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Total Support for You and Candida

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Natural alternatives and plant-sourced herbal remedies provide a base for greater inner balance and to encourage valuable support for optimal health and vitality, we often feel safer and more protected when using products that contain natural herbal extracts and ingredients, and this is also the case for anyone suffering the effects of Candida (which is essentially a yeast infection) that can present itself in both males and females. It is important to strengthen ourselves by utilizing the resources and knowledge available to us to feel happier and healthier! Candida (also known as Candida Albicans) is a fungus that lives inside our gut but when over-produced it can cause an army of uncomfortable symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue, fungal nail infections, and skin issues (plus much more!). 

Here we look at some more information on Candida and how you can support yourself naturally and encourage better well-being!

Firstly, some Candida facts:

  • Candida is a form of yeast and its primary role is to assist in digestion and the absorption of nutrients; a small amount lives in your mouth and in your intestines.

  • Factors that can affect Candida or can cause an over-production of it are: Taking oral contraceptives, eating an unbalanced diet with too many refined carbohydrates and sugar, a stressful lifestyle and too much alcohol; one of the main causes is antibiotics because they essentially kill the ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria in your gut.

  • Candida overgrowth can break through the intestinal wall and enter your blood stream causing toxicity and leaky gut (whereby toxins pass through the gut wall and create further digestion issues and inflammation). 

  • An overproduction of Candida can cause inflammation leading to weight issues, skin problems, and more severely auto-immune disease. It can aggravate and cause stress to your liver as toxins that filter through the bloodstream need to be processed through there. 

  • Stool and urine tests are normally the more accurate ways of establishing if you may have an over-production of Candida. 

  • It is treatable…that’s good news! Treating Candida symptoms involves a healing process for your gut, one of the first things you can do is to reduce refined sugar in your diet as sugar feeds yeast-thereby exacerbating the issue. It is also vital to build up the ‘friendly’ bacteria in your gut and achieve intestinal balance!

What is the best way to support yourself naturally to overcome Candida Albicans?

One of the best ways is to eat a more balanced diet that restricts the amount of refined and high sugar foods that stimulate the growth of yeast, and this relates to some foods that contain natural sugar such as honey and agave. It is not a simple process and can take some months to begin to see and feel improvements; ultimately overcoming Candida overgrowth involves lifestyle changes over time (including eliminating or restricting alcohol intake!). So what are some friendly foods that can help you? 

  • Vegetables and nuts and seeds like chia seeds and almonds

  • Probiotic yogurts that contain lots of ‘friendly bacteria’ and of course unsweetened!

  • Cook with healthy fats, such as Olive Oil, these good fats also assist in building your immune system, which can suffer through this type of infection. Garlic is also a hero to helping build your immune system as well as helping to disrupt the functioning of the yeast.

  • Eggs and lean proteins, such as poultry and fish, that are high in Omega-3 such as salmon and mackerel. 

  • Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids- more good fats! Coconut oil is also a great anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which is another bonus. It is also extremely versatile and can be used topically on your body too! 

Some further help and remedial advice on Candida!

Exercise is always great for you and another healthy step forward, the best exercise to help support you through a Candida infection is often gentle and less intense (so as not to stimulate the stress hormone Cortisol) try brisk walking and yoga as these also help to relieve stress and aid in greater mental clarity, something that can suffer as a result of yeast infection due to the increase of toxins. 

If you are seeking a more natural way to support yourself through Candida, Horopito has been proven to help! What is Horopito?

  • Horopito is a medicinal herb that originates from, and is unique to New Zealand; it is also known as New Zealand’s ‘Pepper Tree’ or ‘Winters Bark’. 

  • The Maori people of New Zealand gave ‘Horopito’ its name, and they used the herb for many complaints such as skin and venereal diseases. 

  • Horopito has a long history and was used as far back as 1848 for its medicinal and healing properties. The Maori people of New Zealand had known of the strength of this ancient plant for centuries – it was one of their traditional herbal remedies.  

For instance, the Maori people would chew the Horopito leaves and spit the juice onto skin complaints or bruised skin; alternatively, they would boil the leaves and drink the resulting tea as a cure for stomachache. Horopito is one of the world’s oldest flowering plants and has proven good defenses against fungi. 

Horopito and Candida - How can it help you?

In 1982 researchers at Canterbury University published compelling results showing the extraordinary antifungal activity of Horopito extracts against Candida Albicans. This activity is due to the main active ingredient of ‘Polygodial’. Plants containing Polygodial have been used traditionally as foods and medicines in NZ, Japan, South America and Africa. Polygodial and Horopito have also undergone scientific tests to ensure that they are safe for human use, both internally and externally, so you are in good hands! 

The anti-fungal properties of Horopito were developed into a soft gel capsule to provide natural support for the maintenance of normal intestinal microflora levels. This is the ‘good’ bacteria that keeps us healthy and balanced from the inside and fights against the much more ‘unfriendly’ bacteria that occur in Candida Albicans. As mentioned earlier, Candida infections are very treatable, and herbal remedies like Horopito are natural route to helping get your intestinal balance back on track!

Candida can also cause depression so do not suffer alone! Sharing your story with others that are experiencing a similar issue can help to calm and lift you through the process of getting back to wellness. The key thing to focus on is getting the right help and to make the necessary changes, always be patient in your pursuit of a happier gut! Lifestyle changes can be tough to implement, but with small steps forward and the use of proven remedies you can achieve greater balance within for a happier you!

Advanced Candida Support

Based in New Zealand, Xtend-Life Natural Products have spent the last 17 years combining the best of science and nature to produce safe and effective natural products; establishing itself as one of the world’s leading boutique manufacturers for supplements and skincare. 

“We wanted to provide a natural solution to help our customers address candida quickly and effectively, without any risk of candida-resistance or toxicity to the body. When our R&D team identified the Horopito ingredient with its extensive amount of proven research, I was adamant we had to have it in our range. I firmly believe that good health starts in the gut and am confident that Xtend-Life Advanced Candida Support will help customers worldwide support against the negative effects of candida.”-Warren Matthews, founder of Xtend-Life.

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Photo courtesy of Pixabuy , Xtend-Life Natural Products

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