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Help your body be healthy again {part 4} The power of Kona Coffee

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What’s so special about Kona coffee? Is it the flavor? Or is it something else?

Why is Kona Coffee so special? Kona Coffee is grown solely in the districts of North Kona and South Kona on the big Island of Hawaii, mostly grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, two dormant volcanoes, and it is grown between approximately 700 feet and 3,000 feet of elevation. The dark, rich volcanic soil, temperate climate, morning sun, and afternoon showers make a wonderful environment for growing coffee. So far, so good, but it is just the beginning...

Kona Coffee is from Tree to Cup! Kona Coffee is from the Arabica coffee tree family. The coffee process really begins with “Kona Snow.” The “ Kona Snow” is the flowering of the coffee trees, usually in January to March of each year. Each flower will eventually become coffee cherry. The harvest season starts in July and ends in February, with October, November, and December being the busiest months with the most coffee cherry produced. Kona coffee is handpicked when the coffee cherry is a deep red color, meaning the beans have fully developed. Once picked, coffee must be processed within 24 hours, as the high sugar content in the fruit begins to ferment, which can ruin the coffee.The process takes time and, like any fine art, cannot be rushed...

 So to answer the question “Why is Kona coffee so special?” It is special because Kona coffee makes up less than 1% of all the coffee grown in the world. It grows in exotic, volcanic soil, it’s delicious to the pallet and once the crop is gone… it’s gone for the season. The Coffee is a favorite among many coffee aficionados because of its full-bodied flavor, with low acidity. 

Do you want to try?  Kona coffee is the fruit of  'Ohana Harbor labor and gift from nature. This small family company offers 100% Kona Coffee in both a medium and dark roast. ‘Ohana Harbor Coffee- 100% Kona is award winning and has won the title of Cream of the Crop for six consecutive years. The most popular Kona coffee is Ali’i Premium, which is our Editor’s choice.

Our Editor’s choice

Ali'i Premium Estate Grade 100% Kona Coffee - Medium Roast. This Medium Roast Estate Kona coffee we believe is fit for royalty, and that is exactly what you feel like when you sip this ultra smooth brew. This coffee is 100% Pure Kona Coffee, hand-picked and naturally sun dried; then it is small batch roasted to a medium to bring out the sugars without losing the nutty, sweetness that is traditionally Kona. Ali'i Premium coffee has a full body with floral undertones and low acidity. Price$ 23.99

What makes good coffee? “Coffee not only wakes you up, it also provides some unexpected health perks”– said Dr. Oz., but how to get the most health benefits out of that morning cup of coffee, and what makes good coffee?It is easy, but you need to learn how:

5 TIPS for good coffee

1. Coffee should be prepared correctly.  Remember coffee brewing is subjective and is not a science, but an art form.

  • For best tasting results, grind your beans just prior to brewing. We recommend using a coarse to percolator grind for the filter-drip system method of brewing, which is what most Americans use at home.
  • Always use a clean coffee maker. Make sure there is no residue from previous usage, because coffee does mold and can leave a "moldy" taste.
  • Use filtered or spring cold water. Do not start with warm or hot water. Tap water is fine, but remember- that coffee is 98% water, so good tasting, clean water makes for good tasting coffee.
  • Use two level tablespoons for every cup (6 ounces) of water on average. For an average 10-cup maker, (60 liquid ounces) use about 3 ounces of ground coffee (about 1/3cup). Adjust for your taste preference.
  • Remove any spent grounds immediately to prevent bitterness.
  • Serve coffee immediately. If brewed coffee must stand before serving, keep it airtight using a vacuum carafe to preserve flavor.

2. Never reheat or boil coffee, if it can be avoided- we know about desperate times!                                                                                                          

3. Try a low acidity coffee- to receive the fullest health benefits coffee has to offer you

4. Avoid or use less sugar or /and cream(skim milk is a better choice, brown sugar is a better choice)

5.  Coffee should be stored as whole beans in an airtight container away from heat and light at room temperature. We recommend in stainless steel or ceramic containers.  You can store ground coffee in freezer for a short time, but beware it will pick up the taste of whatever is in the freezer- fish, onions, etc.?

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