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Bronze Sun Tan Look

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Driving in my convertible with the top down, tanning by the poolside with the baby oil the trips to the lake water skiing and riding my horse were my outdoor favorites and putting me in the sun I so loved! It gave me a natural bronze sun tan that contrasted against my golden blonde hair that gave me the look that just felt good.    

 I used to think it was strange that my grandmother would try as hard as she could to hide her skin from the sun by wearing a bonnet, gloves and sometimes wear my grandpas long sleeve shirt when she was out gardening and taking care of her yard. I use to wonder why she did that but in my later years I now know!  She was protecting her skin from the drying pre aging effects of the sun that I had come to experience as dull lifeless looking skin with appearing wrinkles and dark spots. I really had no idea the value of a good face moisturizer in my younger years.
Now with my background in being an herbalist I am familiar with the use of herbs and essential oils to balance and restore the body. My studies and experience have given me a practical knowledge of how the body works from the inside out and more importantly from the outside in. What the skin takes in through absorption feeds the underlining layers of the skin. The effectiveness of anything that is applied to the skin is directly proportional to the quality of the ingredients being applied.  My quest for help lead me to several skin products that addressed primarily single issues such as dry skin, or wrinkles or dark spots and some just for women and some just for men, but I was in hopes of one bottle with multiple solutions for everyone instead of one bottle for each. This prompted me to come up with my own face, neck and eye cream. 

Since my family had been raised with an herbal cabinet my son Lincoln now 30 was very familiar with this way of thinking, not everyone gets it you know! Experiencing over the years the value of natural ingredients in the right combination he joined my vision and search bringing to the table his expertise in marketing.  Mom and son became a team and birthed the Zoe Reneir Company.  Zoe means life and Reneir goes back to ancient ancestor’s secrets to beauty. It has been noted that Cleopatra used Aloe Vera in her daily beauty regimen. Aloe known for its healing and repairing benefits it is what we chose for our moisturizers based because of its known ability to attract, retain and deliver moisture deep into the skin layers and lock it in.  We continued on with several organic botanical extracts, botanical oils, with added active ingredients such as peptides and much more to form a cutting edge power packed formula. This exceptional all in one face neck and eye moisturizer for male and female made in the USA we proudly call....Advanced Hydrating Firmer.  

Proven time tested for years by a daily use of our entire family with unbelievable results we decided it is time to let you our friends see for yourself how amazing your face will come alive with a wonderfully velvet feel and healthy look after use.  Our beauty promise to you is that we will never ask you to use what we don’t use ourselves.     

Photo: Zoe Reneier Comapny


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