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Sunscreen & sunglasses are not enough

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Anti-Aging Product Tackles Real Dangers of Sun Damage

Anti-Aging Product Ultra Spa Skincare focuses attention and repair efforts on the real dangers to skin of over exposure to sun and the issues created from years of UVB/UVA damage that often show signs as skin ages. Studies have shown the active ingredients tocopheryl acetate reduce sun-induced redness, swelling and sunburn cell formation in human skin as well as oxidative degradation of lipids resulting in cell damage.

While over the counter anti-aging products are growing in popularity, many individuals fail to allow proper time to see results and often turn to procedures, dermatologic peels and spa treatments flooding the market as expensive and painful attempts to counteract the damage. Yet, simpler and far more cost-effective options are available that can have similar effects with anti-aging products that utilize effective ingredients. Enhanced moisturizers focused on anti-aging and specifically sun damage can be effective in reversing signs of exposure and returning skin to a healthy, balanced and protective state. 

Health experts around the world have released reports and studies documenting the inherent dangers of sun exposure to skin, creating consumer demand for anti-aging products that focus on repair and future protection from harmful rays.  

However, acceptance and action based on the knowledge of sun exposure risk has only recently been adopted by the general public after decades of suntan lotions and products designed to enhance the sun’s effect on skin.

Generations of sunbathers have flocked to beaches around the world seeking the perfect “tanning spot.” Suntan contests sponsored by manufacturers of suntan lotions designed to amplify the rays have influenced millions who now find they are facing the consequences of those exposed hours. The results of this sun time range from the proliferation of skin melanoma and skin cancer to age spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

While vast arrays of sunscreens and SPF products have been created to block UVB/UVA rays, few have focused on repairing the damage caused from years of sun exposure. The addition of tocopheryl acetate to moisturizers such as Ultra Spa Pro Anti-Aging Moisturizer can begin the process of reversing sun-induced signs of aging and damage.
Duke University Medical Center researchers determined that using a cream or serum with both vitamins C and E under sunscreen actually provides four times the protection of sunscreen alone.

The product is specially designed to combat the signs of aging and the effects of over exposure to the sun. The patented pentapeptide formula including Matrixyl®, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C significantly improves the appearance of facial wrinkles, fine lines and minor skin imperfections and is safer and far less costly than surgical procedures or injections while achieving similar results.

Sunglasses are not enough 

Summer is all about healthy looking skin and sparkling eyes of gorgeous fresh summer colors.  As the old saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Remember about your eyes, as during the hot sunny days they need extra attention.

Below we have a few secrets for even more beautiful eyes.

Secret #1

Pick the right eye cream formulated for dark circles under eyes, puffiness, wrinkles and bags.

Are you experiencing any of these telltale under eye conditions and not looking as young as you feel?
•    Fine lines and wrinkles
•    Crow’s Feet and Puffiness under Your Eyes
•    Bland, dull, or Rough Skin Under the Eyes
•    Sun damage
•    Dry Dehydrated Skin
•    Uneven Skin Tone & Texture
You can try Pro Anti Aging Eye Complex, which gives you a more youthful, sexy, radiant and vibrant appearance.


Here’s what Ultra Spa Professional Anti Aging Eye Complex can do for you:
–    Reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
–    Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
–    Renew and revive damaged skin for a smoother more youth and full complexion
–    Dramatically improves skin firmness

Secret #2

Make dark circles invisible
The key to covering them up is a good moisturizing and yes, you need a separate eye cream. Eye cream are made just for the thin, sensitive skin around your eyes. You can keep your eye cream in the refrigerator. The cool temperature can help reduce puffiness. Next, apply primer before putting on your concealer.

Secret #3

Eye Allergy Cover Up Tips 

Apply a hypoallergenic concealer to help hide dark circles. Don't try to cover up with heavy makeup -- it will only call attention to red, watery eyes. 

Secret #4

Play Up Your Eyes 
Make the most of your natural eye color. For green or hazel eyes, try shadows and liners in the purple family. Neutral shadows make green eyes pop. Deep navy and other blues make blue eyes brighter. Sheer, delicate sparkle is ageless. It brightens your eyes and adds texture to your makeup. Just remember to moisturize your lids before applying.

Secret #5

As we age, our lashes grow straighter. 
Clearly, we are all aging daily but that doesn’t mean we have to look and feel it! Use an eyelash curler to help open up your eyes and prepare your lashes for mascara. Use organic make up as often as possible.

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