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Brain Boost for Wellness: Staying Sharp In Times of Great Stress

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Brain health should be a crucial part of any health regimen, particularly as you age and deal with the added stress of our uncertain times. The cell function of the brain is intricate and complex, and without adequate nutrients and support, it can deteriorate quickly (with age) leaving you at risk of mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Indeed your brain and memory may begin to decline many years before you ever show any symptoms or have memory loss.



Sadly, Alzheimer’s and Dementia are far more common than we may think.  Women lead the way with 66% of the cases. Moreover, a woman is at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s than breast cancer. We’re not exactly sure why. Could be hormones, genes, or the fact that women live longer than men.  That’s why prevention is the key.

In terms of brain health, Alzheimer’s is a crippling and degenerative condition; it affects over 5 million Americans with someone being diagnosed with the condition around every 33 seconds. To put this astounding figure into an even bigger perspective, it is estimated that around 14 million people will have Alzheimer’s by 2050 worldwide. It is a scary and stark figure to digest. And there is no known cure for such brain degenerative diseases.


Brain Power

Boosting your brainpower now can offer a lifeline to anyone at risk of these types of conditions, especially women who are doing double and triple duty at the moment, with taking care of their family, perhaps having children at home and also, unfortunately, having to care for sick parents and perhaps even grandparents.  

Brainpower means boosting your cognitive ability, memory, focus, and cell function and this can be achieved by a broad and extensive approach to your health and wellbeing.

There is no one specific thing that makes the difference, no magic pill that protects you, however, through a synergy of good nutrition, supplementation, exercise, yoga, good sleep (rest), and rejuvenation you can increase or preserve your brainpower and cognitive ability.


Here are a few tips for you!

  • It is never too early to focus on brain health. Brain function can go into decline from as young as age 45. Aging causes changes to the brain size, cognitive function, and vasculature. Brain health can go into decline from as much as 5% with each decade after the age of 40. Looking after your brain health from a young age can help to delay the decline. Regular exercise and good nutrition are two of the protective factors against brain aging. 

  • Alcohol and smoking are two of the risk factors associated with brain degeneration. If the brain is starved of vital nutrients, the cells of the brain die off. Excessive alcohol and smoking both severely impact nutrients to the brain and body. Moderate alcohol intake and avoid smoking! 

  • Memory muscle! Think of your brain or brain cells as muscle. They need to be worked on! Memory games, crosswords, and puzzles help to strengthen and support a healthy brain function. Different brain exercises such as these stimulate various parts of the brain and cognitive function. 


Boosting your brainpower offers the best protection against diseases such as Alzheimer’s. As mentioned previously, supplements can help get the right doses of nutrients to your brain and body.

On this, Dr. Dharma is an expert on brain health and longevity. Dr. Dharma offers health and wellbeing products that can help improve your brain health as well as increase longevity and enhance your general wellness.

He is among the world’s leading authorities on integrative medicine and has written extensively. One of his most popular books, Brain Longevity, has been translated into 12 languages. His other bestsellers include The Pain CureMeditation As MedicineFood As MedicineThe New Golden Rules, and The End of Karma.

Dr. Dharma focuses on wellbeing supplements that can help you stay sharp and support and protect your brain health and memory  Cognitive function can decline rapidly at the onset of Alzheimer’s; however, The Brain Caps by Dr. Dharma can help you enhance,  and to preserve cognitive ability. Essentially, The Brain Caps (this supplement) fuel and feeds brain function. It boosts attention, concentration, and focus, so crucial in today’s hectic world. The Brains can also give you that extra needed energy to exercise.

The ingredients in Brain Caps support your short- term memory and focus without caffeine or a prescription drug (short term memory can suffer significantly with Alzheimer’s and aging). This all-time bestseller is clinically proven to help maximize your brainpower. Here is some info on Brain Caps:


The Brain Caps supplement can help increase your physical and mental stamina, attention, concentration, and focus. 

  • It does this in numerous ways, such as:

  • Increase blood flow to your brain

  • Give you more energy to exercise

  • Help you retain more information

  • Reduce stress affecting your brain

  • Reduce the afternoon brain fatigue

  • Enhance your mental energy and focus

  • Improve recall of names, numbers, and faces

  • Increase your physical stamina so you can face the increased pressure of the times

The Brain Caps work because they contain three critically important and natural nutrients:


  • Phosphatidyl-Serine (PS): A vital lipid/natural good fat that makes up your brain cell membrane. With age, this membrane naturally becomes thinner, and that's when your attention falters. Replace the PS found in the brain cell membrane with the perfect dose contained in the Brain Caps and your brain can become around 12 years younger.

