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Mighty Mineral- The Strength of Iron

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Iron is an essential mineral that is necessary for life; it is also one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the world. Iron plays an important role in making hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body. When you don’t get sufficient oxygen pumped through your body, you're very likely going to be fatigued and exhausted, and this can affect everything from your brain function to your immune system's ability to fight off infections. If your diet is nutritionally varied then chances are you are doing well with your intake of iron as well as other vitamins and minerals! Very often this may not be the case, so there may be instances when supplementation is needed, particularly for pre-natal (and post-natal moms) iron is needed for red blood cells, the placenta, and for your growing baby. During pregnancy, the RDA of Iron increases to around 27 mg per day rather than 18 mg. Iron deficiency is actually the main cause of Anemia (Iron deficiency Anemia- also known as IDA) in pregnancies. 

Here we take a closer look at Iron and what it may mean for you!

Firstly, some info on anemia!

Anemia is a medical condition whereby your blood lacks adequate amounts of healthy red blood cells (hemoglobin). The most common cause of Anemia comes as a consequence of iron-deficiency; most adults should aim for levels of around 18mg RDA. Hemoglobin basically helps to bind oxygen, so if it is lacking in your blood then it becomes detrimental as the cells in your body will not receive enough oxygen.

What are the signs/symptoms of Iron deficiency- Anemia?

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of iron deficiency Anemia are:

•    Tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion
•    A pale complexion
•    Feeling short of breath
•    Heart palpitations
•    Headaches/Dizziness

Some of the lesser known signs and symptoms are:

•    Hair loss
•    Irritability and difficulty on focus/concentration
•    Leg cramps
•    Spoon-shaped nails
•    Sores/cracks in the corner of your mouth

A straightforward blood test can measure your complete blood count and the level of hemoglobin in those red blood cells. It is (of course) very natural to feel more tired and fatigued during pregnancy so many signs/symptoms above are discounted- but if you feel uncertain after experiencing the above then it is best to visit your health care provider with your concerns; mild anemia can progress to a more severe case but can be resolved through iron supplements. 

Who’s more at risk of iron deficiency- Anemia?

As stated, pregnant women are a high-risk group for this condition (and women with a small gap between pregnancies may be more prone) here are a few more triggers to low iron to be aware of!

•    Women that experience heavy menstrual periods or other cases of blood loss
•    Low dietary iron levels
•    Vitamin C aids in iron absorption- so if vitamin C levels are low it will have a direct reflection on your ability to take up and utilize iron
•    Taking any medication or eating too many foods that affect iron absorption
•    Vegetarians and Vegans (Lack of Vitamin B12 can also cause Anemia and B12 foods are primarily

from animal origin)

There are a number of other factors also! So… essentially it comes down to nutrition and supplementation, what are the best iron-rich foods? 

Here are some great foods that can help work more iron-richness into your daily diet!

•    Breakfast cereals…☺ Many varieties are fortified with iron- but try and keep to types without high sugar content!
•    Beans, pulses, and lentils (easy to work into a lunchtime salad or side dish for dinner!)
•    Dark and leafy greens like Spinach (remember Popeye? He ate all of this!)
•    Red meat and Poultry
•    Sardines and other sea-foods 

Drinking a glass of Vitamin C rich orange juice (ideally not concentrated- or even better, freshly squeezed will help to absorb more iron, particularly helpful if you are taking a supplement, wash it down with a glass of OJ!). 

Pharmics Vitamins is a Utah-based company that has been providing quality pharmaceutical nutritional products to the Bariatric, Pediatric and Obstetric market since 1970. It is their goal that every child receive proper nutrition during the critical years of development (both pre and postnatal). They understand that proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy life, but often because of our busy schedules we just don’t eat correctly. Taking a prenatal or multivitamin provides the essential nutrients that may be lacking from your diet, and you may often hear women say that taking a supplement made their hair shinier and nails stronger…that’s good news! 

Maternal nutrition (pre and post natal) effects both your well-being and your infant’s growth; and as your baby develops through the early phases of life, your nutritional needs will also increase. After birth, an adequate diet rich in essential nutrients such as calcium and folic acid to support nursing can replace depleted nutrient stores. 

What makes O-Cal Prenatal vitamins (Gluten Free) different from your ordinary multivitamin?

They contain significantly higher amounts of certain nutrients that are especially important for fetal development. This includes folic acid (which may prevent some serious birth defects) and iron (necessary to prevent iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy). Here is a great testimonial on these vitamins from a Pharmics Vitamins customer! 

“I am one of those people who has a very sensitive stomach and I have tried lots of prenatal vitamins. O-Cal prenatal is the best. I love the fact that is small easy to swallow, but most important is the fact that it doesn't upset my works. I feel so much better when I take my prenatal vitamin each day. I recommend O-Cal prenatal vitamin to everyone I see. Thanks for making such a great product.”

Pharmics Vitamins also offer iron supplements with a variety of different options to suit your needs! Ferretts Iron supplements are well absorbed and are better tolerated than other types of iron supplements. 

“Better tolerated equals better results, feel the difference!” said Pharma Vitamins.

  • Ferretts tablets are small and easy to swallow, gentle on the stomach, dye and gluten free.  

  • Ferretts IPS liquid iron is a unique iron compound that is very gentle and non-constipating. 

  • Ferretts chewable tablets are a tasty lemon lime flavor and gentle on the stomach! 

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