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It’s a little bit insane to think of today’s life-giving, game-changing women having to deal with skin reactions to lousy makeup. Don’t we owe womankind a little more credit than that? Vanessa Blanchette thought so. She took one look at the cosmetic rash on her cheek and decided to end the frustration right then and there.  And when she needed help to grow and expand the product line, who better to turn to than her eco-conscious/natural product-loving BFF?!

A company was born. And with it a dream. “Our dream was to make a healthy, natural makeup that any woman could afford. We knew that natural & healthy did not have to equal a luxury price point that would be out of reach for many women. We wanted our makeup honest & accessible. We envisioned a company that would incorporate 100% visibility with regard to our manufacturing process, ingredients & company vision. I think we succeeded in Erth,” says founder Vanessa Blanchette.

“Beauty is confidence. And that’s what we want our customers to feel when they are wearing Erth Minerals.” Co-founder Brenda Coughlin adds, “Erth’s cosmetics are kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. Those with acne, blemishes, and rosacea are able to wear the products, because in wearing Erth, and not a fakey-cakey mask to hide behind, your skin is able to breathe. Our simple formulas with only 100% natural ingredients let your own beauty shine through. Now that’s a beautiful thing!”

Born in a kitchen in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Erth Minerals has bloomed into a global go-to for skin-loving cosmetics and facial care line all woman can afford. 

Foundations, blushers, bronzers, concealers & eyeshadows made of pure minerals- pure, crushed rock that cannot harbor the bacteria that can cause irritation & blemishes. Everything is made cruelty/talc/nano-particle free to make sure it is as natural and non-irritating as it can possibly be. When hand-crafting the cosmetics, no nasty additives, fillers & chemicals are used. Instead, the ladies at Erth Minerals rely on natural, skin-loving ingredients that help you work your wonder naturally and effortlessly.

No nanoparticles, additives, fillers, talc. No bismuth oxychloride. No worrying about what’s in the lipgloss we kiss on children’s faces.

“We wanted a cosmetic label that was not intimidating or confusing- one that did not send our customers to a dictionary or google.com looking for meaning or explanation. Most of our cosmetic product labels contain fewer than 5 ingredients. And most people are not only amazed at the short list, but also familiar with the few ingredients they find listed,” says Blanchette.

Erth offers a skin care line that is no less than 90% natural, which is as pure as it can be while still maintaining a decent shelf life. Botanicals kick chemicals to the curb in the ultra-pure skin line, designed for normal, oily and dry skin. Cleansers, scrubs, masques, moisturizers, and serums keep you feeling fresh-faced all the day long. Ladies love to keep it real.  Erth Minerals makes it easy: Ultra-pure, easy-to-apply, skin-loving cosmetics. Because real beauty shouldn’t come at a price.

The start of something beautiful in three easy steps.

1. Clean your face with Gentle Aloe Cleanser- light-as-air cleansing lotion removes makeup without skin, leaving your face feeling supple and smooth.

2. Protect your skin from the elements with the power of Vitamin C. Pumped full of anti-oxidant goodness, Be Flawless resurfaces and brightens skin, while plant-based hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps skin texture. 18% Vitamin C. Gentle enough for daily use.

3. Make your face’s day with light as air mineral foundation that evens your skin tone without irritating even the most sensitive skin types. Available in 15 shades, Erth Minerals foundations make it easy to match any skin tone.


Photo courtesy of Erth Minerals , Bp photostock

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