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Thicker, Fuller, Longer Hair – Is THIS The Secret Weapon?

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Flawless Botanics is a new, innovative and privately owned beauty brand, created by Penny, a 39 year old married mum of 2. The brand’s mission is to provide effective daily beauty treatments to women of all ages and genetics, and was born out of Penny's own experience with natural beauty products. Unusually though, Penny never intended her products and brand to be all about her. "When people first see our brand, they often ask: '...who created this? It looks so feminine...' and that always makes me smile! But I'd never even thought about putting my name on the label. I just wanted to create something that other women could feel good about. That's where the name 'Flawless' came from. If we close our eyes, we can all see ourselves the way we want others to see us... and Flawless Botanics is a brand that aims to help all women get closer to that healthy, youthful vision of themselves."- said Panny Sahi  founder of Flawless Botanics

Penny's often-hectic family life is a familiar story for many women, and is what lead to her creating her own brand of beauty [products]. "Well, being honest, I've always struggled to balance gym time, family time, a proper nutritional diet and a healthy beauty regime. There's never enough hours in the day, are there? Even before having my little boy and girl I found it difficult to fit everything in. Usually something gets compromised, and I think we all know how difficult it is to eat the mountain of fruit and vegetables that we're told we need for healthy skin, hair and body."

"My father-in-law being a doctor, he'd always tell me that no amount of creams, serums and spa treatments would make up for a poor daily diet. And, begrudgingly, I'll admit he was right! I guess like many women I wanted to find a safe, convenient way of making sure my skin and hair were always getting the right nutrition every day. I felt that if I could at least get that part right, I wouldn't feel so guilty if my busy family life forced me to compromise elsewhere. So I started buying basic single supplements from my local health food store, and I started to notice some visible improvements in my skin and hair's condition... but I soon found it too expensive to buy all these items individually, let alone trying to keep track of what I was taking! I tried the general multivitamins too, but found that even the ones 'specially formulated for women' or sold as 'for healthy skin and hair' were missing some of the natural elements that our hair and skin need. What's worse, many of them are often vague about there benefits, and loaded with things you don't need like binders, bulkers and artificial colors. That's when I decided to speak to the experts."- she said.

Penny's father-in-law put her in touch with the directors of a nutraceutical manufacturer and she soon realized that with some investment and determination, she could create something to help other women take control of their beauty nutrition - without breaking the bank. "Someone needed to step up and create beauty and nutrition products that were convenient, effective and transparent about their ingredients. With a lot of encouragement from my friends and family, and a lot of research with a team of [formulators] whom I trust, the perfect, effective formula for our first product was created. And, within a few months, Hairsentials was born!"

Meet: Hairsentials

Hairsentials is a scientifically formulated dietary supplement supercharged with 22 bioactive ingredients, and is formulated to be the most complete, convenient way to ensure our hair’s vitality and growth. Like our skin, our hair needs just the right amount and variety of regular nutrients and stimulants from within. Taking daily vitamins for hair growth is an effective and convenient way to ensure our hair and scalp are cared for. With this in mind, Flawless Botanics developed Hairsentials to deliver the optimum measure of vitamins, biotin, essential minerals, nutrients, amino acids and botanical extracts directly through the bloodstream to your hair follicles.

"I really believe that we've created a product that can help women who want to grow longer hair, while also helping women who've experienced thinning hair and hair loss. The ingredients in Hairsentials are formulated to support supple, thicker, healthy-looking hair that’s less prone to breakage. That starts with the scalp and hair follicles. From our research we also understand the importance of including ingredients that help reveal your hair's natural, vibrant color, while reducing and potentially reversing the effects of hormonal hair thinning. The concentration of Saw Palmetto extract in Hairsentials helps suppress the body's production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen found in our hair follicles which is strongly linked to female hair loss. It’s believed that the active components of saw palmetto work similarly to the synthetic ingredients found in prescription hair loss medication. We think it's vital to support new hair growth while ensuring that your scalp and hair follicles are nourished from within."

Interested in giving it a try?

The feedback and reviews for Hairsentials have been encouraging too. One recent customer comment on Amazon reads: "So is my hair growing faster? Yes! And thicker too. I’ve been taking Hairsentials every morning, before breakfast, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see what I’d call “baby hairs” appearing at the front of my hairline after the first 3 and a half weeks - Exciting! My hair typically doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point at the back and sides but for the first time in ages I’ve started noticing fewer stray hairs when tying it into a bun. My hair overall feels thicker, it has a bit more body and I’ve not changed or added anything else to my hair care regime… Pleased to say I’m impressed with my results! So I’m going to give this a fair shake for a few months." - Sarah L J Senior, wrote on March 29th, 2015

Unlike large multi-national corporations, Flawless Botanics take pride that they are personal enough to listen to their customers feedback, and welcome every opportunity to deliver satisfaction and excellent service. "We always listen to what our customers want. They're the reason we created Flawless Botanics in the first place. In fact, based on our customers feedback, we've recently moved to a vegetarian-friendly capsule formula, which is odourless and has no vitamin taste. The capsule can even be opened and added to a smoothie or juice drink. The new capsule formula comes bottled with a silver lid, so it's easy to find."

Photo credit : Flawless Botanics; Serge Bertasius Photography www.freedigitalphotos.net

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