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Be well without gluten.  Celiac disease is a digestive disorder, so it is essential to eat foods that are wholesome and simple. You should enjoy an abundance of fruits, vegetables, whole gluten free grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, meats, fish, healthy oils and fats. Eating foods rich in probiotics, like kefir, yogurt and fermented foods can help you rebuild a strong digestive system.

According to jovialfoods.com 97% of Americans estimated to have Celiac Disease are not diagnosed. 5-10% of all people may suffer from a gluten sensitivity of some form.

Many foods contain gluten. Some are obvious to all and some are not. Get familiar with what you need to avoid, and also stay informed about possible sources of cross-contamination. If you looking for gluten free products or you have food intolerance, you have to do your homework first. Learn about products and ingredients, which are always a source of gluten and should absolutely be avoided. Then, embrace all the delicious foods that you can eat.

It’s very easy to enjoy delicious gluten free cookies. Just use your imagination, take one and bite. Crunchy. Fresh. Sweet. Gone! Be careful what you start.

Jovial’s gluten free Chocolate Cream Filled Cookies and Fig Fruit Filled Cookies are crafted in the Veneto region of Italy at a family-owned bakery.  Each of the wholesome and organic ingredients for the cookies are mixed by hand and baked in small batches.  A unique and delicate process hides the filling in the center of the cookie before baking.  The chocolate cookie is an Italian style cookie with a slightly crunchy exterior filled with a classic Italian hazelnut, chocolate cream filling. 

The fig cookies are also Italian style cookies; these cookies have a much softer exterior than the chocolate cookies and are a close gluten free resemblance to the fig cookie but are not overly sweet and are filled with a Mediterranean fig filling.  Every ingredient in these cookies is a high quality and organic. The salt is extracted from prehistoric salt deposits; this salt is a product of centuries of natural evaporation of seawater. Even the eggs that Jovial’s bakers’ uses are from hens that are truly free to roam on a small pasture raised farm.  After multiple requests from customers Jovial also decided to make the cookies free of soy.

The cookies just as all of jovial’s products are also certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group and are USDA certified Organic. They are sold in individual packaging, within the box two to a package. The choice is yours! ENJOY!




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