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A new Look for the New Year

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New Year… New you… these are some of the first few words that we hear as soon as we begin the sparkly brilliance of another 365 days laid before us. New years is a time for a fresh start and a new beginning, it instills within us energy and enthusiasm to make the very best of what lies ahead, and this is a wonderful and encouraging prospect! A brand new 12-month cycle is always gifted in promise and hands to us many opportunities to improve and make great changes to our practice of life. We are all a work in progress so there are always things to consider and engage in to enhance our inner and outer wellbeing; everything is a step by step process, a continual cycle. A new year is like a new morning… a period of time that is open for possibility and potential, but sometimes our busy lives can get in the way of a morning health or beauty routine that sets you up for the day ahead. Here we look at a simple 5 step process to get you in gear for your early morning starts!

Take 5!

The alarm goes off… you hit snooze…then it sounds again… snooze time… does this sound familiar? If this is you, make that extra effort to avoid that snooze! Get up and just take 5 minutes to yourself, before you brush your teeth, or wash your face, focus on that 5-minute loop of time to sit up in bed and just take a few deep breaths, clearing your mind, and centering yourself on those moments to yourself… to just breathe! It is kind of like a little mini meditation to get air into your lungs and open up your mind space. Every minute is valuable when you direct it in a positive way, so take 5 peaceful and calming minutes just for yourself; you are worth it and your body needs it!

Wake up and revive!

Your morning routine acts as a rejuvenator and revival from your sleep time so it is always worth devising one that suits you and your skin type. When you look good, you feel good, and vice versa, so that time spent on cleansing and moisturizing act as your pick me up tool to get set for your day. Morning regimens don’t need to be time-consuming, again, just 5 minutes to refresh and show your skin some love and attention! Always aim to keep it simple; you don’t need a cabinet full of products, just a few really good quality shower and skin care ‘treats’ that you can rely on to give you that fresh and uplifted look!

Breakfast is the ticket!

It is the most important meal of the day because it is your startup fuel, your initial source of energy after your slumber time! Your first meal of the day kick starts you into action, and action is what you need to get things done. A good, nutritious breakfast with maybe some added fresh or dried fruit is a great way to go, and it also adds some extra all important carbohydrates that your brain and body needs to stay alerted and function at its best! Take time to actually enjoy what you eat, breakfast is often our most rushed meal of the day but it needn’t be, even if it means getting out of bed 5 minutes earlier…savor your morning meal.


The all natural look is becoming more popular but it’s always helpful to have some modest and simple cosmetics to light up our complexion and leave us bright eyed for our busy day. Choose cosmetics that suit your skin type and always apply a good base with added moisturizer and SPF protection. Pay attention to your skin to keep it looking supple and youthful!

So what’s ahead for today?

Try to have a plan for your day…it sounds obvious but we often miss this in the speed of 21st-century life. You can choose to run your day or it will run you! Unexpected things that crop up throughout the day are always more easily taken care of when you have the rest in hand. A mini to do list or pocket organizer that serves to give you an outline of your day is ideal to keep stress and over committing yourself at bay. Be flexible and adaptable with your day plan so that you flow with what your day brings to you rather than work against it. Life cannot be totally stress-free, it is woven into our lives in some way, shape, or form but you can always take a bit of extra time to just be present in the moment and manage it better!

Make the best and most productive changes to your lifestyle that can encourage the most from your inner and outer health and well-being. Life is like practice, you just keep getting better at it when you focus on all the good stuff and what serves you well… so keep going toward your vibrant and healthy goals with passion and perseverance! 

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