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People are working harder and longer than ever before in an effort to get things done and stay caught up in the faster world that we live in today. The expectations for productivity have risen yet the tools we use to power our lives have remained the same. While in college, Lucas Siegel and Matthew Piskorz witnessed fellow students abusing prescription "study" drugs in order to keep up with their class workloads and achieve good grades. They saw the need to develop a product that was a safe, healthy and effective alternative. Once college was over, Siegel and Piskorz entered the finance industry and realized that the pressures of our world extended far past school and continue into the business arena, so they asked themselves one important question: Can an elevated mental state and competitive advantage be attained in a healthy, over-the-counter form? Taking a leap of faith, Siegel and Piskorz left their careers to pursue the answer to this question and as a result developed a unique supplement called Alleradd. Their mission is to offer America an over-the-counter alternative that provides lasting focus, memory enhancement and healthy energyWe believe having your mind be the best it can be is not a bad thing. It means helping more people, accelerating your career and spending more time doing things you love. These are all great things that you can do more of, when you have a clear and focused mind,” say Siegel and Piskorz.

The Problem

Many Americans are constantly searching for ways to boost their energy throughout the day, whether to be able to function in the early morning, get over the afternoon slump, or stay awake at night to get more work done. Some students have even started taking stimulant pills to enhance their performance in school while the rest of us stay true to our coffee fix. Coffee has always been one of the most popular solutions for increased alertness and energy, especially in the mornings. But coffee, even with its great taste and big capacity to reduce the risks of numerous diseases, may not be the healthiest solution. For some of us it increases irritability, causes the jitters, leads to headaches, and even causes symptoms of depression. “We don’t believe there has to be a tradeoff between productivity and health. Alleradd is designed for people who need energy, attention, and the power to accelerate their lives. Students, entrepreneurs, executives, athletes - anyone who strives to be better, whose life demands higher performance, can benefit from Alleradd," say Siegel and Piskorz.

In your brain

Neurotransmitters are the messengers in your brain that tell your heart to pump, your lungs to breath and your mind to focus. They are directly responsible for everything you do during your day. The availability of these neurotransmitters significantly affects energy levels, focus and memory, which is why the Alleradd(TM) formula works. It's simple: if you have extra building blocks, your brain can make more neurotransmitters and you can keep going. If you don't, you become tired, fatigued, irritable and lose concentration. "Everyone runs into the same problem at work. They show up, they're energized from a good night's sleep, and then as the day goes on and they keep drinking coffee and other stimulants, their levels of neurotransmitters decline. They begin to feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed. This isn't just a problem in colleges, this is a problem in America," says Piskorz.

The solution

There is an epidemic of off-label prescription drug and caffeine abuse for studying longer and working harder. But what people don't realize is that they don't need to resort to taking drugs that they don't have a prescription for, in order to gain a competitive advantage. They can do that, with vitamins; they can do that, with Alleradd(TM). Alleradd, a new over-the-counter product to promote focus is a healthy, quick-acting alternative with no harmful side effects. Many people think, that eating a balanced diet provides all the vitamins they need. This is simply not so. " People take vitamins every day. Why?  Because they complement a diet, they’re what your body needs. Your brain is no different, and what it needs, is the replenishment and protection of neurotransmitters and their building blocks,” says Siegel.

Smart Tools

College campuses and workplaces alike are experiencing a relentless search for tools to increase mental performance in some of the most competitive environments in the world. In 2011, Siegel and Piskorz began research on concentrated stimulatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters to create what some are calling a magic pill that gives students and professionals a mental advantage. After a year of using their own bodies and minds as test subjects, the two visionaries teamed up with a lab out of New York and found a combination of 18 unique ingredients that, when combined together in correct quantities, resulted in the perfect balance of elevated focus, mood and mental drive.


  • Elevated natural focus
  • Improve memory
  • Increase mental performance
  • Keep your brain healthy
  • Everyday energy

"Alleradd is a great way to find motivation, ambition, and energy; without the numerous risks associated with prescription drugs. " shares Ryan Donnel, Student, University of Colorado

Alleradd really does work "Lots of focused energy...I am still on fire 10 hours later. " says Mo Siegel, Founder, Celestial Seasonings Tea Company.

"Alleradd gives me mental focus without taking away my creativity." Allison Gathof  Marketing Specialist, John Frieda

Visit www.Alleradd.com to learn more. They are actually giving away a free two-weeks trial to try, including free shipping. Enjoy and let us know what do you think?

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