you keep your locks looks healthy. If you planning to ravage your hair with heavy doses of sun or saltwater — we’ll allow it — as long as you do a little rehab along the way. Any hair damage is not good and can bring not so pleasant effects – your hair can start to break up or even fall down. After a big dose of sun, you can also notify some strange opposite reaction and see more unwanted hair.

Learn about different hair growing or removal strategies.

1. Wash less often

Frequent washing strips your scalp of its natural oils, which in turn stimulates additional oil production. Start by waiting a bit longer, even if it is just a one day at first between washes. Take showers with warm or cool water, hot water dries out your hair. Use natural shampoo in place of regular shampoo. Drink a lot of water throughout the day and always use conditioner.

2. Condition always

Try a natural deep conditioning treatment one a week to get an extra bit of moisture into your hair. Use some coconut oil or shea butter to moisturize your hair after washing. Avoid hairstyles that pull or tug at hair. If using a hot iron put a leave in conditioner in your hair before using it. Add essential oils as rosemary or lavender. Use a few drops on your fingers when massaging your scalp

3. Reduce the heat

Use a scarf or hat to cover your hair when you’re out in the sun. Not only does this provide extra UV protection but it also helps protects color-treated hair and helps your scalp to retain moisture. As your hairs are already exposed to a big amount of heat try also blow-drying your hair as little as possible or giving a blow dryer a break.

4. Do not ignore the problem

If you are losing too much hair do not ignore the problem. Contact your doctor, reduce stress, and take supplements to improve your body balance. Stop to exposing your hair to the unnecessary dose of sun and stress. Try drinking this: bananas with honey, yogurt, and low-fat milk. A drink rich in biotin can help. Take dietary supplements such as Vitamin B6, Biotin, and zinc.

You can also try hair growth, hair loss treatment like Exalt. It is an effective hair loss treatment for promoting hair growth for men & women experiencing thinning of hair. This potent hairs care treatment stimulates hair regrowth in as little as 1 month with daily use. May be used before using hair styling products, hair dryer, and hair dye and hair shampoo.

5. Unwanted hair

Women normally produce low levels of male hormones (androgens), and if your body makes too much of this hormone, and during summer time you can notify this more often, you may have even more unwanted hair growth. But, hairy arms and legs are not something women want. This is why waxing, laser hair removal or creams are very important in our daily beauty regime. Temporary hair removal options include:  waxing, laser hair removal, hair inhibitors.

Try Adroit  - the natural Hair Growth Inhibitors by Omiera Labs. This lightweight cream noticeably minimizes and slows hair re-growth while healing any bumps and breakouts occur after hair removal. Minimizes unwanted hair prevents breakouts after waxing, shaving, and hair removal.


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