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Fuelling Your Workouts for Wellness

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Exercise fuels us and energizes us; it provides an outlet for clearing out expired energy as well as keeping us fit and healthy. Fuelling ourselves for exercise means that we adopt the nutrition habits that fully support it and enhance our way of life. You can’t out exercise a bad diet so the two really go hand in hand. If we skip meals, snack on high sugar foods, and don’t hydrate ourselves adequately then cracks will begin to show. Your exercise and nutrition habits are an investment in your health and well-being, it’s a loving gesture to your own body that shows you care and are willing to put the effort in! The motivation for eating well, hitting the gym or taking a class may come in spits and spurts but when you couple that motivation with the commitment it makes all the difference, fuel yourself by committing to you! Here are a few ways that you can fire yourself up for your workouts and wellness.


1.    Make your goal your goal.

What are your health and fitness goals? Always take a time to strip back the clutter and really nail down some clear and defined aims that will directly benefit you. Often we can lose motivation through a sheer lack of clarity about what it is we actually want to achieve. It doesn’t need to be hard; it just needs to be clear, precise, and relevant for you.

•    Set small and achievable goals and praise yourself when you reach them

•    Keep a clear vision in your mind of your goals

•    Surround yourself with people that support and encourage you

•    Plan ahead and set alarms and email alerts as little reminders of those plans

•    Educate yourself and learn more about your body- knowledge is a powerful tool and will help to maintain your interest in staying active

Remember that being fit and healthy is not a destination; it is a journey and a way of life! Your goals become the journey and the reward for reaching them is your little bonus. Stay committed and keep making small steps forward.

2.    Who and what inspire you?

We all need doses of inspiration, it may be something that we read, watch, or listen to. Think about what motivates you; maybe it’s a Rocky movie montage, a celebrity with a great body, or an athlete with a powerful determination for success. Draw upon what you have around you for inspiration and driving your motivation. We have lots of inner resources for staying on track but looking outwardly can add that extra spark to help move us forward. Check for some short 5-minute motivational videos- often the combination of the visual with the audio can offer you a sharp boost!

3.    Pack the right snacks

Exercising on a hungry stomach will not result in a great workout with you at your strongest or best. You will feel lethargic and that is a big demotivator! If you are doing a more structured activity like weights or full-on gym session then your body will only do the work that you have fuelled it for. Pack some healthy pre and post workout snacks, ideally with a little punch of protein too! Even less formal activity like a run or a walk requires you to eat accordingly around 30-60 minutes before hand, a light snack gives you the carbohydrate kick that you’ll need to keep you moving as well. If you are eating a heavier meal before an evening workout time it well to give yourself a couple of hours or so to digest it properly.



BuckWhat understand the need for little snacks of healthy fuel to keep us energized and replenished! Snacking has become part of our culture so small meals are truly great for a healthy lifestyle but those meals need to be selected with nutrition in mind. The foods we eat should give our bodies fuel! BuckWhat makes their snacks satisfying, filling, delicious, and most of all nutritious. The fact that the whole family can enjoy them is great as well. With its energy driving components, it’s ideal for pre or post workout. Moms also love that they can have a snack that they can share with their kids.

Noshes and Nosh Bars are small amounts of nutritious food that can be eaten between meals and without the added sugar typically found in other snacks. BuckWHAT products are all made with the amazing buckwheat seed, and despite its name, buckwheat is actually gluten free! Buckwheat is also high in protein and fiber and loaded with minerals. Top that off with being low on the glycemic scale and it truly is a super food. Besides using buckwheat, each ingredient serves a nutritional benefit.

BuckWhat states “Most snacks out there have some form of added sugar, which might temporarily satisfy a hunger craving, but once digested, cause the blood sugar to drop which leads to feeling hungry yet again. The fact that we do not put any added sugar into our products, combined with all of the healthy benefits of buckwheat and the other ingredients, makes BuckWHAT Noshes and Nosh Bars, the absolute perfect snack”

BuckWHAT also has a granola unlike any other. Just like the snacks, it is made with buckwheat. As with the granola, the Noshes and Nosh Bar is sweetened with dates and raisins and so it also adds fiber to the diet. It’s great with milk, yogurt, or even dry as a snack on its own.

BuckWHAT Granola: A granola that is different from the rest!

•    Not only is there no added sugar, there is no added oil.

•    Buckwheat is the main ingredient and star of the show. 

•    The nutritional and flavor of buckwheat is second to none. This makes BuckWhat granola unique!

•    Ingredients: buckwheat, gluten free rolled oats, almonds, dates, raisins, chia, and cinnamon

•    High in fiber

BuckWHAT Noshes –Cocoa (Also available in Crunchy Peanut) Snacking or ‘noshing’ should be healthy and delicious. Noshes come in two flavors-Cocoa and Crunchy Peanut and The Nosh Bar is Oatmeal Raisin flavored. Watch out for more flavors of each in development to be debuted soon.

•    Noshes are a healthy alternative to the sugary, fatty, and everyday snack.  

•    They can be eaten as a mid-morning food fix, a pre-work out energy boost, or an afternoon treat. Nosh is perfect in every way. 

•    They are nutritious and energy-boosting (and no added sugar)

•    Ingredients: organic dates, organic buckwheat, almonds, organic cocoa, organic chia, organic cinnamon.

•    Contains almonds

BuckWHAT Foods was created with two goals in mind: to introduce the world to the amazing buckwheat seed and to create a product line that is transparent in its components. They take pride in working hard to stay true to both of those. BuckWhat products contain no added sugar, suitable for vegans; they are Non-GMO and also gluten free.


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