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We all want to be healthy and beautiful, and as spring and summer come by, we also want to feel lighter and even shed a few pounds if we can. As we keep looking to lose a few pounds, some of us can reach a point where we feel stuck and sluggish wishing for a faster metabolism. Sometimes when we feel our system get stuck is because our gut needs attention.   Did you know that a good healthy gut will only allow the right nutrients to go through its wall into the bloodstream?  And if the gut bacteria are not balanced, digestion slows down, and feeling bloated and less energetic is more common.

The whole length of our digestive tract is coated with a layer of bacteria that provides a natural barrier against “bad” or pathogenic bacteria.  But just as anything, this layer of bacteria sometimes erodes or gets out of balance. The good bacteria keep the gut wall in shape. If the population of beneficial bacteria is damaged, the “bad” bacteria most likely group to cause our digestion and metabolism to slow down.

Apart from keeping the gut wall in good shape, the healthy gut flora populating the wall has been designed to take an active part in the very process of digestion and absorption. So much so, that the normal digestion and absorption of food is probably impossible without a well-balanced gut flora. Healthy gut flora has an ability to digest proteins, ferment carbohydrates and break down lipids and fiber. The by-products of bacterial activity in the gut are very important in transporting minerals, vitamins, water, gasses and many other nutrients through the gut wall into the bloodstream.  If the gut flora is damaged even if great food is consumed it may not have the chance of being broken down and absorbed.

A lot of what we eat in our modern diets can help bad bacteria grow out of balance.  “Bad” bacteria thrive on: 1) refined sugar, 2) processed foods, 3) refined processed flours, 4) artificial sweeteners, 5) pop or soda, and 6) antibiotics & other medications.  When the gut bacteria get out of balance, the gut wall becomes unprotected and eventually malnourished.  This causes changes to the digestive wall structure which slowly slows down its ability to digest and absorb all nutrients.  This is where we start feeling that digestion slows down, and can start feeling more gas, bloating and sometimes constipation or even diarrhea.  This is one of the ways our metabolism slows down!

As we all know, a healthy diet is very important to maintain the digestive system in check, and when needing a kick start, it is advisable to start taking a high-quality probiotic supplement to help get the good flora in check and get the metabolism going.  It is also important to know that probiotics are very delicate organisms, and many, including those in yogurt, need refrigeration to last.  A lot of probiotics start losing their potency right after manufacturing due to heat exposure, transportation handling and most importantly, as you ingest them. Many don’t survive stomach acid, and only a small percentage reach your small intestine. Probiotic bacteria are worthless if it’s not alive.

ActivechangeTM Probiotics is an ALL-IN-ONE natural occurring resilient probiotic strain called Bacillus Coagulans in a concentrated dose of potency.  Each single tablet packs 15 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of Bacillus Coagulans strain to help get your gut and metabolism in balance. Unlike other probiotics, ActivechangeTM is capable of resisting heat up to 212 Degrees Fahrenheit as well as stomach acid reaching all the way into the gut, where it thrives making the most difference.

Unlike other probiotics, ActivechangeTM Probiotics forms a protective shell when exposed to harsh environments.  Once it gets to the right warm place and temperature, like the gut, it opens and starts to reproduce and thrive. Bacillus Coagulans produces beneficial lactic acid and is a prolific colonizer, which means it can multiply fast.  That’s why Activechange™ Probiotics is faster acting and has a big impact colonizing the gut.


In addition, this breakthrough probiotic strain can help address several symptoms as well.  Besides gas, bloating and constipation it can also help alleviate IBS-C, IBS-D, colitis and Crohn’s symptoms.  Bacillus Coagulans is also highly recommended for women as it aids in lactic acid production helping reduce candida yeast and rebuilding vaginal and gut flora after taking antibiotics.  Other probiotics may have several strains, but many multi-strain products don’t have enough concentration of each strain to adequately address each symptom. An ALL-IN-ONE, naturally potent strain like ActivechangeTM is the answer!

Probiotics need fiber to multiply and reproduce effectively to win the battle against bad bacteria and to get faster results.  Because our modern diets do not always incorporate the needed fiber for probiotics to feed, grow and colonize, pre-biotic fiber is also part of the ActivechangeTM Probiotics formulation.

At ActivechangeTM we are science and results based.  That is why we make our product here in the US under strict GMP guidelines in a facility that is FDA approved.  You can’t go wrong with us, and that is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guaranty.   In addition, Activechange™ Probiotics do not contain sugar, gluten, lactose, nuts, and soy, GMOs or added Animal Ingredients.  It is convenient for travel because it does not require refrigeration. 

ActivechangeTM is a social enterprise seeking to improve the health of its consumers through nutritional products while providing worldwide hunger relief. At ActivechangeTM, we want your purchase to help give hope to someone else.  Through our strategic alliance with Stop Hunger Now, every time you purchase ActivechangeTM, you are helping feed 4 in need. Meals are provided directly to hungry children and families in Haiti, Belize, Nicaragua, and El Salvador among other countries.

It’s our goal and it matters to us that you experience better overall digestive health and that your whole body thrives and looks great as a result! That’s why we have invested behind a breakthrough probiotic formulation.  We can’t wait for you to try Activechange™ Probiotics and experience its benefits.  From those who just want some help in getting rid of bloating, want better skin or immunity to even those with more persistent digestive issues, Activechange™ can help!  Take a look at our products and note that we are featuring at introductory pricing together with free shipping.  It has never been so easy to try!  We look forward to hearing your success story!

Activechange™ Probiotics is the first product in an upcoming series of a nutrition-focused product line, available now via the e-commerce website www.activechangenutrition.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay.com. For more information on Activechange™ and its products, please visit their website. The Activechange™ brand is the brainchild of its president and founder, Sarah T. Irizarry, who currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

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