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The Wonders of Olive Oil

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Cleansing the face is the first step in any program. You can make a great facial cleanser by squeezing a lemon and adding a few drops of water. Cleanse the face gently using cotton balls. After cleansing, the facial continues with a good scrub, a mask, and then a moisturizer. All of these can be freshly homemade.

Beginning with olive oil, every house should have a supply that is organic, virgin and cold pressed. At home, I have several bottles of olive oil in my pantry at any time, all of them organic. I keep the one for skin care separate from the ones I use for eating, just to ensure no possible contamination.

Olive oil has been used for beauty since the time of the Egyptians on skin and hair. Many cultures throughout the world revere this liquid gold. Rich in beneficial oleic acid, this powerful antioxidant fights those nasty, wrinkle causing free radicals. Applied directly on the skin, it is moisturizing and hydrating. On the hair, it conditions and provides that beautiful shine. I often pour olive oil straight from the bottle on my head, massage it in, cover with a plastic cap, and sit reading the latest issue of Wellness for about a half hour. I know people who leave the cap on and sleep through the night. Follow this with a good shampoo and conditioner, and your hair will look thicker and full of body.

For a great olive oil facial mask, add about a half-cup of olive oil to one egg yolk and one-tablespoon honey. Stir until well mixed. Leave on the face for about 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

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