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How to nourish your body- better!

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We know how valuable and vital it is to our health to eat well and nourish our bodies, and yet many of us struggle and fall short of what we need to stay well. Food is simply not as simple as it used to be. Modern times mean that we have far more variety and yet the quality may not be so good, and due to the busy day-to-day aspects of living, we eat more takeaways and convenience foods to sustain us. 



Of course, there are many more people that suffer from food allergies and intolerances also, as well as people that choose to live a vegetarian, vegan, or other alternative daily diets. Again, this may mean that a higher number of people are missing out on key nutrients for wellness. But it’s not all doom and gloom! With a little more effort we can pay heed to what our body needs and nurture it to a healthier state.


Nourishing your body

Nourishing your body through daily nutrition is the single most beneficial thing you can do for you and your wellbeing. Food plays such a massive role in life and if it is not on point, monitored, or managed well, it can cause an array of conditions and illnesses that could have otherwise been prevented. Food can be our medicine when we arm ourselves with the knowledge of how to eat better and maintain hydration. 

Here are a few tips on how to nourish your body- better! 

  • Buy fresh, organic foods as often as possible. Fresh and organic foods may not spoil as quickly as long as they are stored appropriately, they will also carry far more nutrients and flavor than foods that have been sitting on a supermarket shelf. Frozen fruit and veg often retain a lot of their nutrient power so this is another option for food freshness! 

  • Add fruit and vegetables to smoothies and shakes. It’s a great way to get your nutrients in for the day, convenient if you are short on time for breakfast or lunch, and the best thing is how versatile a smoothie can be. If you are very active, a protein shake can help to replenish your body post-workout too. Green smoothies are highly popular in the health world, if you are not keen on eating your greens- lookout for easy recipes! 

  • If you suffer from certain allergies and intolerances to foods, do some research and look out for up and coming companies that cater to specific needs. As mentioned earlier, increasing numbers of people experience food intolerances in modern times, lactose intolerance is a fairly common one. Food intolerances and allergies can play havoc with your digestive and immune function, and many of us with these issues will avoid the food in question. However, some alternatives can help maintain nourishment. In the case of lactose intolerance, there are numerous lactose-free options such as Almond or Rice Milk. 



Also, in the case of milk, we don’t need to be restricted to cow’s milk. There are alternatives to cow’s milk that are extremely rich in nutrients and suitable for everyday nutrition. One of these alternatives is goat’s milk. Goats make milk that tastes good, is good for your body, and a bonus is that it’s good for the earth too! The pure air & pristine pastures make New Zealand a good place to raise goats and The Good Goat Milk Company has worked on a healthy and nutritious cow’s milk alternative to nourish your body. 

“We've spent our lives on the clean, green shores of New Zealand. We started in traditional bovine dairy and while we love cows, we recognize that some people can’t tolerate cow’s milk. Since we’re already in the industry, we decided that we wanted to do something about it so we began researching the benefits of goat milk and made some significant discoveries”- The Good Goat Milk Company 

What The Good Goat Milk Company learned (in a nutshell) was that...

  • Goat milk is less allergenic than cow's milk making it ideal for people who suffer from milk allergies

  • Goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk making it a potential option for some low-level lactose intolerance sufferers (check with your doctor first!)

  • Goat milk is highly nutritious as it contains naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals when compared to other types of milk

  • Goats require less room and less feed than other animals so farming them can be more environmentally friendly

  • Goat milk tastes good! 

​​They liked the idea of producing milk that was sustainable and good for the body, so they took what was learned from traditional dairy farming and began working with local New Zealand farms to produce goat milk that's nutritious, delicious, gentle on the stomach, and good for the environment. 


Here’s a peek at the benefits and nourishment for your body with The Good Goat Milk Company’s Full Cream Powdered Goat Milk: 

It is easy to digest!

Goat’s milk contains smaller fat globules and less alpha s1-casein than cow’s milk, making it easier to digest. It also contains 89% less a1 beta-casein and more a2 beta-casein. This combination is believed to cause less digestive discomfort in some people! 


A natural source of protein and calcium

Goat’s milk is a natural source of bio-available protein and contains 28% more calcium than Cow’s milk! 


No additives, GMO, hormone, and antibiotic Free (Just as it should be!)

The Good Goat Milk Company will not add anything to their natural goat milk. It has everything it needs to be a healthy beverage already. Sourced from New Zealand and made by goats that have 365-day access to the outdoors and feed on natural pasture plants- it is simply marvelous!



The Good Goat Milk Company is home to goat milk powder that's made in small batches on our farms and those of our friends to ensure great taste and superior freshness. No GMOs, no hormones, no antibiotics. So go on, give it a go. We hope you enjoy it!”- The Goat Milk Company 

For their future direction, The Good Goat Milk Company is looking at expanding into Mexico and Canada, the addition of some different “kid-friendly” flavors and also looking at options for deliciously flavored “ready to drink” formats that would allow consumers an “on the go” option. Watch this space! 




* In partnership with our friends at The Good Goat Milk Company  Photo courtesy of The Good Goat Milk Company 

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