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Lifelong Healthy Habits

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This year has been a tricky one to handle from many perspectives. However, what 2020 has taught many of us is that health is truly valuable, without it, everything suffers. 

Perhaps, the biggest takeaway from this year is that by upping our game and looking after ourselves, we inadvertently help or inspire others to do the same. No man is on the island! The fact that we are all so closely linked should empower us to protect our health each day and not as and when it suits. Consistent efforts inspire consistent results. 


Building Lifelong Healthy Habits

We are creatures of comfort and habits. No doubt about that. So instead of being comfortable with all the things that do not promote better health, we should challenge ourselves to move into new territory and create healthy habits, healthier comfort zones. 

And the beauty here is that it is never too late to change. It is never too late to take small steps to improve your well-being day by day, and the desired results are worth it if you can maintain the journey of healthier living. 

There are numerous ways that we can create healthier habits but the first step always begins with the intention to be better and do better, and from intention, we move to action. If you feel that you need to kick-start your health regimen again… start now! Maintaining some healthy habits could add years to your life, and make the current ones even happier! 

Here are a few tips to help you get going! 

  • Eat regularly to keep blood sugar levels balanced. When you skip meals your energy levels are affected and that inevitable mid-afternoon slump leaves you vulnerable to snacking on unhealthy, sugary snacks. 

  • Eat well! Include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and Omega 3 rich fatty fish at least twice weekly. Too much red meat can play havoc with your digestive system so aim to limit red meat to twice weekly switch your meals up so that there is a mixture of red meat, fish, chicken, and vegetarian meals. Balance is crucial! 

  • Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes per day. Whether it is a walk, run, dance, or formal gym session, staying active prolongs your life, strengthens your bones, and keeps your joints supple- there are many benefits to exercise. 

  • Keep a check on your alcohol intake and avoid/limit smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors in diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Excess alcohol puts a massive strain on the liver and other bodily organs to remove toxins from your body. 



Take steps to manage your weight, the more disciplined you can become with your nutrition, the more you can control your body weight. Supplements can also help to fill in any gaps with your daily diet! Living a healthy lifestyle is not won by consuming artificial products that alter the body in unnatural ways. Natural products that are also backed by science offer results that can be truly felt through the body. 

MRM’s goal is to provide its customers with all-natural products that will allow them to be healthier, happier, and more robust versions of themselves. 

Our wide array of product formulas is inspired by nature while also being supported by science. We pride ourselves in sustainably developing natural supplements as a way to not only contribute to the betterment of humanity but also the future of the environment. A healthy lifestyle is derived from a repetition of proactive decisions that will shape the body progressively.”- MRM Nutrition

Their CEO Mark Olson, a published researcher, and Clinical Nutritionist has spent decades researching and traveling country to country to find the cleanest and ethically sourced ingredients for MRM products. MRM has truly manifested Mark’s passion for helping others and inspiring all demographics of people to own their health and determine their quality of life. 


In addition to bringing melatonin to the supplement market in 1991, Mark Olson expanded his research and experimentation with natural hormones, specifically endocrine metabolites, in search of ways to maximize their potential in the human body. 

As his research continued he discovered how incredibly important a sufficient level of DHEA is in middle-aged and older adults. In 1996 he founded MRM with two upstream hormone precursors that are crucial for the body’s ability to convert their genetically proportioned hormone production. Those products were Pregnenolone and DHEA. 

DHEA is considered to be the master or mother hormone!




“I started my own company in 1996 and brought DHEA to Health food shelves under MRM – Metabolic Response Modifiers. We started the Andro project in the late 1990’s as a continuation in understanding Androgenic Hormone support in aging. As we all know our production starts to drop in our mid 40’s. Melatonin has a similar age-related decline and was my initial interest in Hormone support in aging while still at CSC (clinical study center)  at Harbor/UCLA county hospital”- Mark Olson, MRM Nutrition

As a person ages, they will produce less and less DHEA which can cause a massive decrease in sex steroid formation in certain tissues. This is thought to be one of the causes of age-related difficulties such as obesity, and a decrease in muscle mass, bone density, and cardiovascular health. DHEA has been seen to increase muscle strength, lean muscle growth, as well as improve immune health and the overall level of well-being in older adults. 

“Unlike other supplement brands, we don’t wait to see what the next fad or trend will be. We’re constantly researching, innovating, and solving for new ways that nutrition can improve your life!”- MRM Nutrition

Vegan vitamin D3+K2

When taken together, vitamins D3 and K2 work synergistically to support optimal bone health and immune function. Studies have shown that vitamin K has a structurally similar vitamin compound to which the body requires to build certain proteins. These proteins control calcium binding in bones and tissues as well as regulate blood coagulation, which is a cause of uncontrollable bleeding. 

  • Vitamin K2 is a supplement that is traditionally derived from meats, cheeses, and eggs; however, MRM has changed that to accommodate vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. It is common for individuals who abide by a more plant-based diet to see a deficiency of K2 in their system along with D3. 

  • Vitamin D3 is most commonly found in meat and fish, and for supplemental purposes typically extracted from sheep’s wool (lanolin) or other animal products. Due to this, those with plant-based diets are historically known for having a deficiency in D3 and no way to supplement it.



MRM Nutrition’s unique formula of vitamin D3 is extracted entirely from algae/fungi commensal organisms, known as lichens, to meet the calcium demands for a plant-based diet. 

MRM’s clean non-GMO Project Verified micro-encapsulated Vegan Vitamin D3+K2 allows vegans and vegetarians to improve their bone development while simultaneously supporting their immune health. 

"Our goal is to help you nutritionally find a healthy life balance so that you can improve mentally, physically, and spiritually. From your childhood to your senior years, we aim to provide livelong balance through optimized nutrition. We are committed to creating new paradigms in health and wellness to motivate and aid you to live a life in balance"- Mark Olson, CEO


* In partnership with our friends at MRM Nutrition Photo courtesy of MRM Nutrition

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