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The Next Decade- Regenerating Your Health

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As we move into a brand new decade, it is always wise to apply greater focus to your health and well-being. Any efforts that you make to improve your health and heal your body are never wasted. Each small change creates a ripple effect within your body! 

Think about it, at the end of this decade, we will all be 10 years older! And that cannot be avoided but the more efforts that we take to preserve our youth, mobility, strength, and suppleness- the better we will age through this decade and beyond. 



Looking after your body 

We only get one body to live in, don’t we?! So we need to treat our body with the care and attention it deserves so it works better for us, day-to-day and long term. 

Aging brings many other factors into the health equation. It is natural for goals and health objectives to change as we do; after all, we are in a constant state of change and regeneration! In our youth, perhaps our health goals were more cosmetic or aesthetically motivated, yet as we grow older, the focus shifts to maintaining strength and mobility. 

As we age, our bones weaken, joints become stiffer, and muscle breaks down, but that does not mean it’s the end of the game. The human body is far stronger and smarter than we sometimes give it credit for. So, as age is creeping up on you- just tweak your health objectives so you start giving your body more of what it needs! 

Here are some tips that can help you to regenerate your health! 

  • Stay active. Our body is designed and primed to move; maintaining activity helps to lubricate your joints, build and maintain muscle mass, and strengthens your bones. Even low impact activity such as swimming and walking can help to improve your strength and suppleness. You don’t need to be jumping around or hitting the gym everyday… aim for what works well for you and keeps you moving.

  • Engage in some weight-bearing activity. Muscles need some form of resistance or overload to both build and maintain strength. Doing this type of activity at least 2 x weekly can act as a preventative measure against muscle atrophy and bone weakness (such as Osteoporosis). Try some bodyweight exercises such as press-ups and squats! 

  • Up your intake of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and minerals. It’s not always easy to get all that you need from food alone. Taking a supplement that can provide a boost to your daily nutrition is important to maintain your overall health and bodily function! 

Of course, there are many other ways and means to improve your health and potentially look and feel even better at the end of this decade than you did the last! MEND is here to help you, they are dedicated to helping people heal and live their healthiest life! 

MEND is a life science company researching nutritional interventions to help with healing and healthy living. From surgery and injury to healthy aging and longevity, MEND is doing the much-needed science and clinical trials to prove Hippocrates’ message, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”! 



The critical role of muscle as we age and the effect it has upon health

When we think about muscle, we often only think about it through an athletic lens (playing sports) or an aesthetic lens (looking fit and toned). But muscle is much more important than that! Muscle plays a critical role in a variety of metabolic functions and disease prevention. Put simply, maintaining muscle is critical to your well-being and this becomes even more vital as you age. 

Unfortunately, beginning as early as in our 30s, we naturally begin to lose muscle mass and function. When a lot of muscle loss occurs, the condition known as sarcopenia. This muscle loss is one of the primary drivers of age-related injuries (such as fractures to the hip or shoulder) and some other illnesses.

However, the latest science is showing that aging-related muscle loss doesn’t need to be so detrimental and that we can maintain and potentially increase healthy muscle as we get older. With the right targeted nutrients and a regular resistance training program, we can improve muscle health to maintain strength, joint suppleness, and mobility.


MEND’s “Regenerate” was created to address this need for healthy muscle 

Regenerate is optimized for amino acid absorption to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

It contains a blend of fast absorbing and long absorbing proteins, namely, 5 grams of BCAAs, 5 grams of glutamine, 1.5 grams of HMB and 1.5 grams of creatine. 

An additional key nutrient in the formula helps with protein absorption, this is an enzyme blend called protease. These select enzymes help your body to break down protein chains into amino acids, thereby improving the absorption of these essential nutrients. 

Clinical research has shown protease to increase BCAA retention levels by 250%, nitrogen levels in muscle by 32% and overall amino acid plasma levels by 100%. Researchers also found all amino acids, essential & conditionally essential, including branched-chain amino acids, are released in greater amounts when protein is digested with protease.

MEND’s complete formula is so much more than the protein powders you see on the market today. Pro sports teams, the US Military, and medical centers around the US are using MEND to improve muscle health, strength and function.




Mend also offers targeted nutrition for recovery from Joint Replacement Surgery

Another area MEND is advancing research in is surgical outcomes. MEND has done extensive research on the role nutrition plays in helping patients recover from joint replacement surgery.



Joint Replacements are one of the most common surgeries performed. Roughly 7 million people are living with a joint replacement in the United States today! As the population grows older and new technologies make the procedures safer and more effective, these numbers are continuing to rise. There are now approximately 1 million joint replacement procedures performed each year! And this is a number expected to increase significantly in the coming decade. 

Muscle Atrophy and Weakness (MAW) As with other orthopedic populations (such as trauma) ACL reconstruction or rotator cuff repair, joint replacements can result in significant muscle atrophy and weakness (MAW). This is largely due to the trauma of surgical shock, decondition and disuse. 

MAW can persist for years after a joint replacement and delay the return of normal or optimal function. Researchers are still looking to better understand the underlying muscle physiology mechanisms and the factors that lead to some patients experiencing MAW to a greater degree than others.

Prevention of MAW remains an important priority, not only because of its impact on patient recovery (and subsequently their quality of life) but also because of the complications and associated costs to the healthcare system.


To address this challenge, MEND has developed “Joint Replacement”, a dietary supplement that can help to promote recovery and tissue repair. 

It is a perioperative nutritional intervention, to be taken one-week pre-surgery and two weeks post-surgery. It is designed to promote muscle protein synthesis during the operative and immediate post-operative period. 

A number of published placebo-controlled randomized trials have shown that this approach reduces muscle atrophy, preserves muscle strength and improves return to function. MEND Joint Replacement has also been shown to reduce inflammation after surgery, encouraging better healing.

Results show as much as a 66% reduction in muscle atrophy using MEND vs. placebo and more importantly, a faster return to function. After a joint replacement, patients want to be back on their feet and doing the activities they love as quickly as possible. With MEND Joint Replacement, patients recover easier, safer, and faster! 


“Aging is often associated with diminishing energy and mobility, and more injuries and slower recovery. However, with proper diet and exercise, and supplementing with targeted nutrition to support specific outcomes, we can provide our bodies with what it needs to maintain better function and live with more vitality as we age”- MEND

* In partnership with our friends at Mend *Photos courtesy of Mend
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