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Quality is of peak importance over quantity for so many reasons. When you think in terms of quality your perspective does a 360-degree turn at what you are looking at, and this could be in relation to any product (or person too ☺). Quality essentially comes down to value and you should always value yourself so that you can provide yourself with the best to move forward in all matters of health, and toward your happy place! Very often we get caught up in time, speed, cost, quick fixes, and short-term gain… why? When we do these things we essentially lose a little value in some way, shape or form because our focus has drifted- take some time to find worthy products, good food, create happy relationships, and enjoy the value of living. Thinking in terms of merit and longevity you are able to make better and more informed choices on everything you bring into your life!

Here we look at a few ways to add some value for a quality approach to your health!

1.    Slow things down (a little) when you can!

This applies to many things, for instance, when you slow down your eating and actually chew your food then your brain and body has the chance to actually absorb not only the nutrients of your food but to knock off the hunger signals too. Also, digestion actually starts in your mouth so the better you chew your food- the easier it becomes for your stomach to digest it well…which means less bloating or a build-up of gas! What else can you slow down a little to get more value and quality out of it? Here are some ideas!

•    Walk a little slower and take in what surrounds you!

•    Breathing- we often don’t pay enough attention to how we breathe! Take a few deep breaths and let the oxygen get into your lungs.

•    Time with friends and loved ones. Being in a rush to always be somewhere can leave you stressed and maybe a little overwhelmed on ‘auto-pilot’. Clear a little space in your day to speak or spend time with the people you care about!

2.    Feel more, think less!

We are emotional and feeling creatures but frequently our mind takes over and our feelings get pushed to the side. Value your emotions as you value your thoughts; aim to create some equilibrium by slowing down to touch base with yourself and re-connect with both your emotional and mental well-being. Try meditation or a yoga class or just spend some time with ‘you’ to evaluate, redress, and reset where needed!

3.    Do something to bring back your ‘inner child’

Your inner child is hungry with curiosity and wants to experience fun and excitement! Encourage some quality moments in your life by just having some fun and doing something that you enjoy and is of value to your soul and inner well being! It’s that simple… make time to create some great memories!

These little pointers above are all things to ponder on- we hope they have inspired you to get you thinking about quality and the value of everything a little more! What else can you think of?

Here we look at Olivia Naturals founded by Olivia Joseph. Olivia has a passion for sharing and helping people discover healthy living and cooking. She loves to teach her patients how diet and lifestyle can profoundly impact “your” health. Dr. Olivia is responsible for changing lunch menus at 3 private schools into much healthier and nutritious meals. Outside of her practice, Dr. Olivia is an expert instructor for one of the largest vitamin and nutria-genomics companies in the world. She is also an active member of the St. Louis Institute of Integrative medicine.

Dr. Olivia Joseph

Why Choose Dr. Olivia Naturals?

As a clinical nutritionist, Dr. Olivia understands how the body works and what the body needs. For many years, she has seen nutritional fads come and go. Every time an ingredient gets popular, many companies are happy to satisfy public demand by cramming their capsules full of it. Dr. Olivia’s approach has never been about following fads or public demand. Her philosophy has always been to formulate supplements for maximum efficacy. This is why you will never see a Dr. Olivia Naturals supplement with one single ingredient on the label. Every one of Olivia’s formulas combines therapeutic levels of nature's most bio-available ingredients to achieve a synergistic effect greater than the sum of the ingredients listed on our supplement facts label. This is how the body works; this is how we work!

Here is some information on Olivia Naturals Formulas:

•    Turmeric Inflammation Complex: Inflammation can show itself in many different ways, but the bottom line is everyone deals with it. Many consider inflammation to be an epidemic and the root cause behind a myriad of health issues. Turmeric is today’s most popular anti-inflammatory ingredient, but this is just one of a full spectrum of nature’s top anti-inflammatories in Dr. Olivia’s formula. We start with organic turmeric 95% curcuminoids, continue with high potency ginger and Boswellia extracts and boost everything with the clinically proven bioavailability enhancer BioPerine®.

•    Magnesium Complex: Even traditional doctors are beginning to recognize the critical role magnesium plays to support the body’s ability to deal with stress in the muscles, nerves, and bones. Unfortunately, most forms of magnesium supplementation serve little purpose beyond keeping the body’s bowel system regular. Dr. Olivia begins her formulation with magnesium glycinate, the purest form of magnesium, which improves bowel tolerance and absorption. Her formula is further enhanced for full spectrum mood and nervous system support with the additions of theanine, passionflower, and valerian root.

•    Black Omega: The critical need our body has for good fatty acids is no longer a secret. Yet again, most companies are happy to satisfy public demand by filling their capsules with the highest quantity of the cheapest source. Dr. Olivia begins with purity certified and stabilized fish oil. This premium source of fatty acids provides the Omega support essential for so many functions of the body, yet deficient in virtually every modern diet. Vitamin D is another supplementation essential. Dr. Olivia uses D3, the most bioavailable form, to provide full spectrum immune support. She continues by adding therapeutic levels of black cumin seed oil, which provides wide-ranging immune support and promotes healthy inflammatory response. Her formula is further enhanced with Resveratrol, one of nature’s strongest and most effective antioxidants. Dr. Olivia’s combines all of these oil-based ingredients together for maximum absorption into an enteric coated capsule to minimize the chance of experiencing nasty fish burps.

So, in summary, think quality, not quantity! "It's not about cramming the most in. It's about cramming the best in and getting the most out. Health is my passion and your health is our mission" said Dr. Olivia Joseph.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabuy, Dr.Olivia Naturals

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