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Help your body be healthy again {Part 1 Energy}

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How can we get real energy when we need it most?                                              

Being tired all the time is not a normal part of aging or modern life, no matter what you’ve been told. If you have tried a cup of coffee, soft drinks or processed sugar you know the effect is temporary at best and the side effects are often worse than the brain fog. You need real, healthy energy. We know this may sound almost unbelievable to every one of you who wakes up already feeling exhausted, relies on coffee and sugar for energy. But, many people suffer from a palatable sluggishness in the afternoon or shortly after lunch. This fog can affect your mental state as well as your physical body. Regular coffee or a soft drink will give you a short boost and help you wake up but it does not nourish your body and in fact does more to deplete you than help. If you’re suffering from constant fatigue, it’s a signal that your body’s normal systems are being disrupted.

How can we get real energy?

The more energy your body has to spend getting the fuel it needs - the less it makes available for you to use. There’s no reason to ignore it. You have to try reducing stress and other basic lifestyle changes, and give your body what it really needs - super powered organic food - a natural boost of energy.

Along with exercise and a healthy lifestyle one of the simplest things you can do is to make sure you ‘re getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. Organic food, fruits and vegetables are a perfect choice.  Additional you should try Enerfood Super Green Energy Drink, which provides a dense and highly concentrated absorbable nutrients in a powdered form. That means when you mix it with fluid, the vitamin and mineral -rich molecules can be easily processed by your body's digestive system. This way your stomach can absorb the nutrients and minerals right away.

This organic, vegetarian and vegan drink contains: chlorella, spirulina and several of the other ingredients that attract toxins to them like a magnet. As they are being processed, these molecules draw the heavy metals and chemical toxins to themselves and then gently and naturally take them out of the body.

Have an afternoon power snack for more energy

A small healthy snack that is low in sugar and has protein and/or fiber a couple hours after lunch helps you finish off the day strong.

Some suggestions:

Mixed nuts- Nuts are a healthier option for those who need an energy boost. They give us quick energy, they also keep us going longer than caffeine-laden drinks or sugary snacks do.

Nonfat yogurt- yogurt with live cultures keep your digestive system clean, which helps your body absorb all the nutrients from food. That makes you healthier and more energetic. Yogurt is also a good low-fat snack.

Apple and peanut butter- an apple with peanut butter is a snack that will provide quick energy. This is because apples contain simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar, which are easy to digest and can increase your energy levels. Peanut butter also contains good-for-you fats, which are a great concentrated source of energy. Combined with energy-boosting apples, this snack is super-healthy and surprisingly tasty!

Dried fruit
Dried apricots, dates or plums are high in potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber, which aid against high blood pressure, chances of heart disease and bad body fats. As five servings of fruits are suggested for a healthy daily diet, dried fruit is an easy way to accommodate eating a small serving or two on the run.

Drink plenty of water and green tea...Dehydration is a sinister cause of fatigue because it slowly creeps up on you. If you consistently drink less than 8 cups of water a day, you may be sluggish all the time. Get a 32 oz. (4 cups) water bottle. Your goal is to drunk minimum 2 of those a day.

Eats lots of berries- especially berries that are blue, red, or purple. The color comes from anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant, that boosts energy.

Make banana- berry super food smoothie - Enerfood can be taken in a variety of ways. You can take it straight or make a smoothie. Whatever the method, the important thing is getting it into your body and gives you a natural bust of energy. Blend and Enjoy!


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