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Wellness and health is something that we consciously build, protect, and improve upon day by day. At the very heart of humankind lies our innate survival instinct, the aim being for us to maintain longevity and absorb every drop of life we are given, and to not only make the most of what we have- but continually build upon it, layer by layer. 



Looking after our health in modern times is a tricky road to navigate as our lives have become so busy and demanding- and somewhere along the way, we end up losing ourselves or lack focus on our health and longevity. Healthy changes can be difficult to implement, and yet if we set the wheels in motion and stay the course- we do reap the reward! 
Our immune system is something that often suffers when we don’t exercise, sleep or eat well, or support it by nourishing this fundamental process that keeps us alive. Without a solid immune function, we are more prone to illnesses, bugs, viruses, chronic conditions and diseases. Our immune system is our mighty defender of life. 


The good news! 

The good news is that we have so many natural foods, herbal tinctures, and extracts that are available to us- we only need to make the choice to utilize them so that we continue to build upon our health. Many of these foods and tinctures have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes… and they may not be the first remedy that springs to mind when you think of health but keeping an open mind is crucial to your wellbeing because there is so much we can gain from alternative medicines and remedies.
Of course, we cannot eradicate sickness…our immune system is effectively strengthened through a process of recovery and regeneration. That being said, building a strong immune system certainly assists to protect you in the first place and helps you to overcome and recover from illness more swiftly. 




Here are some natural remedies, herbs and immune building foods for you to consider! 

  • Echinacea – Echinacea helps to fight colds and flu and is a powerful extract that can help to shorten the life of a common cold or flu-type symptoms. Particularly through Winter- it can provide much-needed support for your immune system! 

  • Oregano oil- oregano oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of oregano. It can be taken as a tincture or extract. Oregano oil can be highly effective in protecting you from viruses like salmonella and E-Coli as well as provide a great boost to your general immune function.

  • Astragalus- in Chinese medicine, this herb is considered extremely potent for health, anti-aging and longevity. It is thought to heal and enhance DNA repair as well as be a great immune boosting tonic. 

The success of many of these ancient herbal tonics and remedies are down to the specific medicinal compounds within the plants. Mushroom-based extracts are also highly potent; they are thought to be one of the most powerful natural medicines that we have on our planet! 
Profungi company passionately believes that the mushroom-based extracts they make are vital to supporting a healthy immune response and for balancing critical bodily systems in our continually evolving world. 
Working with medicinal mushrooms, herbs, and bee propolis, Profungi are constantly in awe of their complexity and potency. 




Making the most of Medicinal Mushrooms! 

Mushrooms (Fungi) have been evolving on earth for over a billion years. The estimated 2 - 3 million species of fungi that exist come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Many of them are edible and delicious and even more of them have potent medicinal properties. 
While Profungi may not understand every aspect of fungi yet, they do know that the identified medicinal mushrooms are safe and contain many beneficial compounds. The depths of human complexity by sequencing our DNA, researching our microbiome, and tracking our immune system are something to appreciate; these fields of research continue, and Profungi’s intensive study of fungi progresses means they feel confident in finding even more benefits of medicinal mushrooms.
The compounds fungi produce such as beta-glucans, ergosterols, glycoproteins, and triterpenoids are vast and complex. As health conscious beings, we can take advantage of this complexity to support our immune systems, help to balance the function of our essential systems like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and the healthy adaptation to stress in our bodies. 


“Profungi started as a platform to raise awareness of medicinal mushrooms after continually finding that people I expected to know about them had hardly any awareness of their amazing properties.” – said Brent Hefley, Founder Profungi LLC


Profungi is “Made with Care”
“Made with Care – Profungi is a family owned company located in Eugene Oregon. Because we are small, we can seek out the best small farms and organic growers. We don’t have the pressure to source cheaper ingredients from overseas to make a profit. Every component we use is the best and most local we can find. Our mushrooms, herbs, and bee propolis are either organically grown in the Pacific Northwest or wild harvested in North America. We have all of them tested in independent labs for identity, purity, and composition. The pharmaceutical grade alcohol, bottles, and labels we use all come from US companies. Supporting small organic farms and regional businesses are important to us because it gives us the highest quality ingredients to work with and reduces the impact of global transportation on our environment”- said Brent Hefley, Founder Profungi LLC




Build wellness and immunity with Core Immunity Blend and Chaga by Profungi! 

Core Immunity Blend – Mushrooms, Herbs, and Bees…Oh my! Core Immunity is designed to support your immune system on multiple levels. 



Chaga – What can a billion years of evolution do for your immune system? Renowned for its immune modulating properties Chaga is rich in complex beta-glucans and betulinic acid. You can add the extracts to any drink (tea, orange juice, etc.) or even a smoothie!



“The move from making home extracts for my family and friends to small-scale professional production took nearly two years. We built our sustainable production facility, which has been inspected and approved by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and set up our methods and procedures to meet the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements. This process has allowed us to embody our core value -- Made in Oregon with Care – at a truly professional level” –said Brent Hefley, Founder Profungi LLC

Remember, building wellness is about staying healthy and having the energy to do the things we love that are essential to our quality of life…! 


* Ipartnership with our friend at Profungi 

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