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Two years ago, Custom Collagen was created as a division of Vyse Gelatin Company, and the new company facility was completed in 2012. It features state of the art equipment that was designed by company president who has 40+ years of experience in this industry. It is so impressive to see shelves always stocked with a large variety of premium quality, efficiency, and cleanliness gelatin and collagen. The raw materials for gelatin are sourced from Brazil and Argentina. Company representatives have visited and inspected the facilities from which the raw materials come from. They know that they are grass-fed cattle. They are pasture raised, which is the standard for South America. Grass is the cheapest and more plentiful feed available. Custom Collagen Company is uncertain of any other feed that could possibly be used down there. GMOs are not allowed.

What is gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein and in aqueous solutions is a hydrophilic colloid. Gelatin derived from an acid-treated precursor is known as Type A (Gelatin pork), and gelatin derived from an alkali-treated precursor is known as Type B (Gelatin Beef.)

Customers use gelatin products to make bakery products or Marshmallow, produce cosmetics and nutritional products. The pharmaceutical industry uses very large quantities of gelatin primarily for making hard and soft gel capsules.

How is gelatin made?

An explanation of the production of gelatins will help in understanding the properties and the characteristics, which exist among several types and grades. Gelatin is derived from collagen, an insoluble fibrous protein that occurs in vertebrates and is the principal constituent of connective tissues and bones. Collagen is distinctive in that it contains an unusually high level of the cyclic amino acids; proline and hydroxyproline. Gelatin is recovered from collagen by hydrolysis. There are several varieties of gelatin, the composition of which depends on the source of collagen and the hydrolytic treatment used.

As a highly specialized gelatin company, Custom Collagen is able to supply all gelatin markets to ensure that we meet customer’s specific needs and unique requirements. Custom Collagen was established to meet those requirements by maintaining maximum flexibility and offering options that are not available with other gelatin companies. Their connection to Vyse Gelatin allows them to draw on over 80 years of knowledge and experience in the gelatin industry.


Custom Collagen specialty is Kosher and Halal fish gelatin, but pork and beef gelatin are also available. Other trademarks products are available in company Online Store. Custom collagen gelatin can be used for multiple applications. Presently, the New Hydrolyzed Gelatin | FISH Collagen Peptides product is available for purchase on company website and on Amazon!

Custom Collagen supplies many commercial businesses with gelatin. They also supply wholesalers for distribution high quality gelatin to their customers. These orders usually include large quantities of our small pack, retail-ready products purchased at quantity discounts.

Custom Collagen also takes pride in accommodating individuals. They have developed an Online Store for easy access to all small package products. Complete freight shipments are photographed and documented prior to shipping. These products have been designed to benefit all different gelatin markets.

To find more about Custom Collagen, please visit http://www.customcollagen.com

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