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What's your Dosha ?

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Taking care of your skin reflects how well you take care of your overall well-being. The traditional system for healthy living called Ayurveda, reminds us that we can live more beautifully, naturally, and more contains practical and scientific evidence on self-care.

Natural balance

The Ayurveda principles say that your body type defines the specific balance of the needs of your own body type for optimum health. For example your skin, eyes, feet, hair, body frame help define your Dosha to determine whether you are Pitta, Kapha, or Vata. By understanding Ayurveda you can practice managing stress or eating appropriately, which can help balance your way to long and healthy life as demonstrated by your beautiful skin. Your treatment for skin care is more than just using products, but to have a balance in your own wellness.

What’s your Dosha?

Take the short quiz below and find out !!

My skin is:

1. Dry

2. Slightly Oily

3. Oily

My skin usually feels:

1. Cool

2. Warm

3. Cold

My pores are:

1. Small or nearly invisible

2. Medium

3. Large

My skin's texture is:

1. Thin, delicate, fine wrinkles, matte

2. Medium, easily irritated, soft luster

3. thick, enlarged pores, shiny

My skin problems get worse during:

1. Cold, windy weather

2. Hot weather

3. Cool, humid weather

My skin problems:

1. Easily bruised or scratched, fine lines and dry patches

2. Redness, breakouts, freckles, allergy, rosacea

3. Oiliness, eruptions


If you answered

#1 the majority of the time, you are a Vata Dosha

Mostly #2 answers,  you are a Pitta Dosha

If you've got more #3 answers, you are a Kapha Dosha

Once you know your Dosha type, click any of the links below to take you to your recommended skin care products page. Still not sure? Contact Teva Skin Care and they'll help you out!




About company

To make a very long story short... 

"Teva Skin Care was founded 8 years ago as a result of pure Kismet.  We ‘discovered’ our original ‘topical Botox’ (BioScience Peptide Complex) while on a business trip to New Delhi.  This wrinkle fighting powerhouse cream was legendary among flight crews, but difficult to obtain and not available in the USA or North America.   In doing research we quickly realized that the Argireline and Matriyxl peptides were mainly responsible for wrinkle reduction, but were also mazed at how well the other Ayurvedic botanical actives in the formula performed.  To make a very long story short..." -- said Deborah Oxley founder Teva Skin Care. 

"We determined to bring this product to North America and Europe, and cleared FDA 6 years ago.The intervening years have been an incredible amount of hard work, not the least of what has been a crash course education in organic, Ayurvedic & anti-aging skin care.  Encouraged by our customers, we have over time developed a truly superior line of 100% organic and Ayurvedic skin, hair & personal care products, made here in our all organic production facility in Asheville NC." "We have also reformulated our original peptide complex, and greatly improved it, making it comply with the standards of our other in-house products, ie;;100% organic, Ayurvedic & scientifically proven actives, and the addition of DMAE, hyaluronic acid, COQ10, EGF as well as our newly trademarked DevaBright (an all natural hyperpigmentation fading ingredient). Skin Care is arguably one of the most competitive market niches in commerce today.  Our primary concern was “what could we bring to the table as a company that would both set us apart, and was also of value to the consumer”?  Not to mention how could we compete with multi-million dollar corporations and their unlimited ad budgets?" 

"Ultimately, we decided that we could make our size work to our advantage.  To this day, we hand craft our extremely expensive active ingredients in small batches in every single product formula. We sell directly to our customers and answer the phone ourselves.  We guarantee that our customers will love the products they purchase, and that those products will work as promised or we refund the customer's money.   We work hard to provide person-to-person customer service and guidance as well as ingredient education and to be realistic about what topical skin care can (and cannot) promise.  We feel there is way too much snake oil marketing out there...sometimes literally.. :)"


"Our customers love to refer to this product, as 'Botox-in-a-bottle' but truly, it is SO much more than that!  Combining today's most effective peptides in the correct ratios and concentration, the formula is based in pure aloe vera infused with naturally derived vitamins.  And that's just the beginning!  We have included an array of clinically proven Ayurvedic actives sourced from the best environmentally conscious, fair-trade organic wholesalers the world over.   This product not only relaxes fine lines and wrinkles (and helps prevent new ones from forming), it also helps thicken the collagen net supporting the skin , reduces inflammation and accelerates cell turnover.  We've added a new proprietary ingredient for skin 'brightening' (Deva-Bright) and fighting the muddy discoloration known as hyperpigmentation that is so common over time.  Our formula contains absolutely zero parabens, petroleum, perfumes, dyes or anything else you would not want on your skin!  We are so confident of this product (all our products actually) that we offer an unlimited satisfaction guarantee.   Our motto is "Give us 60 Days for noticeably improved skin" – said Deb Oxley



"In the 3 years since we introduced it, this product has quickly become our best seller, surprising even us!  This has been almost completely through word of mouth with many thousands of loyal customers.  At this point, we sell to customers in almost every country in the world!   Based in organic Shea butter, the formula is 20% Zinc Oxide by weight which is micro-particulated (but not **nano particulated!).  Our ZO has been specially flattened to form microscopic scales to reflect the sun back like a mirror.   This constitutes 100% barrier protection with no chemical action whatsoever. We then add a multitude of steam-extracted botanicals, vitamins, and essential oils to soothe, moisturize and help amp up the UV barrier protection.  We have greatly improved the formula as of this year by adding our proprietary 'Deva-Bright' anti-hyperpigmentation formula for those who are prone to dark spots.   Because the formula is so rich and concentrated, it goes further than your average sunscreen, and what our customers tell us they love the best is how easy it is to apply and the fact that it never leaves any white sheen.   Including all natural citronella, the formula also helps repel flying insect pests.  Why put toxins on your skin or hide in the shade?"


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