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Brewing Up Rituals for Life

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Valentina MacAdams created her 100% natural line of body care because she believes in starting each day with intention. But, she is quick to point out, intentions without solid actions behind them can become empty promises we make to ourselves. Ritual, she says, is the thing that makes the difference. “A ritual is an intention combined with action. It’s a war cry we send to the Universe, declaring out loud, ‘I’m going to change a few things around here, and it starts right now!’”

Valentina’s Home-Brewed makes a line of body care products in seven scent blends she calls Intentions, which are made of pure essential oils — no synthetic ingredients are ever used.

Each essential oil in her seven “Intention” blends is chosen because of its historical significance to that intention. For example, the spice Cardamom (used in her True Love blend) has been used by the Persians for centuries to boost love energy and desire.

Remember that box of chocolates your sweetie gave you last February 14th? It’s no coincidence that these traditions appear across many different global cultures going back hundreds and even thousands of years.

How does one end up in the business of selling Intentions? “When I was a kid, I found this old book of Victorian-era love charms that had belonged to my mom before she died. As a way of trying to get to know her better, I experimented with the charms in the book. Before long, I was making little “break up kits” for friends with boyfriend troubles.They were really meditation kits, with candles and incense, not tied to any specific spiritual belief. “It was more about reprogramming yourself to bring about healing and change. For a high schooler, I was ahead of my time!” she laughs.

Over the years, she started making kits for different life issues — money problems (“Prosperity”), friendship dramas (“Psychic Detox”), etc. Soon people began asking for her handmade bath salts and body oils on their own.The products are meant to be used alone, or to be layered based on your individual goals or preferences. “In the morning, when I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, I lather up with Psychic Detox Body Wash and focus on letting go, while the scents of Eucalyptus, Lemon and Neroli blossoms cleanse and sweeten the air around me to combat any lingering mental funk.”

On her desk, she keeps the signature amber glass bottle of Protection Body Mist. “If I run into a lot of random hostility during my day — road rage, angry people, whatever — I spritz myself now and again and the scents of frankincense, myrrh and patchouli make me feel like I’ve been wrapped in a magical cloak.”

When asked if she considers her products to be literally magical, she smiles. “Real change comes from within you, not from any bottle — but letting the Universe know you are serious about it never hurts!” Indeed, if you met her today, it would be hard to spot that young girl experimenting with gypsy love charms. “I’m just your garden variety Yoga Mom who brews up some amazing body care products.”

Located in Portland, Oregon, Valentina’s Home-Brewed Pure Body Care makes a full line of 100% natural body care including body wash, body & massage oil, body mist, perfume oil and salt scrub as well as her original Magickal Mineral Bath Salts TM. Her intention blends include True Love, Psychic Detox, Sunny Outlook, Sweet Dreams, Prosperity, Habit Breaker and Protection.

Valentina’s Home-Brewed Pure Body Care is available at natural grocers nationwide and online at www.valentinashomebrewed.com.


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