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The secret of Herbal Medicine

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“Without passion, work is just work”. This quote couldn’t be more true, says Cathy Margolin, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist who started her latest venture, Pacific Herbs, two years ago out of her passion to bring the healing power of Traditional Chinese botanical medicine to a Western audience.

“I began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) and Acupuncture after experiencing the health prevention strategies inherent in this holistic approach to medicine, and lacking in Western bio-medicine” Cathy continues. “I always inherently knew plants had healing properties. I wanted to study and know more. My passion grew and I completed my Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and I am a primary care physician in California.

All this led to the creation of Pacific Herbs, a novel approach to TCM available now for the first time in the U.S. Pacific Herbs brings Traditional Chinese herbs to an American audience in individual stay fresh packets. As found in their Energy Booster Herb Pack, the innovation lies within the packaging of the herbs. There are no pills, tablets or capsules.  Each packet contains a powdered herbal extract, which can be mixed in water or taken straight into your mouth. The air tight, moisture tight packets protect the potency of the herbs and give a therapeutic dose of 6000 mg. With capsules or tablets it usually takes a handful, 15 or more capsules to reach this dosage.

There has been a surge of new technology in the world of herbal processing in Asia because herbal medicine is not just the oldest medicine on earth; it is the National Medicine of China. In fact, herbal medicine is covered by national health insurance in many Asian countries. The botanical pharmaceutical plants have sophisticated processing equipment and herb granules in packets have transformed herbal medicine into easy-to-use, effective, everyday medicine for everything from energy boosters, to sleep aids and menstrual cramp relief. Herbal packet technology has truly revolutionized the herb world. 

“In Asia, packets of herbs are available in every corner pharmacy. Even the 7-11 type convenience stores sell herb packets of various herbal combinations, but many taste terrible,” says Cathy about her trip to China. Americans are accustom to pleasing-tasting drinks and I’ve gone to great expense to make sure the Pacific Herbs products taste great without adding anything artificial.”  In fact, Pacific Herbs sweetens their Energy Booster (and other products) with goji berries.  Not only is it a fantastic source of healthy polysaccharides, carotenoids and other antioxidants, its natural sugars enhance the taste. 

Are you ready for a natural energy drink? Caffeine is cheap and became the drug of choice but there are healthy alternatives. Our bodies are complex and can respond to many sources of energy, but our energy needs are much more complex than what is available at our local convenience market.

Without using any fillers, caffeine or sugar, Energy Booster Herb Pack comes in an easy-to-use powder packet and relies on time-tested herbs prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. The one most people recognize is Ginseng, granted it has been in the history books for thousands of years.  Energy Booster contains over 1000 mg of ginseng. Each packet delivers a calm, focused energy and unlike caffeinated energy drinks on the market that will cause your adrenals to crash, Pacific Herbs Energy Booster Herb Pack actually supports and builds your adrenal system. Yes, you can replenish and revitalize your body while increasing your energy! 

How does it do this you ask? Cathy explains it is the synergy of the 12 effective herbs in Energy Booster that really make a huge impact. The best-known Chinese herb, ginseng, is the one most people recognize. Ginseng has profound abilities and qualifies as an adaptogenic herb, only a handful of herbs in the world are qualified adaptogens. This means they can aid the body in ‘adapting’ to life’s stressors to maintain optimal homeostatis. The ginsenocides in ginseng have been found to help balance endocrine hormones, boost the immune system, increase physical and mental capacity, reduce fatigue, improve resistance to diseases, and extend lifespan. Did you know the Mayo Clinic just released a study on the astounding effects ginseng has for recovering cancer patients who experience fatigue?  For more information about the study click here.

Another very exciting aspect of Pacific Herbs is the long-standing reputation of the ingredients. They've been used for thousands of years versus modern pharmaceuticals or isolated vitamin isolates manufactured today with undesirable side-effects. The Pacific Herbs products are all based on TCM formulas first written over 500 years ago and used ever since.     

The products line now includes six different formulations for:  sleep, PMS relief, menopause, energy and a libido product for men and for women.

Interested in trying Pacific Herbs Energy Booster? Swing over to their webstore to order and check out their whole line of incredibly fast acting, potent herbal products.

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