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It all started with Alex.  Alex looked great!  I hadn’t seen Alex in ages and then, one Sunday afternoon, coming towards me on the trail was Alex, looking great.  Last time we saw each other Alex had breathing problems, had joint problems and was about 100 lbs overweight.  Now, here was Alex out on a hike without any signs of wheezing and looking trim and lean. No magic cure; no single factor, Alex said.  Just mindset, healthy diet, good quality supplements and a more active lifestyle.

The next day I told my colleague, Jannette, all about Alex and how impressed I had been about the changes they had made to their life.  We talked about our own more general health issues and the value of complimenting lifestyle changes with health supplements.  

Jannette and I both concluded that the supplements on the market didn’t offer what we wanted.  Many supplements seemed to offer a quick fix to problems, rather than offering a well-rounded program of wellness support with a quality product range.  Some companies expect the customer to be health experts, buy the components and “build your own” daily health stack. Good in theory, Jannette reflected, but who has time and who has enough space in the medicine cabinet for all those different bottles!!

Even the packaging on some of the products was wrong and off-putting!!  Some containers looked “clinical” – like they contain medicine and implied you were in some way “ill”.  Other labels used too-slim women with measuring tapes to promote their products (“I never had a body like that and I certainly don’t want to be compared to it now!!”) or photos of the ingredients  -- not useful without a knowledge of botany!  The message was clear on the very masculine, solid black containers – it wasn’t a product for two fairly typical adult women.

So that's where the idea originated.  We wanted to develop a range of supplements that would support the whole family.  We wanted supplements that wouldn't put pressure on us, working moms, to try to be something that we didn't really need to be.  We wanted to offer a range of products that would help support our families – whatever their ages, whatever their genders.  Finally, we wanted everything about our brand to reflect a clean, modern approach to health and lifestyle  -- right down to the labeling.

It was then that we started to think about names and about products.  We were mindful that the containers might be on a kitchen countertop and we didn’t want to embarrass our customer or let everyone know they were trying to lose weight.  We wanted our product to support everyone --- not limited to men or to women.......a universal market.  The word “universal” immediately sparked our thinking and from there PlanetNoo was born.  A play on words – A Noo You! (Perhaps we read one too many children’s books?!)

During last fall, we started researching which health supplements we felt would fit our ideas and then sourced a manufacturer who was FDA approved and had a proven track record in formulating quality products.  For us, the product quality was essential.  

We chatted further with friends and it took a while to understand what other similar mothers thought were most important health areas for them and their families, namely;

•    Weight management;
•    Our family's general health;
•    Our children's health;
•    Joint care and
•    Nootropics

Amongst our group of 25+ year old mothers, weight management was a common theme.  Fed up with having to buy multiple products to support our goals, we decided we wanted to offer a product that offered all the key ingredients that we knew would work in supporting weight management; Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, green tea and green coffee beans.

By January 2016, we were ready to launch SlimBlast – a combination of four key ingredients in a bottle that didn't shout "I'm trying to lose a few pounds".  

We love SlimBlast!  It supports personal weight loss goals and that's really important us.  

The combination of four key ingredients and the antioxidants is having some great results.  It also is a very cost-effective solution.  You don’t need to buy the key ingredients separately because we have brought them together in one capsule.

Our plan had originally been to follow up with a cleansing product to enhance the effects of SlimBlast, however, as often in life, things don't always go exactly to plan!  Instead, launching Forskolin as our second product has worked out well because it has a broader appeal.

Many people will not have heard of Forskolin but it's been used for hundreds of years in the eastern hemisphere, Brazil and parts of Africa as an herbal tonic for many ailments.  It derives from the Plectrathus Barbatus/Lamiaceae plant.

Historically, Forskolin was used to treat varying digestive disorders, circulation conditions, coughs, skin problems and body stiffness.  However, in the past few years, Forskolin has been linked with supporting weight loss and as a muscle building accelerator.  Keen cyclists, body builders and anyone wanting a lean and toned physique are all benefiting from Forskolin.  It seemed only logical to add a product that provides such all-round support to the body to our product range.

Our newest product is Nova Cleanse.  From personal experience, Jannette and I both knew that Aloe Vera is great for the body and were keen to have an Aloe product in our range.  Nova Cleanse works by combining Aloe Vera, Senna Leaves, Cascara Sagrada, fennel seeds and African Bird Pepper to cleanse the colon of the toxins that build up through our daily diet.  It's amazing how much more energy we can have by supporting our digestive systems.

These past 6 months' have been a steep learning curve but we know that providing a range of quality produced products, that can support the whole family is exactly what we want to do.

When the summer starts to fade, we at PlanetNoo will be launching our next product range, focusing on joint care.   I will be back on the hiking trail with my family and hope to bump into Alex again so I can share our journey and thank them for the inspiration!


Photo courtesy of PlanetNoo, Bp photostock

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