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The Magic of Milk

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Dairy products form a substantial chunk of our daily nutrition. With so many people now suffering the effects of allergies and intolerances, having alternative options to the usual cow milk is truly a gift. Milk is high in protein, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium- all the things that are needed for good bone health in particular. 



Taking care of your bone health is vital at any stage of life but especially for the young and older generation. As we age, our bones need all the support on offer to maintain adequate function. 

If you haven’t yet tried goat's milk…what’s stopping you?! There are numerous health and environmental benefits. Here we look at how goat's milk could help you toward better health and wellbeing, and what one company- The Good Goat Milk Company is doing to ensure you get the very best goat's milk- every time. Hence their name of course! 

The Good Goat Milk Company specialize in Natural, Full Cream Goat Milk Powder

“Our delicious goat milk is highly nutritious and has a gentler protein and cream structure than cow's milk, making it easier to digest. Our all-natural powdered goat milk is produced in small batches to ensure freshness and great taste! Mix with your favorite chocolate syrup for an even tastier treat!”



The Good Goat Milk Company has spent their lives on the clean, green shores of New Zealand. They started in a traditional bovine dairy and while they love cows, they recognize that some people can’t tolerate cow milk. Since they’re already in the industry, they decided that they wanted to do something about it! They began researching the benefits of goat milk and made some significant discoveries.


Did you know? 

  • Goat milk is less allergenic than cow's milk making it ideal for people who suffer from milk allergies

  • Goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk making it suitable for anyone who suffers digestive discomfort when drinking cow's milk

  • Goat milk is highly nutritious as it contains naturally high levels of important Vitamins and Minerals when compared to other types of milk

  • Goats require less room and less feed than other animals so farming them can be more environmentally friendly

  • Goat milk tastes good!

​​“We liked the idea of producing milk that was sustainable and good for the body, so we took what we've learned from traditional dairy farming and began working with local New Zealand farms to produce goat milk that's nutritious, delicious, gentle on the stomach and good for the environment”- The Good Goat Milk Company


Here’s a little more info on some of the points above: Reasons to Choose Goat Milk! 

Did you know that natural goat milk is very good for you; it has more vitamins and minerals than cow's milk! 

Here are some facts for you: 

Goat milk can provide up to 13% more calcium, 47% more vitamin A, 34% more potassium, and 250% more niacin. It is also higher in vitamin B, C, chloride, copper, and manganese. Goat milk also contains higher levels of taurine than cow's milk essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscle, the retina, and the central nervous system.



Goats Milk is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. The main reason for a milk induced allergic reaction is due to the presence of alpha s1-casein.  

Milk contains two types of proteins: typically 80% casein and 20% whey. Four casein proteins make up the 80% which are alpha s1-casein, alpha s2-casein, beta-casein (A1 and A2 variant), and kappa-casein.

Cow milk typically contains ~30% alpha s1-casein and goat milk typically contains ~20% alpha s1-casein which substantially reduces any adverse allergic reaction to milk.  

The Good Goat Milk Company takes pride in themselves producing the highest quality goat milk possible so they go one step further: their farmers reduce the level of alpha s1-casein to ~10% by the use of selective genetic breeding programs.  

It’s easier on your stomach! 

Cow milk can be harder for many people to digest due to higher levels of alpha s1-casein and the presence of A1 beta-casein. The A1-beta casein protein releases a protein fragment (BCM-7) during digestion and there is mounting evidence to suggest that this protein fragment is what causes digestive discomfort and the resulting issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation. 

The good news is that goat milk mostly contains the A2 beta-casein protein! 

This along with goat milk's naturally homogenized fat structure makes it easier to digest. Because goat milk has less alpha s1-casein and more beta-casein (making it more similar to human milk) goat milk forms a softer curd in the stomach which also aids in digestion and protein utilization. 

All of these points make goat milk a great option for children and adults alike who often experience bloating, gas, or upset stomach from consuming cow's milk. Goat milk may also help reduce eczema, congestion, and other conditions associated with the consumption of cow's milk. 



Goat’s Milk is better for the environment too! 

Goat farming creates a lower environmental impact than traditional factory cow farming as goats consume less food and produce less manure than cows. They also require less space to maintain optimal conditions for their care and welfare.

The Good Goat Milk Company’s all-natural goat milk has a fresh, sweet flavor that both children and adults enjoy. All of their milk comes from local, New Zealand farms that follow strict production guidelines. They produce their milk in small batches to ensure freshness and great taste. The Good Goat Milk Company goat milk is also GMO, hormone, and antibiotic-free! 

 “Our goats are raised on our family farms, with unrestricted access to the outdoors and landscapes that create interest and natural activities for goats (such as climbing!) We grow specific pasture plants that are best suited to their nutritional requirements, and deliver it right to them several times per day! For future direction we are looking at expansion of sales into Mexico and Canada, the addition of some different “kid-friendly” flavors and also looking at some deliciously flavored “ready to drink” formats that would allow consumers an on the go option”- The Good Goat Milk Company

 “Our Natural Goat Milk Powder is certified by The Detox Project as being "Glyphosate Residue Free", which means that our products are tested at completely independent laboratories for detection of any Glyphosate residues. We are only considered "residue-free" if glyphosate residue levels are "Not Detected" at 0.01 parts per million”- The Good Goat Milk Co. 


* In partnership with our friends at The Good Goat Milk Company  Photo courtesy of The Good Goat Milk Company 

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