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Christina Moss Naturals Now on Amazon UK

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How did an organic hair and skin care business, started by a stay-at-home mom, sweep across the USA, over the pond and into the UK and Europe?

Today the organic moisturizer, facial wash and other products by Christina Moss Naturals, are quickly climbing ranks in popularity on Amazon and even approaching some pretty big time competitors like Olay, St. Ives and Aveeno.

A stickler for not using harmful chemicals and equally picky about using organic ingredients, company founder, Christina Moss, has recently announced their Amazon UK launch — and they will soon be opening their Amazon doors in Canada.

In late 1999 Christina Moss began a modest cottage industry producing her own brand of organic hair and skin products. “In the early days I was homeschooling my two kids and taking college classes on the weekend. I spent weeknights making and filling orders. The hard work was perfecting each formula. There was a lot of trial and error. They had to be perfect and unique. The sales continued and after a time I found that I had a slow, but steady increase of loyal customers. Many of those early customers still buy from us today. In fact quite a few still write me on a regular basis. We’re long-term friends at this point” - she said.

Her business first sprouted through local sales to friends and neighbors. Then Los Angeles area health food stores began purchasing from Christina and stocking their shelves with her products. Short time later orders began coming in from local chiropractors and medical health clinics who wanted to make Christina’s products available for their patients.

The next evolution involved a Yahoo store and a website, and with those tools, Christina was able to reach across the US and introduce her line to a growing number of customers.  In doing so she accumulated a small but staunchly loyal customer base who appreciated her care in product development.

With the advent of Amazon as a major retail outlet, and with partner and CEO, Kenny Davies, they predict the Christina Moss Naturals brand is heading to become a household word. 

We have skimmed some of the customer reviews on Amazon. At an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on every product, their customer base is solid and loyal, and extremely happy. Not just with the products themselves, but the customer service that Christina Moss Naturals gives is second to none. This is what one of their customers, Denise, had to say about her experience with the products and service from this company:

"I suffer from some auto immune diseases that have utterly wreaked havoc on my skin. I either look like I'm going through puberty at age 42 or that I have excessive dry spots at any and all times. I have only used this product for a few days and my skin is clearing, it's soft and smooth and non-greasy! Everything else I have tried has broke my skin out or given me an allergic reaction - no matter how natural or how "sensitive skin friendly" they claimed to be. This cream is very lightweight and absorbs quickly. That was such a relief for me as my skin is in such bad shape. To notice a difference the first day was amazing. The second day even better. It's mind-boggling. On top of that, the product manufacturers have emailed me personally to see how I like it and ask how it was working. I don't ever remember such top-notch customer service. They said if it ends up not working out, I'd get my money back so I feel very relieved in that sense as well considering the amount of moisturizers I have tried in the past few years and the amounts of money I have spent. This stuff is truly amazing and so is the customer service. - Denise"

The full list of Christina Moss Naturals products on Amazon can be found here: http://www.christinamossnaturals.com

Photo credits: freedigitalphotos.net, Christina Moss 

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