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Creating a Healthy Balance

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Life is all about balance. Moderation is not something we should underestimate when looking at our health and long term wellbeing goals. Essentially, the more balance we can maintain, the healthier we should naturally become. 



It is not an easy thing to do though. Modern times make it difficult to maintain balance due to excess workloads, family commitments, or just being overrun by the day! 

There is a saying/quote that states “either you run the day or the day runs you”. And that is true as many of us struggle to find the time for workout routines and leisure pursuits; even the fundamentals of health through good nutrition can make its way lower and lower down the priority list. 

However, the fact remains, either you prioritize your health and wellbeing or you leave yourself vulnerable to a very unhealthy imbalance through stress, poor food choices, and a body that (try as it might) is lacking in energy and vibrancy. 


Creating a healthy balance 

Creating a healthy balance begins with moving your well-being higher up the to-do-list of life. This includes your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Here are some tips to help you create a healthier balance: 


  • Start now! Procrastination is a very human fault and we are all guilty of it at some stage. Don’t knock yourself, just do your best to change it. Whatever changes you feel you need to establish, just start now. Small steps in the right direction make for bigger leaps down the line! For instance, if you want to start exercising but feel self-conscious in a gym environment, start at home perhaps by following a short and simple routine or head outdoors and go for a walk. It’s simple when we don’t over complicate! 

  • Start adding more good stuff to your day. As you increase the good stuff, you naturally decrease the bad (or not so good) stuff! It’s hard to fit everything in, when you make changes then you need to prepare yourself for some small sacrifices along the way. But if it leads to better health and wellbeing… why wouldn’t you begin removing from your life what no longer works or benefits you? 

  • Get some support where needed. Going it alone can be daunting, especially if you’re not very health conscious or aware. Ask friends, family, colleagues, and speak with health professionals that you trust. We all can live with each other! We just need to find the right circle of people to have around us to help us reach higher sometimes! Look for support groups that are aligned with who you are and what you want to achieve health-wise. 


At the end of the day, no one knows how much time they have to live life and make the most out of it. One thing is for certain though, when you focus upon your health and wellbeing, you consequently give yourself the best chance of enjoying the time that you do have. So what is stopping you? CogniTune do their utmost to help you get started toward health and assist you to maintain high standards once you are on your way! 

CogniTune began in 2016 with the primary objective of helping people achieve overall health with a focus on peak mental and physical performance. They are intricately aware of the relationship between nutrition and mental health and performance. Through their passion for health, they serve to help you improve your health and wellbeing through natural alternatives to conventional pharmaceutical products. 

CogniTune only uses high-quality natural ingredients and they emphasized developing products that can serve as natural alternative remedies for issues that may be due to nutritional deficiencies or can be addressed by adding or introducing certain nutrients to our diets.  

Here is a look at two of their health supplements: Vitamin K2 + D3 and Elderberry Immune Support



Vitamin K2 and D3 is a Premium Immune, Heart & Bone Health supplement 

Vitamin K2 and D3 provide natural 2-in-1 support. If you’re fighting a Vitamin D deficiency, you mustn’t forget about K2! Vitamin K2 and D3 is the perfect mix to maximize bone strength, improve heart health and blood circulation, as well as an immune system function. 

While Vitamin D3 controls the absorption of calcium into the blood, Vitamin K2 controls how the calcium is utilized. This is why these two vitamins work so well together in one supplement. Here are some more benefits! 

  • SUPPORTS BONE STRENGTH – Vitamin D3, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ is the same biological form of Vitamin D provided by the sun’s rays. One easy to swallow soft gel delivers all of the health benefits of a day at the beach without the harsh burn! D3 helps the body absorb calcium while K2 (as MK7) directs the calcium into your bones instead of your joints and arteries. 

  • IMPROVES HEART HEALTH – Too much calcium can be problematic. The ‘hardening of the arteries’ is caused by a process named “calcification”. This dangerous condition occurs when calcium gets deposited into the arteries instead of your bones where it is needed most. CogniTune’s Vitamin K2 and D3 complex prevents calcification and improves heart health by taking control of your body’s calcium distribution. 

  • HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEE – This K2 and D3 supplement is carefully formulated in an FDA Registered facility following strict (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Each bottle is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly, Third Party Tested, Lab Verified, and made in the USA. You get exactly what it says on the bottle and nothing less! 

You can buy with confidence too! CogniTune offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 

“Unlike other heart and bone health formulas, trying our soft gels has zero risks to you! If you’re not completely satisfied with our K2 and D3 complex, we offer a hassle-free 60-day money-back guarantee. Improve your heart health, support bone strength and boost immunity with our K2 and D3 blend” – CogniTune


Elderberry Immune Support is a Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Antioxidants and Probiotics 

CogniTune’s Advanced Elderberry Blend is packed with powerful antioxidants, probiotics, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals for superior daily immune system support. 

Here are some further benefits: 

  • EXTRA-STRENGTH FORMULA –Sambucus elderberry herbal immunity blend plus Zinc & Vitamin C provides you with 1000mg of illness fighting herbs and probiotics. It also offers 100% of the Recommended Daily Value of Vitamin C and 200% of the Recommended Daily Value of Zinc. 

  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Elderberry Immune Support is a powerful herbal blend that is thoughtfully formulated for long-lasting support. It contains nine all-natural immune-boosting ingredients: Sambucus Elderberry, Zinc, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Echinacea, Astragalus, Goldenseal, FOS, and Colostrum. 

  • ADDED PROBIOTICS – CogniTune’s powerful formula provides you with premium immune system support but it is also packed with 1 Billion CFUs of Probiotics for enhanced Immunity, Wellness, and Digestive support.



This supplement is made in the USA, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Allergen-Free. If you’re not completely satisfied, CogniTune offers a hassle-free 60-day Money Back Guarantee. 

CogniTune’s purpose is to provide unique, value-added supplement products that can be safely used and provide meaningful and significant health benefits to their customers. CogniTune knows that a better you begins with smarter health choices!

The food and nutrition you provide your body with effects the way you feel every day of your life. CogniTune understands this and its mission is to be your go-to source for nootropics, mental health, and nutrition information. 

“Every dietary supplement that we manufacture is carefully formulated in an FDA Registered facility following strict (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Each bottle is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy Free, Third Party Tested, Lab Verified, and made in the USA. You’ll receive exactly what it says on the bottle and nothing less!” CogniTune

* In partnership with our friends at CongiTune 
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