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Staying Healthy with Herbs

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Staying healthy or improving our health has never been more doable. We are lucky to have a great market for natural-based supplements, many activities, and gyms that help to promote well-being and great nutritional support through books and recipes that help to keep health and wellness interesting and educate us on what works well for the body, and what does not. 


Modern times have spoilt us for choice in many ways and so there is no reason to not take advantage of what is available to improve your health, appearance, and overall sense of well-being.




Herb Health

Herbs have been used for many centuries for health, beauty, and wellness benefits. And the great thing about herbal medicine is that it is so vast because nature has provided so greatly and abundantly for us. 


Herbal and plant remedies can help with many ailments and conditions, support the body’s natural function, and act as a strong alternative to conventional medicine which often treats the symptoms but not the actual cause. 


Rather than popping pills and painkillers for a headache, wouldn’t it be far gentler on your body to soothe it with a herb or plant remedy that can achieve the desired outcome and potentially aid in restoring the inner balance to prevent further disharmony? For instance, herbal remedies such as Lavender and Chamomile are well-documented to have a calming and soothing effect on the body. 


Vital Nutrients

Added to this, herb and plant medicines can help to close the gap on vital nutrients that may be missing or lacking in your diet. For instance, if you are feeling tired and fatigued, it may be due to some shortfall in your vitamin and mineral uptake- B Vitamins are highly important for energy function and metabolism. 


We may be well-versed on the more commonly known vitamins for well-being such as Vitamin A, B, C, and E but there are many more that we may not be as aware of.


Minerals play a crucial part in health and wellness, for instance, Iron aids in better absorption of Vitamin C, Selenium helps to protect your body against free radicals and oxidative stress, and Potassium is vital for muscle and nerve function and is one of the most important minerals needed for health and wellness. 


These are just a few crucial minerals that are needed by the body; there are many more that are often lacking in modern-day diets that are typically heavily processed and high in salt, fat, and sugar. Herb Science has made it their mission to help close the gap and promote wellness through the best support they can offer, and this is via liquid health supplements. 



Herb-Science is a company that offers liquid supplements that are easily absorbed at the body’s fundamental and cellular level. They are a family-owned and operated company in a small mountain town in Colorado. This smaller operation has a quality way of producing products like no other! Their mission is to provide families with the nutrition that’s missing in their daily diet and to improve the overall health of the American family. 


“As a family-oriented business, we are always taking steps to make sure our kids and loved ones have a healthy way of life that they can pass down to their children, generation after generation. We want to see the quality of life in this country increase every generation, not only for our families but for others as well. We chose to do liquid supplements for several reasons, but mainly because of how well the product is absorbed”- Herb Science 

Herb-Science takes an innovative approach to nutrition, offering herbs, vitamins, and minerals in liquid form, providing quick absorption with highly effective results. 




Liquid Health 

Absorption is especially important since 74% of the population in this country is said to be living with some sort of digestive disorder and may have a hard time breaking down pills. Liquid supplements are far easier than pills to swallow, for kids and the elderly also. Liquid also mixes well with drinks such as smoothies and shakes for added nutrition and a welcome change from fruit juices and such like. 


Most liquid products are preserved with alcohol which kills a lot of the nutritional value. However, instead of alcohol, Herb Science uses vegetable glycerin which is derived from palm oil. Vegetable Glycerin preserves the product by keeping the enzymes dormant until entering the stomach. This means the product is preserved with a healthy ingredient that also has other wellness merits and without causing nutritional damage.



Herb Science

Herb Science has a range of products, these include B-Complex and Mineral Complex. Since foods are grown in depleted soils and processed to death, these micro-nutrients have become harder to get in a daily diet and therefore should be supplemented if you are deficient. Both these products are part of their quick-absorbing, non-alcoholic, liquid micro-nutrient line.




The B-Complex consists of all eight water-soluble B-Vitamins along with Vitamin-C. 

Most vitamins are sensitive to heat, light, alcohol, and other manufacturing stresses. Herb-Science’s B-Complex is cold-pressed to avoid heat and/or other chemical damage that is involved in a kill step (a process to kill any bacteria). Instead of a kill step, Herb Science sends all their finished products in for microbes and bacteria testing to make sure they are safe. They are then bottled in a cobalt blue bottle to keep out the light. 

This easy to absorb B-Complex offers results like no other and a key contributor to supporting a healthy lifestyle.

B Vitamins are crucial for helping the cells of your body function well; this includes converting food into energy and supporting metabolic processes, helping the body maintain healthy cells, blood cells, and tissue, and they support healthy brain function. 




Mineral Complex 

Minerals are just as vital as Vitamins but are harder to absorb. Plant sources are normally the best way to absorb minerals.

Herb Science uses herbs that are high in minerals for their mineral complex supplement. The body needs to be able to recognize these nutrients to be picked up and absorbed into the cell tissue for use. Taking these whole plants and mixing them into a liquid makes for a much better bioavailable supplement. 



The minerals in this complex are magnesium, manganese, potassium, and chloride along with trace minerals. Minerals such as calcium should be taken separately from these minerals for better absorption- this is why you don’t see it in this complex! 

Minerals such as Magnesium are highly important for some biochemical processes within the body. It is commonly a mineral that many people are deficient in without even realizing it! Magnesium can help to prevent migraines, support a better mood, boost exercise ability and performance, and also plays a role in insulin resistance and managing Type 2 Diabetes. 


“We bring you the finest quality supplements using ingredients grown in their natural environment, thereby maintaining the highest form of nutrients. Our products deliver great alternative health benefits to those searching for answers to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle”- Herb Science


* In partnership with our friends at Herb Science   Photo courtesy of Herb Science , Pixabay and i-stock

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