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Lilibe Health is on a mission to ensure women live a healthier, more energetic and vibrant life by taking the right high-quality health supplements at the right time during the delicate stage from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy.  
Co-Founder Jenny Plant says ‘We care about moms and saw there was a gap in the market for a company to focus on helping moms-to-be and new moms at this crucial stage in their life by offering high quality, optimally balanced natural supplements tailored to their specific needs’.
‘We want to provide premium products that enhance a woman’s life at the point at which they need to be at their healthiest and their bodies are undergoing probably the biggest transformation they will ever experience in life’- Co-Founder Steeve Lamontagne adds.

For women trying to fall pregnant and who are looking for a multivitamin supplement with just the right dose of folic acid to help them along, Lilibe’s Prenatal Multivitamin Premium Formula contains 800mcg folic acid and other essential ingredients such as iron to help boost low energy levels and support the baby’s growth and development. Its easy-to-take tablet can be taken once at breakfast so it’s not likely to be forgotten and one bottle provides a whole 3-month supply.  

For those women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and trying to ensure they give themselves and their baby the optimum amount of Omega 3, Lilibe Health’s Prenatal DHA Once Daily Formula includes the perfect balance of 325mcg DHA and 430mcg EPA both of which are important for brain, eyes and bone development.

The benefits of taking DHA are not just for the baby, it’s been proven that hair will show added luster when your body gets sufficient DHA and nails will also strengthen and appear shinier and healthier.

Lilibe’s Prenatal DHA Once Daily Formula also comes in easy-to-swallow soft gels and has the added benefit of a lemony flavor so no more worrying about a fishy aftertaste. Only highly purified fish oil is used and all Lilibe’s products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities in the USA.
Lilibe Health looks after women who are suffering from unwanted post-natal hair loss and dry, brittle flaky nails too.
Their Hair Growth Formula with 3000mcg Biotin (bit.ly/HairLilibe) has proven to help women who have noticed their hair has become thinner after having a baby and also need to replenish critical minerals and nutrients that have been lacking during pregnancy. Thanks to the healthy dose of Biotin as well as other essential vitamins such as folic acid and vitamins A, B, C, D and E, this amazing supplement helps women regain the fullness of their hair, restores strength in their nails and a y
outhful glow to their skin.

Lilibe also offers a solution for the many women experiencing excessive weight gain after childbirth and are looking to get their body back into tip-top shape.  Lilibe Health’s 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia (bit.ly/95hcaga is a popular choice for those who wish to maximize their weight loss fast.  The Lilibe HCA content is 95% whereas most products have only 60% to 80%. This makes the product extremely potent and effective. The formula is made in the USA and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each bottle contains 90 easy to swallow capsules that are a complete natural fruit-based fat buster. The product helps to make the metabolism more efficient. Results show it helps the body while lifting the mood as it increases serotonin levels and curbs the appetite that tends to increase with regular and common sugar cravings. So for busy moms, the increase in energy and mood really helps them cope with their new family.

All Lilibe Health’s products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and as a small, independent company their customers are their highest priority. All their products are available on Amazon.com so come with the reassurance of a fast, direct-to-your-door delivery. You can find Lilibe Health’s portfolio here .


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