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“Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. I believe that anything that has been around that long, standing the test of time is worth exploring.” —says Alana Hinojosa the creator and founder of Frisky Fish essentials oils

Photo: Alana Hinojosa

I personally started using essential oils over 10 years ago when I was attempting to find some natural alternatives to treating the headaches I had been suffering from for my entire life.  I read that the combination of lavender and peppermint essential oils could be an effective remedy, so I made a blend and put it in a roll-on bottle that kept with me at all times to put on my pulse points and would diffuse around my house.  In addition, I started doing yoga, acupuncture and receiving chiropractic care and have been headache free for over seven years now.  I was so excited about the effects of essential oils and the potential benefits that I continued to research them and create blends for family, my friends and eventually myself.  Friends would ask me what they could use for natural bug repellent, sunburn, scrapes, colds and flu and even emotional issues and I would just tell them, "I'll make you a blend", and they always LOVED them.  A good friend looked at me one day and said, "STOP giving these away.  Put a label on them and sell them" it had never occurred to me before then that these could be something I could sell.  I just wanted people to have them and use them because I've always believed in trying natural remedies whenever possible, and plus they just smelled soooo good.


I've found that people are a little intimidated by essential oils because they can be pricey and some are unusual smelling.  I also found while doing my research that there were other lines of essential oils that were named "relax" or "calm" or "first chakra oil" and I think those are awesome, but I didn't want to create something that was already out there.  I wanted to make my line accessible, affordable and most importantly PLAYFUL, so that started with the name of my line:  FRISKY FISH. It’s literally named after my fish, but its represents everything I want my line to represent: being natural, playful, fun and sustainable.  My blends have names like CHILL, VIBE, SUPERNATURAL, STRAIGHT UP, FLY and GROUNDED, so they give you a feel for what they do but it's lighthearted and not so prescriptive.

I've found that people are very excited and responsive to aromatherapy as there are so many people out there like me that is searching for some more natural and healthy alternatives. As a mom of three young children, I love the idea that I can use my steam mop and add some of my FRESH blend (a combination of lemon and lavender) and clean my floors with water and essential oils and love that my medicine cabinet is full of essential oils instead of medicine.  Plus essential oils have SO MANY uses.  You can diffuse them around your home, add to bath and body products, use to make homemade cleaning products, and so much more.

I think so many people are embracing natural treatments is the reason that my line has grown as much as it has.  A year and a half ago, I started my line from my kitchen table, opened an Etsy store with just five roll-on blends and photos that my vegan blogger friend took for me.  FRISKY FISH has grown to the point, where I've had to hire help and we've been featured in several subscription boxes such as Yogi Surprise and are in several yoga studios, boutiques and spas.  I credit our growth to people's willingness and desire to use more natural treatments and alternatives to chemicals. 


CHILL happens to be my best seller, which creates a full circle since it's the blend that essentially started this all.  It's the combination of lavender and peppermint that helped me get rid of my headaches and it has so many other amazing treatments as it's great for headaches, nausea, bug bites, scrapes, sunburn and sore muscles.

You'll find yourself reaching for CHILL every time you have a headache, insect bite, sore muscle or are just feeling a little stressed. This beautifully labeled glass bottle will fit nicely into your purse, making aromatherapy on the go convenient and fun. 

Rub on temples, back of neck and shoulders for headaches, on insect bites, sore muscles and even on your stomach when you have indigestion. Or just use it on your pulse points when you're feeling a little stressed or out of sorts.  A FRISKY FISH best seller, you'll find that you'll never want to leave the house without your roll on of CHILL


Have you ever wished you could experience the spa wherever you go?  EXHALE brings you the BENEFITS OF LAVENDER AND EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OILS In a convenient and beautifully labeled glass roll on bottle that fits easily in your purse for aromatherapy on the go. 

Amazing for sinus relief, congestion and clearing out old subconscious junk, EXHALE is stimulating, penetrating and fresh. 

Keep this sweet little glass roll on in your purse, gym bag or on your nightstand to experience the relaxing aromatherapeutic (we made that word up) benefits of the spa wherever you are.


Keep a beautifully labeled glass roll on of SUPER NATURAL in your yoga bag or on your nightstand to keep you feeling inspired and uplifted. Frankincense is a sacred earthy essential oil that blends beautifully with uplifting and cheerful sweet orange, creating a SUPER NATURAL earthy, citrus, warm blend that will assist you in working through any creative blocks and connecting to your divinity. 

You will love keeping this balancing blend of geranium and orange essential oils in your purse and on your nightstand. VIBE will support you to flourish and find balance.  

Geranium and sweet orange essential oils blend to create a floral and citrus blend that supports the heart center and assists you in feeling balanced and to flourish and thrive.

Photo courtesy of Alana Hinojosa and Frisky Fish essentials

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    supercaterpillar said: Thu, 03 Sep 2015 23:14:39 +0200
    I just accidentally clicked one star when rating this article, ooops! This article definitely deserves a 5 - not only do I use FriskyFish oils and love them – the descriptions of the oils are perfect. The story behind the oils is inspiring as well - thank you for sharing it!
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