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We all know that vegetables are very good for us – especially organic ones! Now, change your eating habits for life is very easy. Eating healthy is the simplest and most effective way to get in shape – and that means munching on five fruits and vegetable a day. Raw vegetable are easy and quickly to put together – and the benefits are deliciously satisfying to your health. But, what if you prefer chips more then fresh kale salad. Well, we have the solution - Just Pure Foods chips - the tastiest and healthiest plant-based snack foods we know. 

Here’s breakdown of the nutritional benefits of the colorful raw vegetables used in Just Pure Foods company products.

DARK GREEN Kale: A member of the brassica family, which also includes broccoli, cabbage, collards, and Brussels sprouts, kale is known as one of the healthiest veggies on the planet! Kale is a great source of Magnesium: 40% of your RDI is in one cup. There is also 200% vitamin C in one serving, and 1,020% of vitamin K! The antioxidant vitamin K has been known to reduce the risk of cancer and help with blood clotting and bone health. Kale is also a great source of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. Overall, an exceptionally healthy vegetable with many powerful benefits!

Good to know: Green is the color of nature and health. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a "green horn".

YELLOW Onions: This common vegetable are one of the richest sources of quercitin, a very strong antioxidant known to inhibit cancer, fight off asthma, and ward off blood clots. Quercitin is also a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Onions are also known to lower blood sugar. They are also full of flavonoids which act as antioxidants with immune-enhancing properties. Try gluten free onion rings to get your fill!

Good to know: Yellow is the brightest color to the human eye. It represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and other light playful feelings. It is a cheerful energetic color.

RED Tomatoes: This juicy fruit is packed with nutrients. Lycopene, the most popular, has demonstrated anti-cancer effects, specifically in studies with prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. The leptin in tomatoes is known to be a natural weight control mechanism, supporting the metabolism and weight loss. Tomatoes also have anti-inflammatory properties because of the bioflavonoids in their skin! Eat up!

Good to know: Red is a very strong color. It’s a hot color that evokes a powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war.


GREEN Zucchini: This summer squash is known mainly for its antioxidant properties! Including the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, zucchini offers eye protection, including protection against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. This squash is also high in B vitamins, which supports metabolism of sugar in the body and offers protection from diabetes. Additionally, the omega-3s in the seeds of the zucchini may provide anti-inflammatory properties. Yum!

Good to know: Green color represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health.

About Just Pure Foods

Just Pure Foods was co-founded by plant-based foods chef, Justin Feldman. His journey started when he became vegan at 16 years old. Justin was passionate about encouraging people to be conscious of the origin of their food. Discovering the atrocities of industrialized & biotech agriculture & its devastation to the environment & human health, he realized that food linked together all of the dots. He became inspired to create 100% organic & plant-based foods that encourage people to make conscious food choices for themselves and for the planet. Just Pure Foods does just this, innovating in the snack food world by creating healthy, crunchy & healthful plant-based snacks that people love. What makes them even more highly nutritious is that they are neither baked, nor fried, but low-temperature dried to keep enzymes & nutrients intact.

Justin first developed his kale recipes in 2010 in Venice Beach, California, where raw, organic, plant-based foods had become a big trend. People would hang out at the local Whole Food Market on Lincoln Boulevard, but would come swing over afterwards to his community house to buy his dehydrated creations and slices of raw, vegan pizzas and other dehydrated goodies. Kale chips were just becoming a popular thing!

“People loved that I had created a vegan cheese flavor that didn’t use any nuts or nutritional yeast for flavor, but instead used sunflower seeds and a miso made of chickpeas.”  “The Cocoa Kale chips blew the socks off of good friend & celebrity, vegan chef Jason Wrobel, he told me I could not launch my company without them.”

Justin would go to the local farmers markets in Venice and Santa Monica several times a week to buy fresh, organic vegetables to make my raw food. “My roommates were so into raw foods, that one of them even sold the oven (without the landlord’s permission!) to make more counter space for raw food prep and turn the kitchen into a laboratory! We were that serious about raw foods! And we got in a lot of trouble when we moved out.” Justin started with just two small dehydrators above the washer and dryer in the kitchen, and when he discovered how many bags of kale chips he had to sell to pay the rent, he realized he would have to turn this into a real business to become sustainable.

Justin partnered up with a Los Angeles based produce & salad company to launch his business. It presented an opportunity to take things to the next level. His primary impetus was to produce nut-free, yeast-free kale chips, but he also want to differentiate the company from other veggie snack companies. During his initial research and development periods for new products, Tutti Frutti would supply Justin with as much surplus produce as he could fit in his Prius, and he would drive them to the test kitchen to play with.

 “Every Wednesday of the late Summer & Fall, Tutti Frutti had so many delicious, sweet, & plump heirloom tomatoes; I would fill my car to the brim. These guys were beyond generous, and I would bring them samples of my creations as trade. Our Jalapeno Tomato Chips were birthed out of a gifted box of Tutti Frutti Jalapenos and some creative juices.”

His Cocoa Kale Chips were so tasty in Almond Milk, that Justin wanted to turn them into a granola. “They are so good in almond milk or hemp milk with fresh bananas and berries! I would bring them home in large bags to eat them this way, and encourage people to do this.”

It’s definitely a pricey bowl of granola, but as Just Pure Foods grows, they hope to bring the price of this delicious serial down. “At Just Pure, we actually made a tasty cereal out of vegetables! Kale is so high in Vitamins and other nutrients, that it totally beats eating a big bowl of oats & gluten.” They sell two flavors, Chocolate & Maple Cranberry.

Source: www.justpurefoods.com ;www.digitalskratch.com/color-psychology






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