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Healing and Health, Naturally!

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Now that the festive period is out of the way, for many of us, it’s time to get down to business on health and healing. And it’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you’ve gone a little overboard through the holidays! 

It is natural to want to enjoy and make the most out of special occasions and holidays, but the fact remains- if you don’t look after yourself then your body just cannot cope with the imbalances! So essentially, we are looking at a new year and a new way of being for this fresh start. That is the beauty of a New Year, it is a clean slate and you can make of it what you wish. All that’s needed is the mindset and heart to deliver on your promises to yourself!




Health and Healing, Naturally

Having the right mindset means opening yourself up too much of life’s natural healing gifts. It’s not just about going to the gym; looking after your health requires you to broaden your mind. It means you pay as much attention to your nutrition as you do your activity levels, and to your skincare routine as much as your surroundings and environment. 

Health and healing are ever-changing, although the basics may remain true, there is always lots of research ongoing into the health arena and lots of products and supplements that are created or inspired through that research. Getting to know your body is the first step to figuring out what works well for you. 


Staying Motivated 

Staying motivated is commonly a difficult task, particularly when you want to see quick results, but as with all good things- health and healing takes patience, dedication and lots of effort. If you find your motivation dwindling, think about a goal you would like to achieve and focus on how to reach closer toward it! Mapping out your health objectives helps to bring them into sharper focus. 

Motivation is a little easier to muster when you feel supported. We all need the right tools to help us toward healing and improving our health. Luckily, we are around at a time when there is a massive awareness on health. (so no excuses!). We have much at our disposal to help us feel better, look good, and function well from the inside to outside! If you don’t feel very inspired by what’s around you, look further afield and do some research- find what fits well for you! 


Natural Remedies

We all want to work on our health so that we can live fuller and longer lives. There are many natural remedies that can potentially support us to do this. Ideally, we would eat a great diet each day and exercise regularly, but modern living makes this difficult for us due to time constraints and other factors. 

Supplements are a valid alternative to help fill in the gaps. Many natural supplements nowadays are easily accessible and can kick start you into health or strengthen your foundation to maintain your current health. 

We hear so much about the natural goodness of things like Olive oil, coconut oil, Omega 3 fatty acids, and a heap of vitamins and minerals. And yet we don’t always incorporate them into our diet! It’s sometimes too much to think about, isn’t it? And if that is the case for you, looking for supplements and products that wrap all the natural health properties of stuff that’s well-documented to be good for you is the way to go. 

PureC60OliveOil was created to do just that. PureC60OliveOil was founded in 2017 to help people benefit from Carbon 60 and raise awareness of its latent health benefits. They are the top global producer of C60 oils and sell globally.

C60 and its potential effects on health and lifespan are based on the 2012 study by Baati. Although this is an animal study, there is much anecdotal evidence about C60’s positive effects on humans. The potential for life extension is evident as animals lived almost 2x their normal life span. This article outlines the findings well! 

Put simply, there is evidence to suggest that C60 is a super antioxidant, it is powerful as it works on a cellular and mitochondrial level. (C60 is of course not FDA approved and PureC60 make no direct claim to health benefits). 



Organic C60 Olive Oil Capsules

These capsules are made using 100% USDA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

They are vegetarian/vegan capsules and are made from plant cellulose and purified water. The capsules contain no corn, wheat, gelatin, animal by-products or starches. They are free from solvents and available in containers of 100 capsules. 



Unlike other producers, PureC60 mix their oil for three weeks in a dark semi-refrigerated environment to ensure no oxidation in the process. Many other producers heat the oil to reduce mix time which effectively damages the C60 molecule and thereby diminishes the benefits. Other producers use lower grade C60 or even industrial C60 which can harbor toxic solvents. The C60 in these capsules is vacuum oven-dried for 3 days to remove trace impurities.

These C60 capsules combine the health benefits of olive oil and C60 in a vegan plant-based capsule made of plant cellulose. The capsules make for a much more pleasant experience because there is no need to ingest oil! 

“In terms of quality, we use the best ingredients and process, never cutting corners. All of our oils are USDA organic and the C60 we use is food grade solvent-free and 99.95% minimum in purity. Our C60 is third party tested. Our lab has the highest standard in terms of equipment. We produce in small batches to ensure the time from production to delivery is minimal”- PureC60OliveOil


C60 MCT Coconut Oil

This C60 MCT coconut oil combines the natural health benefits of MCT oil with the power of C60. 

This creates a paleo-friendly vegan and organic super antioxidant product that uses USDA Organic MCT coconut oil. Many customers report an energy boost or sustained energy and enhanced productivity after use. The experience is very different from caffeine and offers an alternative way to enhance energy and focus. 




Here are some other potential benefits of C60 MCT Coconut Oil based on research and general reports of customers: 

“Our purpose at PureC60OliveOil is to promote natural health. We aim to uncover natural elements that help the body function naturally. C60 is not a drug. It is simply great at removing up to 34 free radical molecules per one C60 molecule. This lets your natural physiological processes work better. Many users have reported anti-aging benefits.”- PureC60OliveOil


* In partnership with our friends at PureC60OliveOil *Photos courtesy of PureC60OliveOil
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