  • D H A: D H A is important as well as good fat that your brain needs. When you don't get enough, your brain and cell function begin to be starved of vital nutrients. Recent research reveals that people with the highest levels of D H A in their brain have the best functioning mind and memory. That's why Dr. Dharma included it in the Brain Caps. Only D H A from algae is used in this supplement to keep this product vegetarian.

  • Ginkgo: Dr. Dharma has extensive clinical experience with Ginkgo, having studied it and used it personally; he has prescribed it for thousands of patients for close to 20 years and loves its effects. Ginkgo dramatically increases blood flow and energy to brain areas important for your memory.  


“I know it works and works well. The secret is to take the right dose. But I've taken the guess work out for you and made it easy by including the perfect dose of Ginkgo in the Brain Caps”- Dr. Dharma


Immune Power Caps for Enhanced Immune Support

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to surge and with the vaccine for the general public still at least three to four months away, it is critically important that we do everything we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

According to leading health experts that include public health measures such as wearing a mask and maintaining distance, as well as avoiding large indoor gatherings.

Beyond that, it has been recently revealed by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. ie Dr. Dharma, that utilizing a synergistic combination of natural nutrients may help boost our immune system and thus help protect us from getting Covid-19, as well as the seasonal flu. The goal of this supplement is to help prevent different kinds of viruses from attacking you, especially if you have a lowered or impaired immune function. You need protection from the winter flu, viruses, and bacteria (and yes, Covid too!).

As is now well known, Covid-19 is a severe life-threatening virus at the heart of the current pandemic. It can be especially dangerous for older adults and those with existing medical conditions, however, it can affect healthy people too who may experience the disease with milder symptoms.

Many experts say we may need to wear a mask and apply social distance measures until 2022. However, even when there will be a vaccine, no one is sure how safe or effective it will be; at least not for a while. With all of this in mind, it makes sense to focus on your immune function to offer yourself some good protection. Here is some info on Dr. Dharma’s Immune Power Caps!

The Immune Power Caps contain the most potent immune-stimulating ingredients in the perfect combination to maximize their effect. So in this case 1+1 equals three, not just two!

“This formula offers the strongest, scientifically-proven, and anti-viral combination of ingredients. You cannot find these great doses anywhere because no one else has a product with this overall force”- Dr. Dharma



Immune Power Caps contain:

  • Vitamin C: 1,000 mg for immune support and antioxidant activity.

  • Rose Hips Powder: 250 mg, the perfect complement to Vitamin C and with the immune-stimulating power of its own.

  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU. Vitamin D is critically important for the optimal health of your immune system.

  • Zinc Gluconate: 15 mg. This is the only product of its kind to contain Zinc, which Dr. Dharma discovered is also very important for optimal immunity.

  • Elderberry Flavonoids 5 % Extract: 50 mg. All-natural anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties. Without it, you don’t have a strong immune product and with it, you have the perfect synergistic ingredients. Critically, Elderberry actually stops a virus from attaching to your cells.

  • Echinacea Purpurea Root Powder: 50 mg. Derived from the Echinacea plant, this compound has been known for decades to reduce your chances of catching and treating a cold as well as an upper respiratory infection.

  • Echinacea is also a very powerful antioxidant, which will help slow and reverse inflammation, so prevalent in many diseases, especially viral infections like Covid-19. 

  • Echinacea is thus a very strong immune system booster.   



Dr. Dharma


Dr. Dharma is The President/Medical Director of The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, ARPF, in Tucson, Az. He is also The Prevention Editor of The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and a recognized expert in using supplements to help you prevent and heal illness. He continues to share his vast knowledge and expertise by writing articles, book chapters, and producing videos. 

“With the proper lifestyle including diet, physical exercise, yoga, meditation, creating well-being—and clinically-proven supplements—you can dramatically increase your brainpower today and not have to worry about poor memory, diminished mental energy, or reduced zest for life later. I look forward to helping you improve your mental power and preventing memory loss today!”- Dr. Dharma

* In partnership with our friends at Khalsa International Photo courtesy of Khalsa International

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