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Intention, purity and Love

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Believing there is only truth to, “you are what you put into or onto your body” on a very basic level I felt the burning need to develop my own line of skincare products. .”— Brooke Elizabeth Nitzsche

Brooke began selling her skincare products in 2010 after many years of searching for clean, pure and effective skincare products.  “My skin was reactive to so many of the products that I tried.  I felt as though many of the skincare products I used were irritating my skin and harsh on my body creating completely unnecessary inflammation and toxicity.  I also knew that what I was putting on my skin was making its way into my body, my blood stream and eventually my organs.  Believing there is only truth to, “you are what you put into or onto your body” on a very basic level I felt the burning need to develop my own line of skincare products. .”— said Brooke Elizabeth Nitzsche, Creator of Brooke Elizabeth Organics.

Working as an esthetician and intuitive healer, Brooke wanted to provide healthy skincare options not only to herself but also to her clients.  She got to work researching, taking notes and collecting feedback from her family, friends and clients.  She noticed that there were consistent energetic imbalances that resulted in certain skin conditions showing up on their faces and body. Many of the products that were being used would not fulfill their promises for long and my goal was to create products that continued to heal and nurture the mind, body, spirit and skin the longer you used them.  True, visible, results from the inside out.  “I knew that if we could assist in balancing the energetic conditions within the body then we could remediate the skin conditions on the face and body and much more.  I began to blend my own unique, signature formulas for my clients, infusing base oils with essential oils and from there Brooke Elizabeth Organics was launched”- Brooke said.

“I bring to the world a deep understanding and knowledge of essential oils, herbs, plants, vitamins, energy healing and an understanding of the routines and energies that lead to a balanced and holistic lifestyle.  My products are designed to provide healing and purification to every cell of your body.  Each formula contains all of the essential elements of a personal skincare routine because true beauty is something that radiates from within.  Our skincare routines should be simple and pure.”


“I have always held the fundamental philosophy that skincare should be an extension of the healing arts. Skincare is a routine, a commitment to us, done daily. It only makes sense that we would want to nourish our mind, body, and spirit with our daily skincare routine.”— Brooke Elizabeth Nitzsche, Creator.


Here is a quick snapshot of a few of Brooke Elizabeth Organics favorite and newest products.  

Awaken ~ 4 oz. Organic Purifying Facial Wash, ideal for all skin types ~ unisex

Awaken Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser is a staple of Brooke Elizabeth Organics product line as it invigorates the skin and awakens your senses. Peppermint and Lavender soothe and heal as they nourish, hydrate, and cleanse the skin.  This cleanser is very effective in reducing itching and irritation while the kanolin clay gently pulls debris from the pores resulting in clean, clear, refreshed skin.

Freedom ~ 1 oz. Organic Harmonizing Facial Oil, ideal for all skin types ~ unisex

Freedom Organic Harmonizing Facial Oil is a powerful restorative healing oil that is very gentle for sensitive and or reactive skin. The base of certified organic oils works to gently increase blood flow while assisting and supporting the immune functions of the skin. The result is decreased sensitivity, increased barrier function, and improved skin integrity. Freedom facial oil supports the deeper levels of the skin so that skin is more balanced and less reactive. This facial oil is the perfect companion for those with most delicate skin.


The energy, attention to purity, and the intention of each product and every ingredient will be with you as you nurture yourself, it is my honor to share these products with each and every one of you.  Namaste!

About  Brooke

Brooke Elizabeth Nitzsche is a Holistic Aesthetician, Intuitive Healer and a recognized pioneer and skincare educator who has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. Brooke collaborates with industry experts to help educate about holistic skin care ingredients, intuitive healing and therapeutic impact of essential oils.

About company Brooke Elizabeth Organics is a small skincare company that handcrafts every product with intention, purity and LOVE.  Their products are available at beauty boutiques, apothecaries, and health and wellness stores/practitioners across the USA. 

Images : Brooke Elizabeth Organics

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